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We're pretty flexible with wholesale orders.  You can order samples of
anything you'd like.  The order may be small and simple or extremely large.  
We can create custom bulk orders for retailers.

There is a $50 minimum on orders within the United States and $100
minimum on international orders.  Shipping charges depend upon the weight
of the order and the country.

Creation time depends on the size of the order.  Most things are handmade
to order so time is needed to properly create them.  Generally, one to two
weeks on regular and large orders and up to four weeks on extremely large

If you're a retailer we regularly work with, please email us for an updated
wholesale price and item list if you haven't received it already.

If you're a new retailer and wish to purchase products from us wholesale,
the law requires us to gather certain information.

We will need your full name, address, store or business name, URL, and
copy of your Sales Tax ID Certificate clearly showing your name and/or
company name and ID Number.

We may need various other documents from you depending upon the
requirements of your state, province, region and/or country.  This may
include a photo ID and a copy of your Business and/or Resale License.  

We work with several retailers worldwide, including boutiques, shops and
online retailers in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.
(Our ability to work with you depends upon laws in your country.)

To get started, please fill out the form below.

Legal: Must be 18 or over to order services or products through this website.  
Services and products are for entertainment purposes only.  Please read our
Terms &
Conditions as they must be agreed upon before a purchase.

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