One Owner - From The Victorian Era - London

Incredible luck and love will embrace the person who owns these gorgeous antique leather baby gloves
like the daughter of a beloved father who possessed them her entire life.

I recently visited a local antique shoppe, where my family and I are regulars, and I couldn't resist
picking up these gloves. They have a unique, powerful energy!!

The lady who owns the shoppe said a old gentleman gave them to her. They were among his mother's
possessions.  She recently passed away at 102 years old, and she was happy and healthy right until the
was born in Victorian London and came to New England as a young child.  According to the store
owner, the gloves were made around 1886 in Great Britain. The style was popular at that time and
remained the same until the early 1900s.
Victorian Leather Baby Gloves
probably be polished to look new.  They're very
small, to fit the hand of a toddler/pre-school child.  

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