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Terms & Conditions Acceptance
Please read the Terms and Conditions of Use and Terms and Conditions of Sale set below
carefully as it constitutes a binding legal agreement between you and  
www.MoonlightEnchantments.com, all website pages, Moonlight Enchantments LLC, Moonlight
Enchantments Magickal Boutique, all website pages, moonlightenchantmentsllc.blogspot.com, all
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otherwise) to use the website and/or purchase service(s) and/or product(s).  You may not purchase
service(s) and/or product(s) if you disagree with any part of the Terms listed below.
By using the website and/or by your purchase(s), you agree:
You are 18 years old or older. The website and the products and services sold therein are
for entertainment purposes only.  Use and purchases are made at the sole discretion of the buyer
without influence by any agent of the company/website.
Access Limitations
You’re not permitted to purchase products or services from our company/website if you’re under
the age of 18 years.  Under no circumstances is anyone entitled to free services.  We reserve the
right to refuse paid or free services to anyone at any time for any reason. You’re not permitted to
purchase services or products from our company/website if you’re visiting, residing in, or are a citizen
of a country that is prohibited by law or government direction from participating in the type of services
or products offered on this website.  You are not permitted to purchase services or products from our
company/website if you’re visiting, residing in, or are a citizen of a country that is prohibited from
doing business (trade) with the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Iceland or Norway.   You
agree to use the webite and/or purchase service(s) and/or product(s) in compliance with the local,
state, provincial, regional, national and international laws, rules and regulations that apply to your
jurisdiction.  We are not responsible for your illegal use of our website, service(s) or product(s).
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, eChecks through PayPal and
PayPal Direct.  Payment is in USD only.  We do not accept money orders, personal checks, Western
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access to your credit or debit card information, banking information, or any other financial payment
information since PayPal is used for processing.  Payment for service(s) and product(s) must be
made in full prior to the service(s) being performed and/or the product(s) created or released.
All text and product pictures shown on www.MoonlightEnchantments.com are copyrighted intellectual
property belonging to Moonlight Enchantments LLC.  Use of our intellectual property, including but
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prohibited.  Reproduction, in any way, is strictly prohibited.  Selling our intellectual property is
prohibited.  You are not permitted to put our company name, product names, author names,
character names. or service names anywhere on the internet, text, ads, television, radio or any place
else - for any reason - without our expressed, written permission.  Doing so without permission may
result in legal action.  
All product names, service names, and company names are trademark.  All rights reserved.
Private ownership applies to all services contents and products contents for sale on the site. All rights
Privacy Policy
We do not share information with other companies.  Your information, including but not limited
to, your name, address, pictures, email addresses, questions, personal situations, and product and
service purchases, is strictly confidential and never shared with anyone outside the company.  
Anything said between the client and his/her adviser is strictly confidential. Communication between
the client and Customer Care is usually to assist with appointment scheduling and answer general
questions about services or products. At times, Customer Care types and sends spiritual reading
results, updates, requests for information for your work, or messages on your adviser's behalf.  The
other information collected is IP addresses and related computer-communication information. This is
strictly confidential and recorded only to protect ourselves in the event of threats, harassment or
losses. We reserve the right to turn over information to the authorities if necessary to do so by law.
To comply with the United Kingdom EU Directive, we must mention the site uses cookies. We
sometimes send promotional emails to our clients and customers. If you prefer not to be included,
you must inform us via email, and we will honor that request.
Harmful Use Prohibition
We reserve the right to investigate your use of the website and take appropriate legal action
against you at our discretion should you violate the terms of this agreement or this section or directly
or indirectly cause loss, including but not limited to, revenue loss and/or damages to us, our client(s),
or someone on our behalf.  Harassment, abuse, or obscene language is strictly prohibited via email
or text chat.  Any libelous, slanderous, harassing, threatening, defamatory, invasive, or harmful
action against any person, agent, officer, affiliate or associate of the company/website is strictly
prohibited.  Impersonating others, including company agents, clients, or potential clients, is
prohibited. By using the website and/or emailing us, you agree that certain information is collected
and recorded and VPN "private access apps" (false IP addresses & locations) may not disguise your
actual IP address and location. When you visit our website and/or email us, collected information
includes (but may not be limited to) your name (and/or the name of the person who holds internet
coverage for you), your full address (and/or the address of the person who holds internet coverage
for you), service provider, your actual IP address, and false location/IP address (if you're using a fake
IP address/location app).  If we feel harassed, violated, threated or abused, we reserve the right to
refuse services and/or product sales and may pursue legal action. Legal action, as described in this
section, includes both civil and criminal action and may commence at any time without warning.
