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Here are some examples of how this enchantment can improve things:

This is a simple but strong protection enchantment spell.  It may be used for spiritual
protection, physical protection or a combination of both.

We don't send a financial breakdown with this enchantment spell since the charge is for the
supplies and creation of an artisan handmade protection candle used for the work, writing the
spell, and special (secret) stones used for your work - nothing more.

You may order protection for a loved one or a friend as well.  
One Enchantment Spell per person.

We will send you a confirmation email upon completion.

$125 Per Protection Enchantment Spell

Our handmade magickal products are available through Moonlight Enchantments and select

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Note:  "World's most powerful spell(s)" is subjective and nay not be literal as it's based upon
feedback we have received for well over a decade from clients, friends, and family members
expressing their personal experiences with our work, and the tools, ingredients, experience, &
length comparisons with other professionals in this industry.  However, we cannot prove nor
disprove the claim of our work as being the "world's most powerful" .

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