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Magical Treasures Spell Candles
Custom Artisan Beauty
Ladies ~

This is an entire spell in a custom candle.

Enhance Your Natural Beauty  . . .

Choose One or All ~

Fairytale Glamour Spell Candle®
Handmade Adorned Rustic Beauty Illusion, Attracting The Opposite Sex, Body
Enchantments & Sex Appeal. Create an illusion for your unappealing features and completely
enhance your great features. Secret Ingredient to draw much more than an "ordinary" spell
candle.  The candle is white, pink,  red, burgundy, or crimson, depending upon the season,
adorned with secret beauty ingredients, beauty shimmer, and embraced with power drippings.

Fatal Beauty Spell Candle®
Uniquely created!  Designed to show the world your soul.  It's  for self-acceptance and self-
love! We're first attracted to somebody by their outer beauty.  This candle creates the
opposite.  This super-feminine confidence candle causes men to sense and feel your inner
beauty first - your heart and you soul.  Then it highlights your outer beauty.  This is double
the attraction.  If you're single, it draws men who appreciate a strong but soft woman,  If
you're attached, it could cause him to see you in a new light and know you better than ever
before.  The candle white, cream or pink, depending on the season, adorned with a secret
flower formula, beauty shimmer, and teared power drippings.

Why Weight Spell Candle®
Will power spell candle to aid with weight loss or maintenance.  A healthy weight causes
confidence, stamina, and overall good health.  This candle has been very effective for it's
purpose over the years.  Since weight loss is an active change, the candle is created
differently than most candles. It's created according to the month, as it follows a moon
schedule rather than a seasonal schedule.  So colors and adornments change monthly.

One candle usually covers one goal.

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Samples of our Magical Treasures Candles ~
Specifics ~

Highest Quality Materials & Ingredients!  
Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, & Made In The USA
(by ingredients, packaging & handmade production).

Choose between two sizes, scented or unscented.

Scentless is perfect for those with allergies or who are
prone to migraines. 100 percent cotton wick and lead
free. The scented candles produce a beautiful bouquet
but are not overwhelming. It's enough to fill a large
room or an apartment with intoxicating magick.

Regular is 3x3.  Approximately 60 Hours Burn Time.  

Large is 3x6.  Approximately 120 Hours Burn Time.

Note:  Burn-time may be less depending upon your
environment or whether you're burning with
adornments or not.  

Color for each candle varies depending upon the
season.  The adornments, herbs, flowers, and dusts
remain the same regardless of the season.  However,
seasonal adornments may be added as well.

Shipping:  Although we serve clients worldwide with
Psychic Readings and Spell Casting, we only ship
Magical Items to the contiguous United States.  We ship
USPS Priority or First Class.  Insurance and tracking
are included.  Most items are handmade-to-order, and
we create them in the order they are received.  We
usually ship within 3 to 5 business days, but please
allow up to 14 business days for your order to be
shipped, as we may need more time depending on our
workload.  Please feel free to communicate with us
about your order.

Gentlemen:  The ingredients, colors, creation method
and design of these candles are for feminine beauty.  If
you're a man who wants an appearance-improvement
spell candle, please
contact us to see if we can make a
special masculine candle for your needs.  

Retailers:  We have an excellent wholesale program that
includes the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia & New
Zealand.  Please click
here for more information.
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Our Magickal Items are Do-It-Yourself items. They should be used as you see fit. We create
the item with the proper magickally charged ingredients, tools, colors, timing, etc. so it's
conducive with meeting a specific goal. We also consecrate the item for use, but that's only
half of the process. The most important part is in your hands. The magick projected by the
item (and from it) comes directly from you. The goal is set by you, and the magick is released
by you.  Much like a match and fire.  We create the match.  But an unlit match does nothing.  
If you want it to produce fire, you strike it and direct it according to your will - to warm and
comfort or heat and destroy.  You are the one striking the match (causing the magick).  We
are not responsible for the magickal outcome of this item - whether it produces the desired
results or not. It's completely up to you. However, base your judgment about its effectiveness
upon facts, not assumptions.  For example, if your item is for beauty and you don't receive
compliments, that does not mean the magick is not working.  Verbal reactions depend upon
the personalities of those around you.  If your item is for money, you might receive it in the
form of a job promotion or raise rather than lottery winnings.  Look for positive, solid, gradual
changes and clues to follow that will improve your life or situation.

If you want something more powerful than do-it-yourself magick, please order one of our
professional spell packages which are created and cast by us on your behalf.  

Although our magickal items have produced desired results for thousands of customers since
2003, that's no guarantee our items will work for everyone every time.  Individual results may

Because this is a handmade item, color, shade, or consistency may vary from batch to batch.  
Pictures are examples and may or may not be precisely what you receive by item, labeling, or
packaging.  Seasonal variations may apply. (Examples: Use of a summer herb or winter scent
instead of what's normally used.)  All items are beautifully created with the highest quality
ingredients, craft detail, and labeled and/or packaged with care and attention.  

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Must be 18+ to receive services or products from this website. Services and products are for
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Magical Treasures Spell Candles