Errors & Modifications
We are not responsible for typographical errors in content or price. We reserve the right to
cancel any orders for service(s) or product(s) that were listed incorrectly.  We will either refund your
money or provide company credit, whichever is agreed upon by both parties. Specials will only be
honored for the time frame provided on the special. If you order a special outside of the timeframe,
we reserve the right to cancel the order and issue you a refund or credit, whichever is agreed upon
by both parties. We reserve the right to add, delete, suspend, and modify any and all service(s),
product(s), item(s), or information on the website, including but not limited to, discounts, specials,
services, products, items and prices, for any reason without notice. We will refund your payment or
provide company credit if you order a service or product that is listed on the site but out of stock or
unavailable for another reason - temporarily or permanently. We are not obligated to update the
website in any particular time frame but will do so at our discretion.
Modification to Terms
We may modify or update the terms any time at our discretion. We recommend you periodically
check this page for any updates. You're responsible for reading the Terms and Condition of Sale
before purchasing from the website.
Limitation of Liability
You agree that the website/company is not liable for any monetary loss, physical and/or
monetary injury, accident, allergic reaction, result, non-result, or special, consequential, incidental,
and/or punitive damages, directly or indirectly, from the use of, or purchase of,
service(s) and/or product(s), or the misuse of service(s) and/or product(s), or the inability to access
and/or use the service(s) and/or product(s).  You agree that under no circumstances will our liability
exceed the greater of $100.00 (one hundred dollars) USD.  You agree not to bring any claims
personally against our agent(s), officer(s), owner(s), partner(s), affiliate(s), subsidiaries, or anyone
on our behalf.
You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the company/website, its subsidiaries,
owner(s), agent(s), officer(s), director(s), volunteer(s), supplier(s), affiliate(s), and anyone on their
behalf, from and against any and all losses, costs, fees, damages and expenses, including but not
limited to, attorneys' fees resulting from any violation of the terms and conditions set forth herein.
Dispute Agreement
You agree that any dispute is to be resolved at an agreed upon place if a casual negotiation
period of up to 180 days (unless ended by the company prior to that) doesn't resolve the issue. You
agree to waive all legal action, lawsuits, class-action lawsuits, and rights regarding damages from or
refunds of any product(s) and/or service(s) and any damage(s), injuries, allergic relation(s), effect(s),
non-effect(s), result(s) or non-result(s), directly or indirectly, from (or of) any product(s) and/or
service(s) purchased through the website/company.  You agree not to bring about or participate in a
class action lawsuit against company, its owner(s), agents, subsidiaries or any representative.  You
agree that legal action and/or lawsuits cannot be brought against the company/website, its owner(s),
agent(s), subsidiaries, divisions, or anyone on its behalf for your purchase of product(s) or services
(s) from the website by you or anyone on your behalf, as you ordered service(s) and/or product(s) by
your free will, understanding the Terms and Conditions of Sale and agreeing there are no
guarantees, promises, or warranties (expressed or implied) with regards to your purchase(s).  You
agree that the website is transparent and direct with regards to what we offer, and you completely
understand what you purchased. If you bring arbitrary and/or legal action against website/company,
you agree to assume all responsibility for court and/or arbitrary costs, filing fees, travel expenses,
hotel expenses, legal fees, and miscellaneous expenses for yourself, your agent(s), and any agents
of website/company, including but not limited to, lawyer's fees.  Arbitration must commence within 270
calendar days (referred to below as "270 days") of the service(s) and/or product(s) purchase date at
a place agreed upon by you and an agent of the website/company, which may be within or outside of
the United States, depending upon agreement.  The arbitration will be decided by a single arbitrator.  
If you ordered more than one product or service at different times, the 270 day deadline applies to
within 270 days of the first purchase made. You agree to dispute the lowest priced service and/or
product you purchased only and agree that our liability will not exceed $100 USD. The decision will
be final and binding.  If you and company cannot come to an agreement as to the place of arbitration,
casual negotiations may continue for 90 days beyond the 180 day-period, and be permanently
dismissed in favor of the company if no agreement can be reached.
