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Specialty Painting Reading
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This is a Spirit Guide/Psychic Message Painting.

This reading is performed in two ways.  It is an actual painting of
psychic words and symbols that come through by three crystal ball and
fire scrying sessions performed personally for you.  

It also addresses your spirit guide by another special technique.  Is your
spirit guide an ancestor? A stranger from heaven? Could your spirit
guide be your guardian angel only? What does your spirit guide look
like? What is his or her name? What message do they have for you?  

The information that comes forth during this reading is different than
what is received in other readings.

The words or symbols coming through will be recorded at the very time
of the reading.  These colors, images, and words are very intimate and
directed just to you.  You may find your own interpretation upon
receiving it.   However, included with each painting is an in-depth
written interpretation.  Your painting may appear like "folk art" or it
may appear more refined.  It all depends upon the attitude of the
reading.   This is a personal process. No two paintings are alike!  

Your spirit guides may change several times over your lifetime and their
messages change as well.  The results of your reading will follow you
through the next 13 months.  No two paintings are alike! Words are
legible in all paintings!  

Paintings are created with fine professional watercolor paints and
colored pencils on large 11x14 watercolor paper.  The interpretation is
artistically hand-lettered on enchanting parchment or linen fantasy

It takes between 2 to 10 weeks to create and ship your painting
package.  There are no rush orders on this item because of the amount
of time and care needed to properly produce it.  Therefore, if you need
it by a certain date, please take that into consideration when ordering.  
We will let you know when to expect your shipment.
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(International clients, we ship to certain countries.  Please email us
before ordering, and we'll let you know if we ship to yours.)

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