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Focusing on . . .
Captivating him with romance . . .
Surrounding him with passion & love . . .
Enhancing your natural beauty . . .
And embracing feminine magick & charm.

All-natural, handmade artisan, cruelty-free, crafted with high-quality ingredients made in the USA.

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Handmade Magick ~

   Magical Treasures Love Spell Candles  Best Seller!
Magical Treasures Beauty Spell Candles  Best Seller!
Magical Treasures Dark Magick Spell Candles  Best Seller!
Magical Treasures Deceitfully Peaceful Spell Candle
  Garden of Flames Vigil Candles Best Seller!
Gothic Perfume Oils - Regular Size  Best Seller!
Gothic Perfume Oils - Large  Best Seller!
Liquid Magic Perfume Potions
Captivate Magic Hair Potion   
Captivate Magic Hair Mist  
Ice Perfume Potions
   Shine Spell Gloss  Best Seller!
Dandy Candy Lip Exfoliator
    Enchanted Spell Soaps  Best Seller!
Deluxe Luxury Love & Beauty Spell Soaps  Best Seller!
Enchanted Spell Powders
      Blushing Beauty Deluxe Luxury Spell Powder Best Seller!
Bedroom Eyes - Eye Cream
          Dream Cream - Face Cream  Best Seller!
Sparkling Beauty Dust
        Love Potion No. 9    Best Seller!
Enchantingly Embraced Earrings
Folk Bottle Enchantment Necklaces
Magical Charm Bracelets
Enchanted Hand-Carved Boxes
Perfumed Antique Spell Paper

You didn't find me by chance.  Your intuition led the way.  
One meeting with me could change your life forever.

Autumn Mist and several of her relatives make up "Moonlight Coven".  Most of the products listed
in our Magickal Items section are made by us.  

It may seem that our products listed in the "Magickal Products" section are directed towards women
to attract, enchant and charm the wonderful men in our lives.  That's actually true!  While our
Psychic Reading and Spell Casting clientele is split evenly between men and women, about 85 percent
of our product orders come from women.  And since many of the products above are created BY
women, we understand feminine magick very well!  

But . . .

We can make magickal items for men, too!  And we do every day for our sons, husbands, fathers,
brothers, cousins, neighbors, and personal friends!  And we do have some very loyal male clients who
regularly buy our items.  So MOST items can be customized for our amazing male customers!!

On most individual pages, there are notes beginning with "gentlemen"  at the bottom of the page.  It
explains whether we could custom-make a masculine variant for you.  If there's no note, it's
obviously a female-only item.  But if you're unsure, contact us!

Although we serve clients worldwide with our Spiritual Services (Psychic & Spell Casting), we
ONLY ship handmade products within the Contiguous United States.

We ship to the USA (including Hawaii, Alaska & Territories),
Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.
Please visit our
Wholesale page for info!!

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