Magical Treasures®
The below services & products are $5 to $150 with many services &
products well under $100.  They include intricate psychic readings,
exclusive charms, original books & tarot, magickal art, bewitching
beauty products, and enchanted do-it-yourself magickal items.

If you would like something more intricate, powerful, personalize or
customized, please visit our
Divine Enchantments page.

This a complete list of our Magical Treasures:

Psychic, Tarot & Specialty Readings ~

Quick-Answer Tarot Reading
Short-Short Tarot Reading
Three-Card Tarot Reading
Flash Tarot Reading (Email)
Sunlight Tarot Reading (Email)
Moonlight Tarot Reading (Full Email)
Live Quick-Six Speed Reading (Real Time)
Psychic Spy Reading (Regular & Deluxe)
Dream Reading (Specialty Email)
Palm Reading (Specialty)
Pendulum Readings (Specialty)
Lenormand Oracle Card Readings (Deluxe & Lower)
Folk Magick Fortune Messages
Holy Card Readings (3 Questions & Lower)
Diamond Divination One Question Reading

Spells, Charms & Products ~

Classic Candle Spell
Love Letter Charm Spell (By You)
Luxury Charm Spell Kits Including ~
Sparkling Silver Vanity
Shimmering Gold Passion
3-Wish Moonlight Enchantment
Purple Power Money
Moon Chants Fantasy
Enchanted Artisan Spell Soaps Including ~
Fantasy Dream Spell Soap
Shimmering Gold Spell Soap
Gothic Rose Spell Soap
See Green Money Spell Soap
Body Magic Spell Soap
Tie-Die Peace Spell Soap
Romeo Romance Spell Soap
Magic Man Spell Soap
Diamond Dust Spell Soap
Love Sorceress Spell Soap
Vampire Seduction Spell Soap
Natural Wytch Facial Spell Soap
Dreamy Divination Spell Soap
Lavender Dream Luxury Soap
Captivate Magical  Body Mists Including ~
Sacred Romance
Midnight Delight
Beads of Beauty
Fancy Fortune
Charlotte Rose
Dreamy Destiny
Magic Man
Captivate Magical Hair Potion
Captivate Magical  Hair Mist
Shine Spell Gloss Including ~
Cherry Fantasy
Blue Ice (Raspberry)
Minty Brew (Herbal)
Snow (Original)
Dandy Candy Lip Exfoliator
Sparkling Beauty - Fairy Spell Dust Including ~
Hot Pink
Royal Purple
Blue Haze
Goldie Locks (deep yellow)
Dusty Rose
Luminous Red
Earthy Green
Sparling Violet
Sea Mist Turquoise
Glamour Glitz (gold)
Liquid Magic Beauty Serum
Liquid Magic Dream Cream
Bedroom Eyes Magical Cream
Enchantingly Embraced Earrings Including ~
Ball Studs
Enchanted Dusts Including -
Midnight Snow Dust
Secret Love Dust
Enchanted Beauty Dust
Blushing Beauty Enchanted Body Powder
Magical Spell Candy Including -
Love Drop Spell Candy
Candy Lust Passion Potion
Peace Potion Spell Candy
Garden of Flames Magick Vigil Candles
Magical Treasures Spell Candles Including -
Body Magic Spell Candle
Dark Magick Spell Candle
Rose & Lace Love Spell Candle
Vampire Passion Love Spell Candle
See Green Money Spell Candle
Red Hot Magic Spell Candle
Magical Dream Spell Candle
Fairytale Glamour Spell Candle
Deceitfully Peaceful Spell Candle
Ultimate Purple Power Candle
Sparkling Ice Spell Candle
Diamond Dust Super Power Candle
Home & Hearth Spell Candle
Seasonal Specialty Spell Candles Including ~
Valentine's Day
Moon Glow Booster Candles Including ~
Moon Glow Booster
Moonbeam Votive Magick Spell Candles
Blessing & Banishing Candles
Angel Fire Wish Candles
Earth Magick Spell Candles Inlcuding ~
Land, Sea & Air
Lucky Leaf
Crimson Moon
Coven of Christ Spell Boxes
Superior Power Gigantic Witch Bottle
Gothic Artisan Perfume Oils Including -
Vampire Romance
Passion Embrace
Midnight Seduction
Coins & Riches
Prayer of Protection
Midnight Power Hour
Dream Magick
Four Thieves Herbal Potion
Folk Wish Wand
Magickal Spell Paper
Secret Enchanted Spell Paper
Spell Binding Magical Paper
Diamond & Gold Spell Paper
Shimmer Glimmer Magick Paper
Mermaid Magick Enchantment Paper
A Magickal Home Including ~
Rustic House Blessing Box
Tea Magick Bags
Tea Magick Spell Kits
Magickal Salt
Blessed Holy Water
Mermaid Spell Stones
Magical Moon Stones
Bewitching Heart Stones Including ~
Beauty Glamour
Spellbound Pet Bags (For Cats & Dogs)
Holy Night Ritual Oil
Magical Herbs
Benedicaria Moon Herbs
Blessed Flower Blend
Blessed Rose Blend
Blessed Herbal Blend
Victorian Magic Sachets
Diamond Water Bath Crystals
Himmelsbrief Seal (Letter & Charm)
European Seal Spells

Books, Art, Tarot & Other ~

Dust Literary Magazine
Our Original Books  
Our Original Tarot Decks -
Lay-Aways & Gift Credit
Spell Consultation
Spell Energy Updates
Celtic Reiki (Single Session)
Seasonal Specials - Check Main Page!
Bloo Moon Antiques - Amazing Items!!

If we missed something, please let us know!  
Page last updated April 20, 2018

We are in complete harmony with Native European Spirituality and
Historical European Christendom.  We embrace and adhere to the
Christian Holy Trinity for guidance on services and to bless our products.  
And we are above and beyond what we claim to be!

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