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Specialty Spiritual
Sacred Love Reading - Live
Spiritual Counseling ~
Sacred Love Readings are a short burst of
Love Therapy.

I teach and counsel on every aspect of love and sex between a man and a
woman.  This comes from personal experience, intuitive knowledge and several
years of intense study.  

Each and every session is designed personally to meet your needs.  You may ask
questions or remain quiet and allow me to fully guide you.  Whether it be gaining
the perfect mate; maintaining a current relationship; competing against another
man or woman for that special person; sexual guidance on delicate, intricate
matters; or letting go and moving on, I could help you.  I could teach you the art
of genuine seduction, how to become more sexually appealing, how to knock out
the competition, sex magic for two, the sacredness of love and sex and how to
respect yourself and your partner.  

And I could guide you to success with your soul mate!

These readings are for couples or individuals who are seeking to gain, or
attempting to enhance a moral, substantial and real relationship.

Live Specialty Readings Are Performed By Online Chat Session (Instant
Messenger/Text)  Through Yahoo or Skype.  We Use Instant Messenger So You
May Keep A Copy Of The Transcript.  Each Session is 30 or 60 Minutes.

We Serve Clients Worldwide!
To learn more about our reading process, please visit the
Psychic Salon.

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Yahoo & Skype IDs will be provided
to you via email before your session.

Our chat sessions are performed via TEXT (Instant Messenger) ONLY.  These
are not face-chats.  We use TEXT (Instant Messenger) so the client can keep the
transcript for future reference.

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Sessions are 20, 40, or 60 minutes in length.

The business system will automatically shut down after
the timer runs out.  If I have no immediate
appointments following your session, you may order
more time if you'd like to continue.  

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