This beautiful ring looks like any other ring but there's a haunting story  behind it.  

Here's the story behind it ~

The ring was made in the 1920s.  It was created for a young woman named Lila.  Her mother gave it
to her on her 19th birthday.  Lila lived in Cohasset, Massaschusetts, and was from an upscale family.  
She fell in love with a young handsome man who lived on the outskirts of town in a broken down
shack with his mother, a poor widow.  The man's name was named Stephen.  Her parents naturally
disapproved of the union and did all they could to keep them apart.  Finally, Lila was promised to a
wealthy older man for marriage.  At the same time, she learned that she was pregnant to Stephen.  
Sadly, Stephen vanished and was nowhere to be found.  The rumor was that he ran off to Boston to
fulfill his dreams.  Lila was devastated by her life being so out of her control, and she found herself in
several horrible positions, when just one alone would be unbearable.  One cold fall night, she could
take it no longer.  She left her home barefooted, wearing only a sheer nightgown and her beloved ring .
. . She walked straight into the sea and drowned to death.   According to Lila's mother's diary,
Stephen was later found bound and gagged in the woods close to his home.  Lila's father was
responsible and the hope was that he would freeze to death and bother them no longer.  

The only thing that washed upon shore were strands of Lila's hair entangled in this ring.  The ring
was kept by her mother who died from a broken heart within a year of Lila's death.  It's not known
what happened to her father, but her mother bequeathed the ring to Stephen.  He kept it on a string
around his neck until his death in 1954.   Since then, it's had two owners - a mother and daughter
from Woonsocket, Rhode Island.  

The mother, Ann, loved the ring and wore it daily for years.  She wrote the history of the ring in her
diary and even wrote a piece about it for a national magazine.  She experienced many paranormal
events that she believed came directly from the ring.  She saw full-body apparitions of Lila several
times for nearly 30 years.  Good luck or unexpected news always followed the next day and peace
surrounded her with every visit.  She was convinced that Lila's energy (spirit) was directly attached to
this ring because she loved it in life and wore it during her passing.

Now in 1982, the daughter obtained the ring due to her mother's passing.  She believed that not only
Lila's energy is in the ring, but her mother's energy as well.  She experienced extremely vivid dreams of
Lila while wearing the ring.  Dreams where Lila warned her of her husband's infidelity, a potentially
horrible accident, and financial loss.  Due to the dreams, she was able to avoid much heartache.  Also,
every time she wore the ring to bingo or to the casino, she would win a substantial amount of money.  
When she forgot the ring, she'd win nothing.  She even wore the ring to business meetings and would
always get the contract.  Being an old lady herself in 2015, she just recently passed, and I obtained the

I can't verify these stories as being true, of course, but three different people told me the stories
relating to this ring and one of the three had absolutely no ties to the other two - so, most likely, the
stories are authentic.  The ring is in my home, and I feel intense charge and energy from it.  It's
definitely a unique, spiritual item and can work well for you if you're drawn to it.  I know it's not
meant for me, and that's why I'm selling it.  

If you're magnetically drawn to the ring or the story, it's meant to be yours.
Haunted Ring
Quartz in Silver.  Very beautiful and in great shape
for its age.   Could be worn on the finger or on a
chain around the neck.  It could also be kept in a
pouch in your purse or nightstand.

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