While the past and the present can be seen with complete ease, thorough
understanding and with an extremely high accuracy from a seasoned psychic
advisor, the very best psychics in the world, at best, can predict the future
with about 85 percent overall accuracy; overall meaning, near future
predictions at about 60 percent and far future predictions at approximately
25 percent accuracy.   And this is from the very best psychics in the
world!  The reason for this is that the future is not set in stone.  It is
subject to change every second of every minute of every hour of every day.  
Our gift of free will proves there is no such thing as destiny.  If there was,
we'd all be mindless robots with no decision-making power at all.  

Near future predictions are more accurate than far future predictions.  The
future path a legitimate professional psychic shows you could definitely
happen IF the natural course of events is permitted to flow but it’s only for
that particular option.  You have many options, and a psychic should be able
to show you each and every one.  She should be able to show you the possible
future based on real happenings being formed today due to our
intentions, our motives, our emotions, our abilities, our limitations and
universal energy.   Predictions are entirely based upon present matter,
nothing else.  And everything that will naturally occur has the chance of
changing due to our free will actions and the shifting of energy, and that’s
why you should be given options by your advisor rather than
promised predictions that can be disappointing if they don't come to pass.  
She should inform you of all paths at hand and your best course of action to
meet a favorable end.

When a psychic sees into the future, she sees one road that will happen if
things remain as they are at the time of the reading.  If a person’s intent
stays exactly as it is that day and if the universal (environmental) energy
surrounding the situation stays the same as that day.   In other words, if
nothing earth-shattering happens or nothing drastic occurs at the hands
of another person relating to the situation.  When a psychic focuses on the
prediction itself, these obstacles are sometimes seen due to unstable energy
BUT stable intent.  If this is the case, then a TIME FRAME prediction
can’t be accurately made BUT a prediction itself still could be made.  And
sometimes the obstacles are unseen because at the time of the reading, the
energy is currently stable and steady, so a prediction could be made WITH a
time frame that still may or may not occur.  If it occurs, things have
remained as they had been seen with stable, steady intent and energy flow.  
If it doesn’t occur, this is due to an abrupt, sudden change.  God is the
only one who knows if and when there will be an abrupt, sudden change or
if things will remain as they are so the prediction comes to pass.  

You have a direct hand in making predictions occur as well.  An example is
this . . . Say I see you in a car accident tomorrow.  I'll tell you that if you
go out of your house tomorrow morning, you will be involved in a car
accident.  I base this prediction on current intent and energy surrounding
you.  You know, then, there is a high likelihood that if you leave your house
in the morning, you will have a car accident.  However, the choice is still
yours whether or not to leave your house.  It is not the choice of your
psychic or even God, because God, Himself, blessed you with free will.  A
futuristic reading should be only to show your options.  Not to set your

Other people also have an influence over what happens in your life if it’s
directly pertaining to their own lives.  And although you can’t control their
actions or decisions, you can control yours as a result of theirs.  And that’s
another reason psychic counseling is an effective tool.  

Another thing to keep in mind is that no psychic is 100 percent accurate,
and this is because nobody is 100 percent right all the time.  Any psychic
who claims to be 100 percent accurate all the time is scamming the public
and dishonestly elevating themselves to the level of God.  Some readings
themselves are 100 percent accurate although the psychic as a whole is not
100 percent accurate with every reading all the time.  However, some
readings themselves are less than 100 percent accurate even if the psychic is
an excellent reader.  If this is the case, it doesn't imply the entire reading is
wrong.  It indicates that perhaps one point or prediction is off and the
remainder of the reading may be right on track.  Please don't lose confidence
in any reading if a point or two is off at times.  The very best psychics on
earth are off at times.  

Don’t expect a psychic to be a miracle worker.  Although God doesn't
control our will, He is the only one who truly knows the future outcome of
every situation.  He’s the only one who knows if someone will shift current
intentions (causing a prediction NOT to occur) and exactly when earthly
energy will create a natural disaster.  Although we know what could
happen, He knows all the interferences that will happen to alter any future
prediction made by a psychic.   He knows this simply because He's God, and
that’s why he has an edge over us.  Psychics are humans.  God is God.  

I encourage clients not to constrict themselves by waiting for a prediction to
occur but to take control, exercise free will and be proactive with your life
path. Disappointment can be avoided by learning of your best options and
best course of action in which a good, honest psychic will present to you
rather than promising a future that may or may not occur.  Predictions
should be used as a guide only!  And since most people do view predictions
as absolute and are stifled, enslaved and restricted by future predictions, in
my practice, I reserve the right not to (always) predict the future but to
advise clients and lead them towards their best course of action and/or
show them options based on all possible choices. THIS promotes
independence and empowers clients! Living on predictions alone promotes
limitations and psychic dependency!

And these are the reasons some predictions simply don’t materialize and
others do.

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