Our spells have been described by thousands of satisfied clients as
"the world's most powerful spells".

This is the option to choose if you want someone to understand your point of view on a
matter or if you want to convince someone to do something.  I do not control their free will.  
It literally anonymously transfers your thoughts, suggestions, feelings and ideas to another
person so he or she believes these thoughts, suggestions, feelings and ideas to be his own.  
This is a great influencer!  If you want someone to feel, know or decide something, this may
be just what you need.

This enchantment spell is a fantastic compliment to other spells.  It's often used in
conjunction with love enchantment spells.

Due to the nature of this spell and the highly effective improvements we've made in the
process, it doesn't come in a spell package, and the energy cannot be read on it.  There is no
financial breakdown included with it either since all the tools and supplies needed to perform
it are trade secrets and cannot be revealed.
 The prices are lower on this spell than the other
since a full package is not included, and there are less tools and supplies needed for the
work. The Infinity Level is not an option with this enchantment.

We will send you an email confirmation after the work is performed.

Telepathy Enchantment Spells are customized just for you!

Which level is right for you?

Power -
This is a normal power level that could assist with easier matters and goals.  It could
be the push you or someone else needs to finally achieve that goal.  

Double Power - This level is mid-normal power and created for less difficult
situations with no hard visible obstacles.  An example is the desire to be in a relationship with
a man who is currently unattached or for the perfect job opportunity.  It is faster-acting than
the Power Level, but the spell energy is "built upon" so it may not be a super fast-working

Triple Power - This is the highest normal power option.  It's designed for
more difficult situations and harder goals. It is faster acting than the Double Power Level,
and holds significantly more power. It creates long-term results after manifestation.

Super Power - Is the superior high power option. It's quadruple the strength of the Double
Power level.  It features a deluxe element for higher strength. It's "built upon" magick, but
several powerful tools are added for strong concentrated energy.  It's designed for difficult
matters that have one or two hard obstacles or difficult goals. It works much more quickly
than the Triple Power Level, and it produces very long-term results that may create
conditions conducive to permanency.

Ultimate Power Luxury Enchantment Spell - This is the most powerful spell on the page, and
it's performed with high, advanced magick.  It's a supreme-level Luxury Enchantment Series
and a notch below the Infinite Power Luxury Enchantment Spell (known as the world's most
powerful spell).  The Ultimate is designed for extremely difficult situations, issues or goals
with two or three extremely difficult obstacles.  It is generally fast acting and produces
extremely long-term to permanent results.

Please Note:  It is possible for a lower-level spell to produce results for a more difficult goal.
However, it may take longer to achieve those results.

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Note:  "World's most powerful spell(s)" is subjective and nay not be literal as it's based upon
feedback we have received for well over a decade from clients, friends, and family members
expressing their personal experiences with our work, and the tools, ingredients, experience, &
length comparisons with other professionals in this industry.  However, we cannot prove nor
disprove the claim of our work as being the "world's most powerful" .

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