What is intuitive counseling?  It's method of spiritual counseling combining intuition and
psychology.  It provides a broad view of why and how with a practical resolve.  This
isn't a psychic reading.  If you want a reading, we have many to choose from.  This
session isn't used to tell future or peer into the unknown, but rather to help you make
sense of the past, make proper decisions in the present, and give you direction towards
the future - from a psychological standpoint.  

It may drastically help resolve issues relating to the following ~

Personality Disorders
Anger Problems
Religious or Spiritual
Marital Troubles
Love or Relationship
Sexual & Romantic
Toxic Family & Friendships
Past Guilt
Grief & Loss
Anxiety or Depression
Sleep Disorders
Night Fears

I will assess your situation and help find personal solutions for you.  The reason you're
feeling as you do or are in the situation you're in isn't as important as solving the
problem permanently.  So while the cause is addressed, the focus is on the solution.  I
won't waste your time or cause you to spend unnecessary money with filler-talk or
dragging out answers so you keep returning.  One or two sessions may be all you need.

I completed a psychology program that qualifies me as a psychological counselor.  I
also obtained a ministerial ordination to perform psychological/religious/spiritual
counseling. I perform under guidelines of the governing entity that issued both.

Sessions Are Performed By Online Chat (Instant Messenger/Text)  Through Yahoo or
Skype.  We Use Instant Messenger So You May Keep A Copy Of The Transcript.  
Each Session is 30 or 60 Minutes.  An automatic discount is applied if you order a pack.

Live Counseling Is Performed By Online Chat Session (Instant Messenger/Text)  
Through Yahoo or Skype.  We Use Instant Messenger So You May Keep A Copy Of
The Transcript.  

We Serve Clients Worldwide!
To learn more about our reading process, please visit the
Psychic Salon.

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Yahoo & Skype IDs will be provided
to you via email before your session.

Our chat sessions are performed via TEXT (Instant Messenger) ONLY.  These are not
face-chats.  We use TEXT (Instant Messenger) so the client can keep the transcript for
future reference.

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