We may suspend your access to the website and/or our services and products at any time
for any reason or no reason whatsoever.  Website/company may terminate all or some of these terms
and conditions without notice, at any time for any reason or no reason. You are bound under the
provisions of these terms, as each will survive the termination of this agreement on every single part
without limitation.
Communication Notice
Website/company may communicate with you via postal mail, email, online text chat, or
telephone at their discretion. By purchasing a service(s) or product(s), you are automatically added
to our email list. If you'd like to be remove, inform us by email, and we will honor your request. All
feedback you provide via email or through online text chat may be posted as testimonials on the
website. We will not include your full name, only initials. If you prefer not to participate in testimonials,
please inform us, and we will honor your request.  We reserve the right to respond to inquiry emails
at our discretion.  We may post news updates on the website or blog. It's your responsibility to check
the website for updates, specials, vacation notices, and any other notices.
In the event that you have a dispute arising out of, directly or indirectly, these Terms and
Condition of Sale or Terms and Condition of Use and/or the purchase of a service(s) or product(s)
from the website/company, you hereby release and discharge us - www.MoonlightEnchantments.com,
Moonlight Enchantments LLC, its owner(s), agent(s), associate(s), affiliate(s), officer(s), subsidiaries,
divisions, DBAs, partner(s) and anyone associated with us or on our behalf - from any claims,
actions, demands, lawsuits, disputes, and liability, whether past, present, or future. If you live in CA,
you hereby waive CA Civil Code Section 1542.
All service(s) and product(s) sold on the website are sold "as is" and "as available" with no
expressed or implied warranties or guarantees.  We make no claims to the accuracy or effectiveness
of service(s) or product(s) sold on our website.  Website/company is for entertainment.  Use of our
website and purchase of our service(s) and product(s) are at your sole risk, and we assume no
responsibility for the effectiveness or direct or indirect result(s) (or non-result/s) of purchasing and/or
using our service(s) and/or product(s).  We are not responsible for, and have no control or influence
over, your interpretation or perception of the products or services sold on this site.  But we firmly and
fully attest that the products and services sold on our site are for entertainment purposes only. In
countries that require a warranty by law, a limited warranty of 30 days applies. Details of the limited
warranty depends upon the specific laws in your country.  Since this is a multidimensional
company/website, it's necessary to mention the descriptions and names of services, products, pages,
sections, art, items, books, cards, people, animals, characters, games, jewelry, perfume, makeup,
handmade items, antiques, vintage objects, or any other thing listed for sale or otherwise on this
website, or subsidiary websites or in emails or advertising may or may not be dramatic, theatrical,
literal, created, actual, historical, fictional, or non-fictional.  We make no representation as to the
validity, authenticity or quality of the service(s) and/or product(s) listed for sale on the website
regardless of the name, description, story or indication. You agree we are not responsible for any
allergic reaction, accident, injury, damage, loss, result or non-result directly or indirectly relating to
the purchase of or use of service(s) and product(s) sold on the website or by our subsidiaries.  
Services and products sold on the website never replace advice, products or services by
professionals in the medical, legal, psychiatric, or financial fields.
Retail Product Availability
We reserve the right to list and sale handmade and fantasy products on the website created
by us or others for retail sale.  We reserve the right to only sell retail products to select clients or
customers who have bought products from us in the past.  We reserve the right to make our product
shoppe section private to these select customers/clients only. We reserve the right to suspend retail
sales of handmade and fantasy products (or certain handmade or fantasy products), created by us
or others, at our discretion whether it be temporary or permanent.
Wholesale Product Availability
We reserve the right to suspend retail sales of our handmade and fantasy products, at any
time for any reason or no reason whatsoever, and to sell and release the products to wholesalers
only, at our discretion. Wholesale products are sold with a minimum purchase order of $50 for
domestic orders and $100 for international orders. Sample products are available individually at
wholesale prices for retailers only.  To qualify for our wholesale program, you must provide your full
name, address, store or business name, URL, Sales Tax ID Certificate clearly showing your name
and/or company name and ID Number, a copy of your Business and/or Resale License, and various
other documents (including photo ID where required) depending upon your state, province, region or
country. We reserve the right to refuse or suspend a company from receiving our products for any
reason at all or no reason whatsoever.
