Illuminating, Accurate & Powerful!  I've been described by other psychics as
"extraordinarily accurate and utterly amazing".  

I'm a well-respected, world renowned spiritual counselor who has worked with
thousands of lovely people!  Among them are famous celebrities, politicians,
well-known authors, internationally-known psychics, and even nobility!

Instead of a boring, formal bio, here it is in a nutshell ~

Education ~

Many moons ago, I graduated college with honors obtaining a degree in business
administration.  I later formally studied religion and psychology.  I'm a legally
ordained minister, and I'm a licensed psychological counselor.  Before working
full-time in the spiritual field, I worked as a legal assistant and then later as a social

Spiritual Work ~

I cast my first spell in my early teens as magick came naturally to me. But with
school, work, and marriage keeping me busy, I never had the time to learn an intricate
divination system.  But after giving birth, my desire was to be a stay-at-home
mother.  Since I had always been drawn to the tarot, I decided performing readings
was the most logical choice for a home-based business.  So in 2001, I taught myself
the cards.  

It's not normally done this way, but I gave myself a speed course combining the
Rider-Waite method with my great grandmother's interpretations.  I learned over 20
meanings for 78 cards right side up and upside down along with 10 spreads and the
meaning of each card in relation to the position and surrounding cards on those
spreads - in six days time.  I performed professional readings accurately after one
week for local clients.  Within months, word of mouth brought me dozens of regional
clients.  At this time, I also wrote freelance articles, stories, and poems relating to
magick, historical paganism, and Christianity for national and international

In early 2003, I registered on a well-known online psychic reading website which
listed over 30,000 professionals. Within three months, I was one of their Top Ten
5-star advisers - performing readings and spell work on a national and international
level. I started my own website within months.  In October 2005, I officially
registered MoonlightEnchantments.com. The website consisted of tarot and psychic
readings as well as professional spell casting. Later, I added many more services, spell
packages, handmade magickal products, charmed antiques, original books and tarot
decks - many written and created by me - and other things.

Professional Acknowledgements ~

I've won professional and scholarly awards for my poetry and art.  I was an active
member of the Literary Genius Society for five years.  In January 2017, the group

Religion ~

I was born and raised Roman Catholic.  Today, I consider myself Celtic Catholic.    
I'm very inclusive, welcoming, and respectful to those whose religious beliefs and
lifestyle choices differ from my own.  I expect the same respect, and kindness in return
since I'm not a "blind Christian".  I formally and informally studied world religion
(major, minor, modern, and ancient) since I was old enough to read (with a special
affection and attraction for Native European Spirituality).  I know what the world
has to offer.  Yet, still, I'm a Christian. And regardless of what you've been told,
Christians CAN practice magick AND religion does not conflict with science.

Family Heritage & Influence ~

I'm of 100 percent European descent.  I descend from centuries of European Nobility
on my maternal side as well as Renaissance artists, poets, professors, and scientists
who are in my direct line.  And I directly descend from High & Provincial European
Royalty on my paternal side.  (Unfortunately, no family inheritance, just large piles
of rubble that use to be castles.)  My mother's family came from Campania, Abruzzo,
and Lombardy, Italy.  My mother has mostly Northern Italian DNA but she has some
Scottish DNA, too, so we believe her mystery great grandfather was from Gurro,
Italy. On my paternal side, I descend from Northern Europe through Galway and
Ulster, Ireland.  I also have Germanic and Scandinavian DNA through Normandy &
Alsace-Lorraine in Northern France and the Netherlands.

My Irish grandfather, my great grandmother, my gg grandmother, and my ggg
grandfather were all very skilled at magick, including tarot, tea leaves, potions, and
spells.  All of them, except my grandfather, were very successful professional magickal
practitioners.  My aunt and my great aunts were professional practitioners as well.  
We have many magickal items that belonged to my great grandmother, including her
magickal journals (book of shadows).  She was especially skilled at love magick and
justice spells and hexes.  That's exactly where my skill lies as well.

My mother is an accomplished reader through the divination board.  She began
performing accurate readings as a child.  She developed a special method of reading
the board that she taught me in my 30s. (She and I currently do the ouija board
readings listed on this site.)  My mother is also extremely clairvoyant and
clairaudiant. She sees and hears psychic information and visions.  She formally
studied herbal remedies and taught me how to make several potions.  My great
grandmother specialized in pendulum magick, dream divination & interpretation, and
herbal healing.  She received it from her mother, my great great grandmother.  My
beloved grandmother did not follow this practice.

Everyone I spoke about, on both sides of my family, were Catholic.

I have always drawn to magick.  From childhood, I just knew how to write and cast
spells, which colors to use, which stones and herbs to use, and when to use the moon
for certain goals. I always had intuitive dreams and clairvoyant visions as well as
clairsentience and clairaudience (nearly every day of my life since I was three years
old).  I could empathically read people just by looking at them.  I felt what they felt.  
I intuitively knew their motives, strengths, and weaknesses.  Much of this natural
knowledge came to me through genetic memories and many things, later, through the
lessons of my mother.

The Magick ~

I practice Gray Magick through an eclectic blend of Irish Traditional Witchcraft and
Benedicaria (Magickal Catholicism).  Gray Magick is practical, no-nonsense magick.  
It's neither white and fuzzy nor black and evil.  It's neutral.  All my work is
designed this way - love, money, justice, and every other type of work I do.  Gray
Magick will heal or harm depending upon the situation.  Yet it never harms
maliciously or for greedy, jealous, or evil purposes - only defense, protection, balance,
and justice.  It's completely safe and effective.  It's also realistic since, in the real
world, we deal with positives and negatives on a daily basis.  

I specialize in Love Magick and Justice Magick.  However, I have vast experience and
success with every topic of magick listed on the site.  I could assist with your every

So . . .

If you decide to work with me, you'll be in the hands of an ethical sixth-generation
professional magickal practitioner with over 30 years experience (non-professional &
professional combined) and thousands of satisfied clients worldwide.

And remember . . .

You Didn't Find Me By Chance.  Your Intuition Led The Way.  One Meeting With
Me Could Change Your Life Forever.

Thank you for visiting!

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