This is just some fun, entertaining information about the wondrous secret
world of spell casters!  Have you ever wondered how Harry Potter was able
to cast so effectively under such life-threatening pressure?  And why Ron
always seems to get his wand in a tizzy?  Well, read on to gain a clue . . .

Spell castings by a skilled magical practitioner or professional spell caster
usually work very well in a timely manner.  However, sometimes spells cast
by a skilled, professional practitioner fail or delay.  And spells cast by
amateurs may fail time after time!!  I've complied a general list of the
reasons why spells fail.  Please read each one carefully.

1.  An Unskilled Spell Caster
The more you cast, the more powerful you become.  It's the same as any
other skill or talent.  Casting enhances your magical nature.  Years of
experienced allows you to build energy and maintain power enough to hold
a casting for the moment and beyond.  (That's precisely why Snipe is so
very skillful.)

2.  Lack of Knowledge
The knowledge of the proper spell for the situation.  There are millions of
love spells for instance.  You must know which one to use.  Experience in
energy reading to determine whether a banishment is necessary before the
casting.  The knowledge of sacred spaces and how to create them for
magical workings.  The knowledge of the ingredients and tools necessary to
make the spell successful and how to properly handle these things.  The
ability to cone the energy and seal the casting. The knowledge of
proper wording, which is extremely important.  Many will argue that
intent is the key factor to spell casting.  I disagree.  The proper tools, the
proper spell and exact wording means everything.  When someone has an
accident, the intent is to not have the accident.  Improper wording could
cause an accident of the worse kind.  Therefore, intent would not matter
one bit.  (Remember Ron's faulty wand?  And the wrong words during
spell-casting class which caused explosions of the worst kind!)

3.  Confidence
A wishy-washy caster is not going to build the proper energy
field to carry the spell to success.  (Recall, Aunt Clara from Bewitched.  
Totally wishy-washy and never got the spell right.)

4.  No Faith or Belief in Magic
If you don't believe in something, how could you follow it?  "Trying" a spell
to "see" if it works will fail.  Point blank.  The key to success anywhere in
life is faith and belief.  Anyone who accomplishes anything must first
believe it in themselves.  It's the same way with magic.  Your will and focus
make or break the casting.  You have to remain confident and focused with
full faith and belief from the onset till the end result.  If you doubt the
process, there is no point in casting.   (Remember Jess from Vadusa?  No
faith meant total destruction.)

5.  Moon Phase
Spells can be conducted against the moon phase and still be completely
successful.  But there are certain circumstances where the moon phase does
matter in a casting.  This is determined on an individual basis.  A spell
caster must be able to read this before beginning the work.
(Such as Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, who always knew exactly when and
where to cast . . . Or not to cast!)

6.  Mental Condition of the Caster
There should be no mental or emotional upheaval, no physical illness, and
no distractions when casting a spell.   Complete focus should be on the
matter at hand.  (Harry, however, had this one beat!)

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