Magickal Items

Below is a complete list of our custom, handmade magickal items.  

Please note that this list does not include our
Psychic & Specialty Readings
or our
Professional Spells.  (If you want to see our readings and spells, please
click the links in white.)

This page only lists our Magickal Product Items. This includes hand-made
items consecrated for do-it-yourself magick.  Also included are one-of-a-kind,
unique charmed items and a few more interesting things.   

For a description or to order, please click on the item or category.  Some
categories have several items - such as our Magical Treasures Spell Candles.  
There are many!  So please be sure to explore every link to see all that's
offered.  Please read the entire page before ordering. Thank you!

Our Magickal Product Items ~

Artisan Spell Soaps
Diamond Water Bath Crystals
Shine Spell Gloss
Dandy Candy Lip Exfoliator
Liquid Magic Beauty Serum
Liquid Magic Dream Cream
Bedroom Eyes Magical Cream
Enchanted Dusts
Sparkling Beauty - Fairy Spell Dusts
Blushing Beauty Artisan Body Powder
Gothic Artisan Perfume Oils
Captivate Magic Body Mists
Captivate Magic Hair Mist
Captivate Magic Hair Potion
Liquid Magic Perfume Potions
Magical Spell Candy  
Garden of Flames Magick Vigil Candles
Magical Treasures Spell Candles    
Campanian Love Spell Candles
Angel Fire Wish Candle
Earth Magick Spell Candles
Moon Glow Booster Candles
Luxury Charm Spell Kits
Enchanted Treasures Deluxe Spell Kits
Coven of Christ Spell Boxes  
Superior Power Gigantic Witch Bottle
Four Thieves Herbal Potion
Folk Wish Wand
Fairy Bell Wish Wand  
Magickal Spell Papers
Rustic House Blessings Box
Victorian Magick Sachets
Tea Magick Spell Kits
Tea Magick Bags
Blessed Holy Water
Ritual Salt
Love Potion No. 9
Magical Moon Stones
Bewitching Heart Stones
Mermaid Spell Stones  
Magical Diamonds
Spellbound Pet Bags (Cats & Dogs)
Enchanted Beauty Mirror
Enchantingly Embraced Earrings   
Rosaries -Custom Handmade
Holy Night Spell Oil
Magical Herbs
Divine Magic Dolls
Himmelsbrief Charms
European Seal Spells
Psychic Spirit Message Painting
Serenity Spell Art
Love Letter Spell  
Enchanted Book Of Words & Wishes
Dust Literary Magazine
Our Original Books  - To Be Updated Jan. 2018
Our Original Tarot Decks & Prints - To Be Updated Jan. 2018

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If we missed something, please let us know.
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