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You didn't find me by chance.  Your intuition led the way.  
One meeting with me could change your life forever.

From Autumn Mist ~

I am not “your grandmother’s fortune-teller”. I am a highly-skilled intuitive reader, consultant,
counselor, spiritual adviser, and a strong guide to your subconscious, the unknown, your future
choices and more. I could give you an excellent spiritual reading and advice that could provide you
with the information necessary to lead you on the proper path. My aim is to empower you. A session
with me could leave you armed with that empowerment, wisdom, and a shield of guidance,
perspective and insight!

I'm an internationally-known spiritual adviser here to offer you accurate, high quality, in-depth
intuitive spiritual readings by a number of different methods.  I've been described by fellow advisers
as an extraordinarily accurate, phenomenal reader!  I can help you find a solution to any relationship
problem and properly advise you on any matter of the heart!  (My specialties are love/relationships.)  
It's an honor and pleasure to serve you.  

Respectful, compassionate and non-judgmental treatment is what you will receive from me. My goal
is for you to experience the most powerful, illuminating session you've ever had . . . And to make you
feel much better afterwards than before it!  

If you're searching for intricate insight (how and why); guidance (intuitive-based direction);
perspective (showing you how you look to others and how others see things); advice (pure wisdom);
and your very best course of action given the circumstances, I am the adviser for you.

If you want a refreshing, insightful, illuminating, supercharged spiritual consultation, you're at the
right place.  If you want a caring, loving expert who will not judge you but will feel your emotions
and genuinely help you, you're at home here.  We could empathetically examine what the other person
thinks, feels, desires and wants!  By delving into his or her heart and soul, we could reveal secrets,
emotions, intentions, thoughts, and motives!

My services are much deeper than shallow, nothing-based predictions that may or may not come to

I will thoroughly answer all your questions regarding past and present situations and guide and
direct you toward future decisions. My approach is very unique. I'm a down-to-earth, no nonsense
adviser who will tell it to you straight. I believe facing the truth in all matters will save you
heartache and wasted time. So if I see an irresolvable situation, I will certainly tell you. If I believe
you're in a salvageable situation, I will advise you on your options without giving you ridiculous,
false predictions that will disappoint or confuse you. Either way, my goal is for you to leave the
session renewed and recharged.

READING PEOPLE~ I have a super sensitive ability to delve into the emotions of others to reveal
secrets, feelings, intentions, thoughts, motives, desires and more.

THE PAST~ A reading with me could give you full clarification and perception on past issues so you
may successfully move forward with understanding & resolve.

THE PRESENT~ I will amaze you with my skill to walk you through any situation with
compassion, intuition, and guidance. I could give you perspective on exactly what is happening and
why. When you call upon me, you will be my only focus in the world. Just you, your issues and
resolutions to your problems.

THE FUTURE~  Although I've made many extraordinarily accurate predictions over the decades, I
handle things differently in my professional practice. I'm an intuitive spiritual counselor, so my
approach is different than a New Age Wiccan or gypsy fortune-teller. I could show you what to
expect from the future so you can decide, on your own, what to avoid and what to enhance. Even if
I must present you with bad news, please stay tuned for the good news to follow. When one door
closes another opens. But I do not and will not "predict the future".  If you ask a question regarding
the future, I will suggest options, possibilities, provide direction and spiritual advice, and inform
you of the way things may unfold based upon your current situation.
 Everything regarding the
future is subject to change by free will choices and the Hand of God.  No matter what a psychic or
fortune-teller claims, NO ONE could know the future for certain except God.  I provide insight and
guidance for the future based upon current energy in the matter.  And I gently remind you that your
choices and prayer could make all the difference in the outcome.

TIME FRAMES~  Since I don't do the "gypsy fortune-telling" thing, I avoid time frames like the
plague. But if you ask me "when" something will happen, I will use a tarot method time frame trick
to find the answer.  It may or may not be accurate since the future event is subject to change, and
time frames under the best of circumstances are not known for their accuracy.  (I encourage clients
not to constrict themselves by waiting for a "time frame" but instead to take control, exercise free
will, pray and be proactive with their life path. Disappointment can be avoided by learning of your
best options or best course of action rather than a promised future that may or may not unfold as

Readings are performed live via online chat instant messenger or through email.  Please check all the
links (top left side bar) to determine the right reading for you.  

To properly read for a new or occasional client, we request your full name, date of birth, a recent  
picture, and your questions. (While we don't NEED your date of birth and picture to read, we ask
for it to give you the highest possible accuracy.  If "Sue Smith" from Dallas comes to us and there are
1,000 "Sue Smiths" in the Dallas areas, we want to make certain we are "connecting" to the right
person, and you want the most from your reading.) If you're a regular client, your questions are all
we need.

Emergency Service is Available.  Please check the appropriate pages for details.

After you order through Pay Pal, please follow the directions on the purchase page.  

Direct questions about health, death, or serious criminal investigations will not be answered.  
However, while reading, if I see a potential safety or health issue arising, we will definitely warn
you so you could take the necessary steps to prevent a problem.    

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