Direct-Use Product Disclaimer
Our soap base & candle wax varies from batch to batch so there may be slight differences in
color, size or texture. However, the vast majority of our items look very similar to the pictures posted.  
Our candles, soaps, perfumes, oils, lip glosses, creams, serums, powders, dusts and glitters are all
hand created from scratch using the highest quality materials and ingredients. They are all-natural,
vegan, cruelty-free, and made in the USA by ingredients, packaging, and production.  Our candles
are lead-free. We use 100 percent cotton candle wicks. They're smokeless and dripless with a
natural low-scent making them hypoallergenic and free of cancer-causing materials.  Our antique
paper is created from recycled paper using a natural process.  When using our candles, please keep
them out of reach of children and animals and away from anything that could catch fire. Do not leave
burning candles unattended even for a short period. Always make sure candles are fully extinguished
when you're finished using them. With adorned candles, the adornments around the wick may catch
fire when the wick is lit. To avoid this, remove the adornments before lighting the candle. If you
choose for the candle to be full power (with the adornments), please be aware that the flame may be
heavier, thicker and higher than with a normal candle. Make sure the candle is placed on a surface
that can sustain a heavy, thick and high flame and keep the candle away from any person, animal or
item that could easily be burnt or catch fire. Company/website is not responsible for any accident,
damage or injury as a direct or indirect result of you or someone of your behalf using candle(s) or
(any other product) purchased from the website/company, our subsidiaries, or through retailers who
purchased our products wholesale. Our soaps, creams, serums, oils, perfumes, dusts, lip glosses,
glitters and powders are all cruelty-free, natural, and do not contain any unusual ingredients.
However, if you are allergic to any soaps, creams, serums, oils, perfumes, dusts, lip glosses, glitters
or powders, do not use our products unless you consult with your doctor first. Do not gift our
products to someone who is or may be allergic to soaps, creams, serums, oils, perfumes, dusts, lip
glosses, glitters or powders. Do not consume or swallow the soaps, creams, serums, oils, perfumes,
dusts, lip glosses, glitters and powders. Company/website is not responsible for any allergic reaction,
damage, accident or injury as a direct or indirect result of you or someone on your behalf using our
candles, soaps, creams, serums, oils, perfumes, dusts, lip glosses, glitters, powders, paper, or any
other product or item we sale. Keep out of reach of children and animals. Company/website is not
responsible for any product offered on the site that is manufactured by another company or created
by an independent person who is not directly affiliated with the company/website.
Note: For simplicity, the numbers below will be written in numeric form even when it is
structurally inappropriate.
Wholesale Shipping
We ship wholesale to the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.  
Shipping charges will be added to your order depending upon your country and size or weight of the
order.  Most items are handmade-to-order, so please allow 7 to 28 days for creation time, depending
upon the size of your order.  Feel free to communicate with us on the status of your order and
possible shipping time.  All shipments will be insured.  If your shipment is damaged or lost, postal
insurance should cover it. Certain shipments can be tracked but others cannot. We are not
responsible for Customs in your country rejecting or delaying your shipment.  
Retail (direct customer) Shipping
We ship within the Contiguous United States only. Shipping charges are discounted, included or free
(depending on the item), and tracking and insurance included.
You may cancel a product or service within 24 hours (1 day) of payment for a full refund,
minus any PayPal fees.  You may cancel a product or service between 24 to 48 hours (1 to 2 days)
for a refund minus a 45 percent cancellation fee only if the product has not yet been created or the
service has not yet been performed.  If the product has been created or the service has been
performed within that 48 hours, there are no cancellations or refunds.  After 48 hours, regardless of
the status of your product or service, there are absolutely no refunds.  You may cancel the product
or service for 45 percent cancellation fee and 55 percent credit towards another available product or
service offered on the website.   The credit must be used within 30 days of your original purchase
date.  Emergency services cannot be cancelled at any time under any circumstances since many are
performed within 24 hours (1 day) of your order.  Please note that the time period is in calendar
days, not business days.  If you order a product or service during the weekend, a holiday break, or
our vacation and you email us within the time period stated above, we will honor your cancellation
within 24 hours of the next business day.  Your email must be time-stamped appropriately.
Returns & Refunds
Due to the nature of products and services, there are no returns or exchanges on any product
or service for sale on the website. After the above-described cancellation period, all sales are final.  
