Shoppe Policy ~

This policy page applies to Bloo Moon Antiques. It's different than
the main website policy.  Please read the entire page before ordering
from us.  By ordering from us, you are confirming that you read and
understand our policy and agree to our terms.

Payment ~

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, eChecks, bank transfers, and
direct PayPal payments via Pay Pal.  You do not need a Pay Pal
account to pay through Pay Pal.  We have been in excellent
standing with Pay Pal since 2004.  

If you opt to pay cash, there will be a 10 percent discount and free
shipping.  Cash payments are made in the following way:  

A 10 percent deposit (of the discounted price) is made via Paypal.  
The remaining payment is made in cash, mailed to us.  You may send
it certified for a signature to insure it reaches us.  We will then ship
your item.  Cash payments must reach us within 10 calendar days
after the deposit or the transaction will be automatically cancelled
and the item will be listed for sale again.  Since we could lose
potential buyers during the 10 days, if the order is cancelled before
completion, the 10 percent deposit is
you'd like to pay cash for an item, please contact us at

Cancellations ~

You will receive a full refund (minus Pay Pal fees) if you cancel
your order within 24 hours.  This includes deposits for cash
payments.  After 24 hours (but before we mail it), a cancellation fee
may apply.

Returns ~

We will review returns and consider a full refund (minus PayPal
fees, shipping fees, and any taxes) if an item is returned to
us within 14 calendar days of your actual (not expected) delivery
date.  This does not include items that were damaged in transit.  
(That's a matter for the Post Office.)  To receive a refund, please
email us letting us know you are returning the item as we do not
check our mailbox daily.  (Since this is part of the instructions to
receive a refund, if you return the item without emailing us first,
you will not receive a refund.)  You must send the item back  in the
exact condition it was received, including boxes or bags it was
placed in.  The item must be undamaged with no missing pieces.  
Bloo Moon Antiques is not responsible for return shipping fees.  
Once we receive the item, we will review it and provide a refund if
things are in proper order.  No exceptions to these conditions.

Lay-A-way ~

We accept lay-aways on items totalling $400 or more.  The terms
are the following:

A down payment must be at least 20 percent of the total price of
the item.  The payment plan is bi-weekly.  The amount of the
payment depends upon the total amount of the item.  The item must
be paid in full by 120 days.  Because we will hold the item and
agree not to sell it to anyone else, the 20 percent down
payment is
NON-REFUNDABLE if you change your mind.  Any
remaining money paid within the 120 days is refundable minus
PayPal fees. Once the item is paid in full, it will be shipped to
you.  If you miss a bi-weekly payment and we don't hear from you,
we will cancel the lay-a-way in 3 business days. If you can't make
your payment on the due date and still want the item, please let us
know as soon as possible so we can give you an extension.  There are
no returns on lay-away items after they're sent to you.  Offers may
be considered on certain items.  There are no lay-away fees.  There
will be no notices sent to you regarding your lay-away.  We will
keep track of what is paid, but no reminders or bills will be emailed
to you.

All payments are to be made via PayPal to

Pending ~

If an item you like is marked "pending", that means it's in lay-a-way
for another customer.  Please check back frequently because some
lay-a-ways fall through.  You may email us also if you'd like
updates about the item.  

Shipping ~

We offer free shipping and handling on all items.

The things listed at Bloo Moon Antiques are one-of-a-kind  items,
in themselves, or by unique background.  Therefore, we only ship
within the Contiguous United States ("Lower 48 States").  The
reason we don't ship internationally is due to tracking restrictions
and possible losses.  

All packages will be shipped via Priority or First-Class shipping
through the US Postal Service.  This includes tracking and $50
insurance in case your package arrives damaged.  If you want more
postal insurance, the cost is $5 for up to $5,000 of insurance.  If
you'd like additional insurance on your package, please order below.

We will pack your item very securely and safely.  We will track
your item so we know where it is at all times, including when it
arrives to your door.  Bloo Moon Antiques is not responsible for
any damage that may occur in transit or any lost shipments. If your
item arrives broken or damaged, you MUST file a claim with the
US Postal Service, not us.  If you item is lost, you must file claim
with the Postal Service, not us.  That's the purpose of postal
insurance - so the Post Office can pay you if your package is
damaged or lost in transit.  Please rest assured.  Moonlight
Enchantments LLC has been in business since 2005, and only 2
shipments arrived damaged in all those years - so it's rare.

Items are shipped on Fridays.  

Legal ~

Must be 18 or older to order items from this site.
*Bloo Moon Antiques, Moonlight Enchantments LLC,, our subsidiaries, owner(s), and
agents make no claims or promises relating to the items for sale on
our site.  We cannot verify claims made by others.  All items sold on
this site are for curio, entertainment, or historical value only.  The
items listed may or may not perform magickally or show paranormal
activity in your presence.    We have no control over the outcome of
the items listed on this site.  We cannot guarantee the age of the
items sold on this site.  Claims and descriptions may come from
second-hand sources and may or may not be accurate.  We are not
responsible for an accident, injury, illness, result or non-result,
allergic reaction, or property damage relating to the items sold on
this site. All items as are sold "as is" and are subject to your own
personal interpretation.

The names of the items listed with *Bloo Moon Antiques are not to
be taken literally.  An example is, there are no "fairies" in the Fairy
Dust Ring.  Names could be either literal or fictitious/fantasy
related.  As we will not verify or guarantee claims. The stories,
names, descriptions, art, items, and/or work of the objects listed on
this site may or may not be dramatic, theatrical, literal, created,
actual, historical, fictional, or non-fictional.   
*Bloo Moon Antiques, Moonlight Enchantments,, its owner(s), agents, DBAs and
subsidiaries make no claims for items listed at *Bloo Moon
Antiques, our Enchanted Jewelry or Charmed Objects, regardless of
the name, story or indication, as we are a fantasy-based company
and interpretation is subject to each individual.

All item stories, pictures, and descriptions are the copyrighted
property of Moonlight Enchantments LLC and are not to be
reprinted or resold without permission.  

Personal ~

The items will arrive to you as we receive or find them.  We do not
spiritually cleanse, physically restore, or even dust off this items.  
They're all sold "as is".  We don't want to disturb their energy state
as any part of the object is an extension of that energy.  If you, as
the owner, decide to clean or restore the item, that's your choice, of
course, though many people do not.  By sending the object to you in
the state we received it, you can make the decision rather than us
making it for you.

From my life-long familiarity with haunted and magickal items, I'm
well aware that intelligent energy (which can come from life and
earth sources) needs to be in a comfortable and secure position before
reacting.  This is not a kooky or ridiculous claim.  It's a fact that
energy exists, cannot be destroyed, but can be transferred. Please
allow time for your item to "bond" to you before you see results of
paranormal activity or magickal manifestations.  Bonding could
happen immediately, or it could happen in six months or a year.  In
some cases, it doesn't happen at all for one person but a friend or a
family member or even a pet could cause a reaction.  One rule to live
by when considering these items is - if you're drawn to it, it's meant
for you.  That doesn't mean it will "open up" to you immediately.  
But it does mean, it most likely will.  

Bloo Moon Antiques  © 2018

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Bloo Moon Antiques
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Northeastern, United States


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