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Twin Flame Love Readings are performed with a Spiritual Consulting Email
Session for your Twin Flame.  

Angel guides whisper in my ear and images appear through a secret, family tool
with astounding sight and accuracy!

A flame of love that never burns out . . .
Throughout the centuries . . .

That is your Twin Flame Soul Mate.

Do you feel an ache in your heart for a shadowy face that you've only seen in
dreams? Can you feel the presence of someone you've never laid eyes upon?

A Twin Flame Soul Mate is the only one to which your hearts beat to the same
rhythm . . . Your souls are connected through a thin silver magical cord of love
and passion . . .

You're on the same cosmic vibration . . .
And you were the same soul before birth!

Fantastic intimacy, love, laughter and complete lifetime happiness with two
flames that burn as one into infinity.

You may never feel complete until this earthly connection is made.

We have soul connections with many people and this is how we're able to have
successful relationships and friendships with people other than our twin flame.  
However, we have only one twin flame soul mate.  There is the one person who
is perfect in every way for us.  One person with whom we could have the perfect
relationship.  One person who shared the same soul before birth . . . Before it
was torn in half to occupy two separate bodies.  Your reading will give you
accurate insight into all aspects of who that person truly is.

What I See In The Reading ~

I see clear images of the person and things pertaining to his/her life during these
readings. I could give you exact, in-depth details of this person's
background/history, career, place of residence, current situation, age, full physical
description, religion, ethnicity, style of dress, personality, character, hobbies and
even a first and last name.  I could also tell the next three opportunities you will
have to meet this person if you haven't already.  An astrological love profile for
you and your twin is included, and you may ask three unique questions.

I check and recheck the details of what I'm seeing to make sure it's correct.  The
current technique used is about 90 percent accurate. It has been passed down in
my family for generations.  

Twin Flame love is amazing.  It's a traditional, endless love that never fades and
never dies. It's within marriages of couples who stay together for 60 years.  
Couples who can't live without each other. Couples who need each other just as
much as the air they breathe.  This is the person who you would instantly fall in
love with, couldn’t resist sexually and has the same feelings in return for you.  
This is the person who you would be able to enjoy a perfect relationship.  

As of June 15, 2018 - counting only verifiable feedback from over 15 years of
clients' testimonials regarding my Twin Flame Love Readings, I have been
accurate, down to the smallest descriptive detail (even first and last names) with
90 percent of my readings.  This is counting the clients who have actually found
the person I described, and there are hundreds.

I offer Twin Flame Love Enchantment Spells as well.  
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The Reading is High Quality, Intense, Intricate and Extremely Detailed. It will be
delivered by email.   Due to the time, energy and accuracy involved, I must
charge accordingly!  

To Perform Your Reading ~

I need your full name, date of birth, general geographic location, and a recent
(close-up) picture.  Although a picture is not necessary to read, it aids in the initial
connection so you could get the most from your reading.    

Please note: For the unique questions, please don't ask what is described above in
white (above).  That information is included with the reading.  Ask unique
questions.  If you ask something that will already be covered, I'll send your
questions back for revision so you don't lose the opportunity to ask something

The reading, itself, takes 72 hours to complete plus typing time.  Usual turn
around time is 7 to 14 business days from hire, depending upon how many
bookings are ahead of yours.  I will let you know when to expect your results
after you order.

Reading results are sent by email in which I present you with complete, intricate
and shocking details and answer each and every question you may have about
your Twin!  

Emergency Service Available!

For this particular reading, Emergency Service is four business days, not
including holiday breaks, vacations, or weekends.  Before ordering any
emergency service from us, please check the Notices & Updates link on the
Home page.

No scripts EVER!  

Note:  If you're searching for a same-sex partner, the process for performing the
reading is different as it will align with your closest soulmates.  Therefore, please
let Customer Care know in your ordering notes.  Thank you.

Twin Flame Love Reading

The reading includes
Core Results - Extreme Detail
Astrological Love Profile
Three Unique Questions - Asked by You
The Next Three Possible Meeting Opportunities

Every reading performed from scratch. Results are approximately 5,000 words.
Everyone's situation is different so your results may be less or more than the


Twin Flame Readings Modernized & Originally Patent/Trademarked in 1995
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My Great Great Grandmother in 1877.
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To Help Find Your Twin Flame by Burning Desire ~

Twin Flame Love Spell Candle Burning!
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The Twin Flame Love Candle Spell® is a concentrated
combination of powerful romantic and passionate love energy
that's activated upon lighting while reciting a secret incantation to
help you find your perfect mate. The intention is to find your
Twin Flame if you have not met him/her yet, or to find your
closest Soul Mates.  The candle spell works to create the perfect
love situation in your life so that upon meeting your Twin Flame
or Soul Mate, your relationship could quickly begin and thrive
and remain eternal. These particular candle spells are vigils,
specifically designed to work alone, without any previously cast
spell, to slowly pour out enchanted power towards your love
goal.  However, they may also be used in conjunction with our
more powerful
Twin Flame Love Calling Spell  or any of our
Spiritual Enchantment Spells to compliment and enhance the
power to its fullest.

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To Call Your Twin Flame To You by a Powerful Spiritual
Enchantment Spell ~

Twin Flame Calling Enchantment Spell Series!
Exclusive to Moonlight Enchantments.
This enchantment is designed to lead you to your twin flame.  It
may help to create situations that are conducive to meeting and
may literally lead you to be at the same place at the same time.  
It could also clear your energies of any negativity and darkness
that can block a potential union.  It could calm your thoughts and
clear any personal business or unpleasant situations in your lives
in a safe, healthy way to create an eternal romance.  As a "side
effect", this enchantment could also magnify the energies of your
closest soulmates to draw them in as well.  

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