Liquid Magic Perfume Potions®

Liquid Magic® is part of our Divine Enchantments® Line and is our
exclusive powerful fragrant potion series.  Drowning with high
magical properties, our rich formula could thoroughly aid in
electrifying attraction, hot-red passion, sensual seduction, story-book
romance, hypnotic influence and much more!  Magically scent your
energy with just one drop!

This is not regular perfume.  It's an entire spell in a bottle!

Completely handmade from scratch, high-quality, & magickal.

Liquid Magic® fills Beautiful, Authentic Euro-Victorian,
Deeply-Colored, Jeweled/Crystal Reusable Perfume Bottle with
White, Silver or Gold tone.  A little goes a long way.  Every single
order is custom made.

Works Like Magic!

We also accept custom orders.  If you need something that is not
listed, please
email us.

Please Click On The Names For Full Descriptions & To Order!

Our Liquid Magic Perfume Potions ~

Liquid Magic: Liquid Love Potion®
Liquid Magic:  Liquid Passion Potion®
Liquid Magic:  Liquid Beauty Potion®
Liquid Magic:  Dark Magick Potion®
Liquid Magic:  Magic Man Power Potion®

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