Be sure before making a purchase.   
Discounts & Specials
Discounts and Specials are for the prescribed time period only. Seasonal discounts may not
be combined with already discounted services and products. To receive discounts on items featuring
a combined discount or sale offer, the purchases must be made at the same time, not weeks or
months apart.  Specials are only available during the time frame clearly listed on the website.  
Invoices & Payment Direct
Payment Direct means payment through PayPal via our email address rather than a pay
button.  You must be regular, long-standing client and be pre-approved to by us to make Payment
Direct purchases. If you're not pre-approved by us to make these type of purchases, we will refund
your payment within 24 hours and send you an invoice or direct you to a pay button. You are legally
bound by this agreement if you pay directly through our PayPal email address.  Sometimes we send
clients invoices for payment for custom work or personal discounts on large orders. We will link these
Terms and Conditions of Sale to the invoice with directions and send you a copy by email.  You're
obligated to read it entirely before sending payment to us via invoice. By sending payment to us via
an invoice, you are legally bound to the terms of this agreement.
Technical Collapse
We reserve the right to extend deadlines, whether or not they're posted or agreed upon, if we
experience an internet outage, computer crash, or any other technical difficulty, as that is an
unavoidable situation that is out of our control. We may not be able to respond to email or orders in
the timeframe posted on the site in the event of an internet outage or other technical problem. We will
inform you immediately upon our return.
Spiritual Counseling/Readings
Method spreads and/or readings (psychic, tarot, pendulum, angel, Ouija and all others) are free
of charge within a spiritual/ministerial counseling session (referred herein and on our website as
spiritual readings by email, spiritual specialty readings, spiritual readings live) whether it's by email or
performed live. Spiritual/ministerial counseling includes direction from a ministerial-spiritual
standpoint, and all offered services that include reading(s) in the title or name are actually, or directly
attached to, or connected to spiritual/ministerial counseling.  Although the owner(s) follow(s) Celtic
Christianity and practices Christian Magick, spiritual/ministerial counseling within a spiritual/ministerial
counseling session is eclectic, non-denominational, unnoticeable, and spiritual rather than religious.   
Results for Spiritual Readings by email are usually sent within 2 to 5 business days. However, it may
take longer to receive the results depending upon the circumstances, such as a busy season,
holiday break, vacation, technical problems or illness.  Results for Spiritual Specialty Readings by
email usually take 7 to 14 business days to complete and send, but it may take longer depending
upon the circumstances such as a busy season, holiday break, vacation or illness. We will tell you
when to expect your results after you order. We are excellent with deadlines but can’t guarantee
them. Questions for spiritual readings by email must be sent at the same time, not weeks or months
apart.  Spiritual Readings Live are usually (but not always) scheduled within a week of your order
(excluding weekend, holiday breaks, and vacations) unless otherwise agreed upon.  Live sessions
are performed by Skype or Yahoo text messenger services so that the client may keep a transcript of
the session. If you order a service over the weekend, during a holiday break or vacation, we will
respond to you within 24 hours of our return or the following business day.  All required information
provided from you to us so we may work with you in a spiritual capacity is strictly confidential and not
shared with anyone outside website/company.
Emergency Service
We offer both week day and weekend emergency service for email readings and spiritual
enchantment spells. Emergency service will be scheduled and performed according to direction on
each individual web page. Before ordering emergency service, please check the Notices/Updates link
on the main webpage for notices of temporary suspension as emergency service is not always
available.  We are excellent with deadlines but can’t guarantee them.  In the event we can't keep an
emergency deadline, we will refund your emergency fee.  We are not responsible for you purchasing
emergency services if notice of temporary suspension is shown on the Notices/Updates link on the
main webpage and you didn't see it. The emergency fees are for rush service and to be scheduled
quickly, ahead of others, not for the performance of a psychic reading or variants or for the casting of
a spell or variant.
