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Gothic Rose Assists With Love Justice, Binding Bad Habits, Self-Love,
Confidence, Personal Power, Protection, Mirror Defense Magick - any
Justice, Balance, or Protection Issue.   Handmade-to-order.  This bar is
infused with powerful ingredients and consecrated magick - my special
personal secret recipe. Only ONE bar should be used per spell, prayer,
goal or request.  In other words, if you seek justice on the man who left
you for another woman and you want to stop gossip at work, you would
buy two spell bars - one to focus on the justice aspect and the other to
focus on ending the gossip.  If you use one spell bar for more than one
goal, it will be ineffective.  Color is purple, blue, or white depending
upon the season.

Shea Butter, Beautifully Scented, Rosebuds, Herbs & Secret Oils.
All-Natural, Cruelty-Free,Vegan, & Made In The U.S.A.

Choose Between The Enchanted Bar Only Or The Kit.

Spell Soap Includes ~

Beautiful Spell Soap (approximately 5 oz.)
Magical Tie Bag
Instruction Card

Spell Soap Kit Includes ~

Beautiful Spell Soap (approximately 5 oz.)
Magical Tie Bag
Fine-Quality, Reusable Magical Box
Shimmering Gold, Silver or Snow White Floating Spell Candle
Pixie Bag of Blessed Rose or Flower Blend OR Blessed Herbs (for Men)
Instructions on Parchment or Card Scroll Tied With Enchanted Lace

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ISBN: 9781937155160
Gothic Rose Spell Soap