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Full Psychic/Tarot Readings Done By Interactive Online Chat
Sessions.  You May Ask Questions And Receive Instant,
Elaborate Answers.  My Online Chat Sessions are quick, thorough
and to the point.   I will stay with you long enough to answer all
your questions and address all your concerns.   That's why the
length of the session is entirely up to you.  

I offer online chat readings and intuitive counseling on any subject
at all - Love Readings, Relationship Readings, Pet Readings, Family
Issues, absolutely any issue is welcome!  I perform these particular  
readings through Tarot and Clairvoyance.

Please Note: The premium business systems I use for online chat are
set to the time purchased.  At the end of the time allotted, the chat
window will automatically close.  At that time, you may purchase
more time or end the session.  Please choose the amount of time

Scheduling Appointments:  Due to demand, I am working week days
and some evenings by appointment only.  If you would like to
schedule an appointment, please order through Pay Pal then email
Customer Care to schedule.  Customer Care will not schedule your
appointment unless they receive verification of your order.  All
appointments are scheduled within 24 hours of receiving the order or
the following business day if received on weekends or holidays.

Emergency Live Service:  If you're in urgent need of a reading over
the weekend or a holiday, please order through Pay Pal, then email
Customer Care to schedule an emergency appointment.  Please note
that evening week day appointments are NOT charged an emergency
fee.  They are considered regular appointments.

Web-based Messenger!
No Download Required!

Please click on the links below to go to the Messenger Services!


Click Above. No Download Required For AIM.

Skype ID

Our chat readings are performed via TEXT (Instant
Messenger) ONLY.  These are not face-chats.  We use
TEXT (Instant Messenger) so the client can keep the
transcript for future reference.

The descriptions below are to give you a basic idea of what could be
covered during the allotted time.

Up to 15 Minutes - $120
Covers Approximately 7 Questions/*Follow-Up Questions
Usually One Issue, With Advice If Needed

15 to 30 Minutes - $240
Covers Approximately 8 to 15 Questions/*Follow-Up Questions
Usually Two Issues, With Advice If Needed

30 to 45 Minutes - $360
Covers Approximately 16 to 25 Questions/*Follow-Up Questions
Usually Two to Three Issues, With Advice If Needed

45 to 60 Minutes - $450 (Discount)
Covers Approximately 35 Plus Questions/*Follow-Up Questions
Multiple Issues, With Advice If Needed

Emergency Weekend Service - $500
15 to 60 Minutes

*Follow-Up Questions
are questions you might have as a result of
an answer to another question
within the live session.  If you have a
follow-up question you'd like answered after the session, a regular
email reading service fee will apply since it will require reading

After the amount of time you choose, the business system will
automatically shut down.  If I have no immediate appointments
following your session, you may order more time if you'd like to
continue.  However, if you have an issue that will require longer
than 15 minutes, please order appropriately for scheduling purposes.

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