Spiritual Enchantment Spells/Spell Packages/Spell Casting/Spells
Most Spiritual Enchantment Spells, Luxury Enchantment Spells/Series, Deluxe Luxury Enchantment
Spells/Series aka Spell Packages and Enchantment Spells (commonly referred to as “spells” and
referred to below as "spell" or "spells"  unless fully written, including but not limited to, “booster” and
“seal” spells, and referred to on the website in any form, combination or variation of the above
words/terms) include consumable supplies and tools, handmade creation time, writing time, email
correspondence relating to updates, consultations, confirmations, and miscellaneous. The
consumable supplies and tools are magickal, spiritual or religious products and created with
ingredients, colors, and/or timing conducive with folklore, fantasy, ceremonial and/or religious
traditions. Items created and used for spell purposes will be fully used during the spell process and in
that capacity only and not transferred to the client or reused for another client. The acts of energy
reading and spell casting are free of charge with the purchase of a spiritual enchantment spells(s)
aka spell package(s) (commonly referred to as spell(s) or any applicable variation, where applicable.  
Due to the nature of some spiritual enchantment spells, spells or variants, some or all items included
most spiritual enchantment spells/spell packages, are not included with all spiritual enchantment
spells or variant, including but not limited to, financial breakdowns (such as with the reversal spells,
boosters spells, seal spells and any others). Each website page clearly states what is included.  
Some spiritual Enchantments Spells/Spell Packages/Spells are created and performed over one to
several days beginning some time after 48 hours of your purchase.  Within 3 business days of your
purchase, you will receive an email with a detailed financial breakdown of your payment (unless
otherwise stated or if the offer is a special - seasonal or otherwise), a general booking time line, and
what is included with your purchase. Note: If your purchase is over the weekend, during a holiday
break, technical issue, sick day(s) or vacation, we will email you within 3 business days of our return
with detailed information about your purchase.  We are excellent with deadlines but can’t guarantee
them.  Within the financial breakdown, one to a few items may be marked "secret" with the price next
to it. These are trade secret ingredients and/or tools, as we cannot reveal every item due to
competitors. "World's most powerful spell(s)" is subjective and may not be literal as it's based on
feedback we have received for well over a decade from clients, friends, and family members
expressing their personal experiences with our work, and the tools, ingredients, experience, & length
comparisons with other professionals in this industry.  However, we cannot prove nor disprove the
claim of our work as being the "world's most powerful", and this is clearly stated on the website. All
required information provided from you to us so we may work with you in a spiritual capacity is strictly
confidential and not shared with anyone outside website/company.
Energy Readings
Energy Readings are included with most Spiritual Enchantment Spells/spell packages. If you
exhaust the ones included in your package, you'd like more that what's included, or none were
included, you may order an energy reading separately.  Energy readings are not the same as
psychic/tarot/spiritual readings. They only read on spell energy after a spell casting.  Your reader
may interpret the course of your spell based upon the energy reading.  Results are only one to three
sentences within the body of an email. The small charge for energy readings is for a small
consumable handmade tool involved in the process and for typing and sending the brief report.  The
act of energy reading is free of charge.
Spiritual Disclaimer
As stated on the website and attested within these Terms and Conditions of Sale and Terms and
Condition of Use, the following is true and I/we attest:  I/we are intuitive counselors, not fortune-
tellers.  I/we do not claim to "know everything", and I/we do not claim 100 percent accuracy with
regards to spiritual counseling and/or readings.  I/we do not and will not predict the future. Only God
knows the future.  When questions are asked about the future, we suggest options, possibilities,
provide direction and spiritual advice, and inform you of the way things may proceed based upon
current events only.  I/we do not possess supernatural powers.  I/we do not possess paranormal
powers.  I/we cannot do the impossible (turn you into a vampire, manifest a dragon before your eyes,
cause you to lose 100 lbs. in a month, a celebrity knock at your door with a marriage proposal, etc.).  
Real magick is natural, not supernatural, and put forth to help with real-life situations, not do the
impossible. We do not claim 100 percent success with our Spiritual Enchantment Spells/Spell
Packages/Spells (and variations).  Although about 90 percent of our orders are from return or
regular clients and we've had thousands of clients over the years, from all over the world, totally
satisfied and completely happy with our service(s) and product(s), we cannot guarantee you will have
the same experience or receive the same results.
