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Cover yourself with this gorgeous truth serum.  Love Sorceress is a
concentrated love spell soap that allows for secretes to be revealed, truth to
surface, and lies to be apparent.  This is my personal powerful secret recipe.
If you're unsure of your lover's loyalty, you may consider using this
incredible soap to pinpoint the problem.  It is especially designed to trigger
confessions to romantic crimes and to expose love-related deception.

Shea Butter, Beautifully Scented, Rosebuds, Secret Herbs, Diamond Dust,
& Magick Oils.  All-Natural, Cruelty-Free, Vegan, & Made In The U.S.A.

Choose Between The Enchanted Bar Only Or The Kit.

Spell Soap Includes ~

Beautiful Spell Soap (approximately 5 oz.)
Magical Tie Bag
Instruction Card

Spell Soap Kit Includes ~

Beautiful Spell Soap (approximately 5 oz.)
Magical Tie Bag
Fine-Quality, Reusable Magical Box
Shimmering Gold, Silver, or Snow White Floating Spell Candle
Pixie Bag of Blessed Rose or Flower Blend OR Blessed Herbs (for Men)
Instructions on Parchment or Card Scroll Tied With Enchanted Lace

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ISBN: 9781937156679
Love Sorceress Spell Soap
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