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You didn't find me by chance.  Your intuition led the way.  One meeting with
me could change your life forever.

Welcome to the Salon!  

Below is a complete list of my readings.  For a description or to order, please
click on the name.  Below the list of readings is more information on the
reading process.  Please be sure to read the entire page.  

I offer psychic/tarot readings on any and all subjects including love and
romance, family matters, finances, spiritual issues, pets and animals, career
and more.
 *Nothing is off limits.   My speciality readings are incredibly
unique, and my Twin Flame Love Readings have been a best seller for 11
years.  I offer General Readings and several different Specialty Readings as
well - live and email options.  

Psychic, Tarot, & Specialty Readings ~

Live Online Tarot Chat Readings
Live Dream Readings
Live Sacred Love Reading
Live Body Magic Reading
Live Angel Reading
Live Emotional Storm Therapy
Tarot Email Readings - Several (Regular & Deluxe)
Dream Readings by Email
Twin Flame Love Readings
Twin Flame Love Drawings
Fantastic Future Readings
Psychic Spy Readings
Quick-Answer Tarot Readings
Pendulum Readings
Palmisty Readings
Tea Leaf Readings
Tea Card Readings
Lenormand Oracle Card Readings
Angel Board Readings
Ouija Board Readings
Konxari Readings
Haunted Readings
Psychic Spirit Message Painting
Folk  Magick Fortune Message
Holy Card Readings (Benedicaria)
Video Tarot Readings
Intuitive Psychological Counseling
Diamond Divination Readings

I'm an honest, ethical, world-renowned spiritual adviser here to offer you
accurate, high quality, in-depth intuitive, psychic and tarot readings.   I've
been described by fellow advisers as an extraordinarily accurate, phenomenal
reader!  I can find a solution to any problem and properly advise you on any
matter!   It's an honor and pleasure to serve you.  

Respectful, compassionate and non-judgmental treatment is what you will
receive from me. My goal is for you to experience the most powerful,
illuminating and a fully accurate reading you've ever had . . . And to make
you feel much better after the reading than before it!  

If you're searching for intricate insight (how and why); guidance (intuitive-
based direction); perspective (showing you how you look to others and how
others see things); advice (pure wisdom); and your very best course of action
given the circumstances, I am the adviser for you.

If you want a refreshing, illuminating, supercharged spiritual consultation,
you're at the right place.  If you want a caring, loving expert who will not
judge you but will feel your emotions and genuinely help you, you're at home
here.  I could tell you what the other person thinks, feels, desires and wants!

My services are much deeper than shallow, nothing-based predictions that
may or may not come to pass.  

Respectful, compassionate and non-judgmental treatment is what you will
receive from me. My goal is for you to experience the most powerful,
illuminating and a fully accurate session you've ever had . . . And to make
you feel much better after the session than before it! With strong and
insightful intuition and other natural gifts, I could assist you in all your
needs. I have a Super Sensitive Ability to delve into the hearts of others to
reveal secrets, emotions, intentions, thoughts, motives, desires and more. This
is due to my deep empathic talents. I will thoroughly answer all your
questions regarding past and present situations and guide and direct you
toward future decisions. My approach is very unique and refreshing. I'm a
down-to-earth, no nonsense adviser who will tell it to you straight. I believe
facing the truth in all matters will save you heartache and wasted time. So if
I see an irresolvable situation, I will certainly tell you. If I see a salvageable
situation, I will advise you on your options without giving you ridiculous,
false predictions that will disappoint or confuse you. Either way, you will
leave the reading renewed and recharged. And I'm excellent with names, dates
and descriptions.  

READING PEOPLE~ I have a Super Sensitive Ability to delve into the
emotions of others to reveal secrets, feelings, intentions, thoughts, motives,
desires and more. This is due to my telepathic, empathic and clairsentient
talents. I will thoroughly answer all your questions.
And I'm excellent with names, dates and descriptions.

THE PAST~ A reading with me will give you full clarification and
perspective on past issues so you may successfully move forward with
understanding & resolve.

THE PRESENT~ I will amaze you with my skill to walk you through any
situation with compassion, intuition and guidance. I will tell you exactly
what is happening and why. When you call upon me, you will be my only
focus in the world. Just you, your issues and
resolutions to your problems.

THE FUTURE~ I could show you what you could expect from the future so
you can decide, on your own, what to avoid and what to enhance. I can help
you make your dreams a reality. Even if I must present you with bad news,
please stay tuned for the good news to follow because when one door closes
another ALWAYS opens.  (Note: I do not provide "fortune-telling
predictions" as everything regarding the future is subject to change by free
will choices and the Hand of God.  No matter what a psychic claims, NO
ONE could fully know the future for certain except God.  I provide sight and
guidance for the future only based upon current energy in the matter, which
is the most accurate method.  And I gently remind you that your choices and
prayer could make all the difference in the outcome.)

PREDICTIONS/TIME FRAMES~ From my feedback, you can see that my
predictions have been very accurate.  The probable future could only be seen
based upon emotions, abilities, limitations, intent, motive and universal
energy of today. Predictions by every psychic are based entirely upon current
energy which is constantly subject to change. The reason some predictions
materialize and others don't is because sometimes the energy stays on course
and other times it shifts. That's why predictions should ONLY be used as a
guide to the future - NOT a destiny written in stone. I encourage clients not
to constrict themselves by waiting for a prediction to occur but to take
control, exercise free will, pray and be proactive with your life path.
Disappointment can be avoided by learning of your best options and best
course of action rather than promised a future or event that may or may not

"PSYCHIC ADVISING" ~ There is a misconception pertaining to modern-day
psychics. I am not “your grandmother’s fortune-teller”. :) I am your reader,
consultant, counselor, adviser and guide to your subconscious, the unknown,
your future and more. I could give you excellent spiritual advice that will
provide with the information necessary to lead you on the proper path. My
aim is to empower you. A session with me will leave you armed with that
empowerment, knowledge and a shield of guidance, perspective and insight!

Readings are performed live via online chat instant messenger or through
email.  All Readings Are Performed By Autumn Mist Unless Otherwise
Stated.  Please view "Professional Profile" for Full Credentials.
And please check all the links (top left side bar) to determine the right
reading for you.  

Emergency Service is Available.  Please check the appropriate pages for

After you order through Pay Pal, please email
Customer Care with your
questions for email service or to schedule an appointment for live service.  

Unless otherwise stated, your reading will be performed through intuition,
clairvoyance, clairsendience and confirmed with the tarot.  I use a tool to
confirm every reading so it's like receiving a "double reading" each time.   The
specialty readings are performed differently.  Pendulum, Palm, Tea Leaf and  
Fantastic Future are performed by the tools specified.  Psychic Spy is done
via a secret method of telepathy and clairsendience and confirmed with a
Tarot spread.  The Twin Flame Reading is performed by a secret family
method that I will never reveal to anyone other than my child and future
grandchildren.  Sacred Love & Body Magic are done by special clairvoyant
methods confirmed by the tarot.   Tarot is a big part of my daily reading
process, and it's my favorite tool.  It's very practical magick on so many

*Psychics should be careful when answering certain questions.  Ethically,
there are a few questions I refuse to answer.  We are not doctors nor God and
no psychic is 100 percent accurate, ever!  For example, I may see no health
problem today but one will arise nine months from now.  If you have health-
related concerns, please see your doctor.  
Direct questions about health, death,
or criminal investigations will not be answered.
 However, while reading, if I
see a potential safety or health issue arising, I will definitely warn you so
you could take the necessary steps to prevent a problem.

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