As with the owner(s), any and all spiritual counselors, creators, spell crafters/workers, and/or
advisers working on or through the website are legally ordained minister(s) and completed a course
in psychology. They work in accordance to the guidelines of their governing church entity.  As with the
owner(s), spiritual counselors, creators, spell crafter/workers and advisors have (at least) 10 years
(or much more) experience (non-professional and professional, combined) with psychic readings,
tarot readings, other forms of divination, spell casting, spell crafting, counseling, and creating
magickal items such as candles, potions, soaps, oils, etc.  As with the owner(s), spiritual counselors,
creators, spell crafters/workers and advisers may use one or more pseudonyms or their legal names
or a combination of both, depending on how they are known and recognized internationally or
professionally.  The owner(s) follow and practice Celtic Christianity/Christian Magick and some service
(s) and product(s) are influenced by their religious/spiritual practices.  They are also strongly
involved with their European heritage and some service(s) and product(s) are inspired by fantasy,
folklore, mythology, traditional witchcraft and paganism from European cultures.
Donations & Tips
Donations and tips are given freely but are still subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use
and Terms and Condition of Sale set forth herein. Donations and tips are non-refundable and greatly
Financial/Health/Criminal Matters
Readings do not replace financial advice from professionals in the financial industry.  We do
not answer specific health-related questions regarding diagnosis/diagnosing, treatment options,
medications, or any other individual-based question. We do not predict illnesses or deaths. We only
suggest general, common sense health approaches such as a healthy diet, exercise, avoiding bad
habits and seeing a doctor regularly. Nothing said between the adviser and client should replace
medical advice from a doctor or other qualified medical professional.  We do not diagnose
psychiatric/mental illnesses.  We do not provide readings on serious criminal investigations or
missing persons.
Moonlight Enchantments LLC was established locally and regionally in 2003.  The website,
www.moonlightenchantments.com, was registered in 2005 and has been serving national and
international clients since that time. We reserve the right to refuse services or products to any
person, group, or company at our discretion. We reserve the right to discontinue, temporarily or
permanently, any product or service without notice at our discretion.  Special offers; personal or
individual custom packages, products or services; close-out products or services; sale products or
services; and/or other discounts, seasonal or otherwise, may or may not include the same
ingredients, standards, attachments or inclusions as regularly offered services or items, including but
not limited to time frames, financial breakdowns, energy readings/updates, booster/seal spells,
scented candles or anything else.  We reserve the right to change the price and/or description of any
product or service, without notice, at our discretion.  If any provision of these Terms and Conditions
are deemed invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of such provision shall not affect
the validity of the remaining provisions. You agree that your use of the blog and/or website and/or
purchase of product(s) and/or service(s) from company/website is at your sole risk, to the fullest
extent permitted by the law, website/company, its owner(s), officer(s), agent(s), affiliates(s),
subsidiaries and anyone else on our behalf disclaim all warranties, expressed or implied, in
connection with the products and services sold on the website including implied warranties for fitness
and merchantability for a particular purpose. We make no warranties or representations about the
accuracy or completeness of the website content and assume no liability or responsibility for any
errors, mistakes or inaccuracies of content, personal injury or property damage of any nature
whatsoever resulting from your access to and use of our service(s) and product(s), any unauthorized
access to or use of our secure services and/or any and all personal information and/or financial
information stored therein, any interruption of cessation of transmission to or from our services, any
bugs, viruses, trojan horses, or the like which may be transmitted to or through our services by any
third party, and/or any errors or omissions in any content or for any loss or damage of any kind
incurred as a result of the use of any content posted, emailed, transmitted or otherwise made
available through the website, as with the purchase of service(s) and/or product(s) through any
medium or in any environment, you should use your best judgment and exercise caution where
appropriate. Our service(s) and/or product(s) are not intended to replace or substitute professional
services, treatment, or advice from professional in the fields of finance, medicine, law or psychology.
If you have concerns in these areas, please consult with the appropriate professional. Our products
are created for external use only and are not to be taken internally.  Our products are not to be orally
ingested, smoked, injected or inhaled. We are not responsible for the misuse of our products whether
sold directly to the client or through a retailer. If you ingest our products, accidentally or intentionally
against our warning, please seek immediate medical attention. Lip glosses, lip exfoliants, and body
glitters can be placed on the lips and are non-toxic, although they should not be eaten.  You are
solely responsible for the decision to purchase product(s) or service(s) offered on the website.
Whether or not you rely on any advice or information given to you by an adviser is solely your
decision, and we are not responsible or liable for anything resulting from your decisions.  Unless
amended or modified, these Terms and Conditions will remain in effect.  
Last Update: June 30, 2018