1.  Never hire an advisor who claims 100 percent accuracy on psychic or
related readings.  Nobody is 100 percent accurate in any field. Only God is
100 percent.  The lower the accuracy claim, the more genuine they are.  

2.  Beware of advisers who offer money back guarantees.  Nobody is going
to take $100 from you and if a prediction doesn't occur, hand you the fee
back.  Traditionally, psychics are
not paid for predictions to occur.  They
are paid for the time spent reading.  A psychic shouldn't guarantee
predictions, because NO predictions can honestly be guaranteed.  Psychic
readings are not about predictions anyway.  They're for guidance, insight,
perspective, and advice.   
(Please read my article,
Why Some Predictions Materialize.)  

3.  Never hire an advisor who promises to do something impossible for a
high fee - such as bring back the dead.  Psychics (spell casters and witches)
are human beings with NO supernatural powers.  Human beings cannot do
the impossible.

4.  Never hire an advisor who tells you you're cursed and you need to pay an
outrageous amount of money to have it removed.  

5.  Don't continue seeing an advisor who tells you something horrible is
about to happen to you and you must pay more money so s/he can prevent it
from occurring.  This is untrue, and it's one of the oldest scams in the book.

6.  Never hire a psychic/spell caster who tells you they can make someone
love you or bend their free will. This is a "magick trick" that's impossible.  
You cannot make someone do something against their will with magick.
Read "
Avoiding Spell Scams " for more about that.  

7.  Beware of those who casts spells for you.  Many take your money and
never bother to cast your spell.  Many offer money-back guarantees and
you'll never see a dime if you attempt it.  Read the fine print.  Do you have
to jump over hoops to get your money back?  Do they respond to email?  Do
they treat you in a respectful manner?  True professional spell casters are
paid to perform your work - time, energy, and supplies - and they will not
offer money-back guarantees.   READ MY PIECE
Avoiding Spell Scams for
more tips!!

8. Beware of psychics who perform health readings or answer questions
about when someone will die.  Since psychics are not divine, mistakes could
be made either by misreading or misinterpretations.  It's unethical to answer
such questions with absolute authority.  If you're concerned about your
health, see a doctor, not a psychic.

9.  Beware of a psychic who tries to hold you "hostage".  In other words
forbids you to seek the advice of other psychics or attempts to intimidate
you in any way.

10.  Pay attention to the type of business you're dealing with.  Are you
seeing names of people?  Pictures?  Staying power?  How long have they
been online?  Many scam sites will stay online only a few months to a couple
years before closing and opening under a different name.   They have a
generic feel to them with a lot of outrageous promises and unverifiable
awards or claims.  

But Also Remember ~

11.  You have free will to make changes in your life.  If a fortune-teller or
psychic sees something for the future you dislike, you could modify it before
it occurs by the chain of events leading to it, your actions, reactions and free
will decisions.  

12. You have the power to decide which services and products you want and
can afford.  That's not the decision of your adviser.  Nobody can force you
to purchase things you don't want.  

13.  Don't always jump to conclusions without proof.  Psychics are not
divine or supernatural beings.  Just because a psychic is wrong at times does
not make her a con artist or a scammer.  It makes her human.

Choose your advisor wisely.  Trust and comfort should guide you to the
right expert.  If you feel both of these easily, then you have the right
advisor for you.

Please Read ~
Avoiding Spell Scams For More Info!

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