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Rose & Lace Love Spell Candle® - Custom Made For You!

Handmade Rose & Fairy-Star Dust Adorned Sparkling Rustic Rose
Love Spell Candle With Lace To Bind! For Any Matter of Romantic
Love - Whether Lifting An Existing Relationship, Longing For One or
Searching For a Twin Flame. To trigger love, attraction & romance! A
Secret Family Method of creating and consecrating this particular candle
makes it stand out from the rest.

The candle is white or ivory, depending upon the season, adorned with
fairy star dust, dried roses, and embraced with power drippings.

100 Percent Cotton Wick, Lead Free, Naturally Low-Scented, Dripless
& Smokeless.  Approximately 60 Hours Burn Time With Regular-Size
Candles.  Approximately 120 Hours Burn Time With Large Candles.  
(May Be Less With Adornments.)

Highest Quality Materials & Ingredients!
Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, & Made In The USA
(by ingredients, packaging & handmade production).

Sample Picture Below.

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ISBN: 9781937154909
For More Powerful Magick,
Rose & Lace Candle - Custom Made