“Magic is natural. It is a harmonious movement of energies to
create a needed change. If you wish to practice magic, all
thoughts of it being paranormal or supernatural must be
forgotten.” - Scott Cunningham
Magickal Boutique ®

All Of Us ~
Autumn Mist ~
Business Owner, Creator,Writer,
Publisher & Tarot Artist.
Psychic/Tarot Master & Expert
Spell Crafter/Caster.

Strasburg, Pennsylvania &
Danvers, Massachusetts (Mostly)
She is a devoted mother, 5-star professional psychic tarot
reader, 6th generation gray witch of the Irish Tradition,
internationally-known Spell Crafter, magickal practitioner, &
an award-winning writer/artist. Moonlight Enchantments LLC
was est. by her.

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Jarle Olsen
Dark Sorcerer, Tarot Expert
& Master Spell Crafter

Toronto, Canada &
Danvers, Massachusetts
World-Renowned, Norwegian Gray Witch Specializing in Dark
Tarot, Potions, Scrying & Dark Sorcery (Balancing &
Protection Spells, Defense Magick & Justice Magick)

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Lady Paulette
Irish Traditional Witch

Niagara Falls, New York
C.P. is a seventh generation tarot reader and from a long line of
professional psychics and magical practitioners.  Talented & extremely
intelligent, C.P. is also an extraordinarily talented artist and writer.  He is
currently studying psychology and is co-executive editor of an
international literary magazine.  
Anthony Michael Reiten (Mike)
Business Manager, Tarotist,
Astrologer & Spell Crafter

East Lampeter, Pennsylvania
Mike is a devoted dad, sixth Generation Magickal
Practitioner, Internationally-Known Astrologer & Tarot
Reader with over 30 years experience in the magickal arts
and as a writer/editor.  He is Business Manager in charge of
Marketing & Promotions among a million other duties.
Dane Sansone
Psychic Artist, Master Tarotist &

Strasburg, Pennsylvania
Intense Psychic Artist and Master Tarotist.  Dane has been
doing psychic art since 1999.  Beginning September 2017, the
Twin Flame Drawings will be done by him.  (The other artwork
offered on the site is done by Autumn Mist & C.P.)
Elizabeth McCombs
Assistant Business Manager

Mercer County, Pennsylvania
Arran Rine
Customer Care

Youngstown, Ohio
Elizabeth has an Associate Degree in management, and she
is our Assistant Business Manager.  She's also a key
member of our Customer Care support staff.  We appreciate
all the time and care she continues to give us!.
Arran worked a high-paced job for several years.  Since
marrying Lori Ann, his high school sweetheart, and having a
baby girl, being a stay-at-home dad is his main priority.  We
were lucky to gain him on our Customer Care staff!
Christian Santini
Master Spell Crafter
& Client Adviser

Milan, Italy &
Salem, Massachusetts
Christian is skilled in War Magick & Stregheria and holds a
degree in business.  He and his wife, Rita, owned five  
magickal shoppes (two in the United Kingdom and three in
Italy) before he returned to his home state of PA after his
marriage ended.  Currently, he is writing a tarot book and
deck, spending time with his son, and teaching his art
through private workshops and classes.  He plans to open a
new shop in 2020 but will continue to work with us.  Christian
is also our client adviser, directing clients to the proper
magickal services.   We're thrilled that he's with us!
“Magic is natural. It is a harmonious movement of energies to
create a needed change. If you wish to practice magic, all
thoughts of it being paranormal or supernatural must be
forgotten.” - Scott Cunningham
Customer Care

Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Michelle spent 30 years working as an executive secretary
and has recently retired.  Since she's always been drawn to
the magickal arts and has excellent people skills, we've
asked her to join our team.  We're honored to have her with
C.P. Zephta

Danvers, Massachusetts
Doctor Delila is a very young-looking, devoted grandmother.  She
performs our reiki/spiritual healing sessions.  Delila graduated top in
the top one percent in the country with a nursing degree.  She also
holds a Master's and Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine.  She's quite
attuned to nature and the spiritual world - having a deep connection to
animals.  She's a Ouija Master and a seasoned clairvoyant.
Dr. Delila
Naturopathic Medicine

Strasburg, Pennsylvania &
Danvers, Massachusetts
Fifth Generation Gray Witch of the Irish Tradition with over
50 years experience as a professional tarotist, tea leaf
reader, potionist & spell crafter.  She is an expert in
love and lust magick, romance magick, & love potions..
Jennifer C.
Customer Care

Wilmington, Pennsylvania
Jennifer had 22 years experience in the customer care
industry when she began assisting us.  She has been with us
on an as-needed basis since 2005.  She's a valued member
of our staff, and we appreciate her loyalty and care.
The Familiars

Danvers, Massachusetts
Autumn Mist's cats are definitely part of the Moonlight family.  
She has a special connection to them - above and beyond
that of pets - and they assist her magickal workings . . .
When they want to.  They're brothers (from the same litter)
and deeply bonded to each other which further strengthens
the magick.  
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