Why should a psychic be paid to give advice?  Why should a lawyer be
paid to appear in court?  Why should a hair stylist be paid to cut hair?  
Why should a waitress be paid for waiting tables?  Why should a pilot be
paid for flying planes?  Answers:  Because we need to earn a living.  We
need to support ourselves and our children.  We need a roof over head,
food on the table and clothes on our backs.  Because as much as we’d all
love to work free of charge, it’s just not feasible.  Simply put, because
our time is worth money.  

An argument I’ve so frequently heard is if psychic ability is a gift, why
should psychics be paid to give readings.  Well, intuition is a gift we all
possess.  However, every psychic, in one way or another, choses not to
ignore the gift but to enhance it to its fullest.  Enhancing any gift takes
quit a bit of time and energy.  A musically inclined person may be drawn
to a musical instrument.  However, he must learn to play, practice and
master it to become an expert.  The process of enhancement for
professional psychics could be the equivalent of schooling in the ‘real
world’.  We’ve all done readings free of charge before initially charging.  
That would qualify as internship.  And if it’s chosen as a full time career,
it deserves compensation like any other full time career.  If full time
psychics weren’t paid for their services, there would be no full time
psychics left in the world.  Without compensation, we'd be homeless due
to the inability to pay our mortgages or rent . . . we'd have our children
removed because of our inability to care for them . . . and we'd starve to
death . . . and of course, to prevent these tragedies, we'd be forced into
other professions.  So the world would have more secretaries, cashiers,
doctors and lawyers . . . and nobody to provide QUALITY intuitive
readings and counseling sessions . . .

I’m a writer who is currently writing two books.  I wouldn’t dream of
giving them away for free.  Just handing them over to a publisher and
expecting no payment.  I’ve put too much time, work and energy into
creating them.  They are a part of me.  And I put just as much heart,
soul and energy into every reading I perform.  My connection to the Tarot
makes those Cards just as much a part of me as my own written words.  
It takes much energy to focus and interpret the symbols, images and
feelings I receive during each session.  And it takes my time.  

Bottom line is this.  We all lean toward our talents, interests and strong
natural abilities. We, then, study and develop them.  If we’re blessed,
we're able to make a career from doing something we love to do.  In that
career, we must also survive.  So the answer to the question is obvious.  
The reason your psychic should be paid to give you a reading is  respect
for the professional services you are using and the acknowledgment that her
job is just as important and time consuming as yours.  

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Why Should A Psychic Be Paid?
by Our resident Enchantress, Autumn Mist
Appeared In Psychic Women Association, 2005
Appeared In Euro Witch Magazine, 2011
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