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Deep Desire Love Spell Package

If you're distressed because that certain someone is ice cold or fading away,
this spell could change things.  This spell was created for that special person
to want you and only you in every way.

Faith & Devotion Spell Package

For complete and total loyalty and devotion from the one you love.  This
spell is wonderful to put a new relationship on the right track or to
eliminate flirting or unfaithfulness in a long-term relationship.

Marriage Proposal Spell Package

This spell is for an existing relationship that won't move forward but is
remaining the same.  It promotes a marriage proposal or long-term

Romance Rekindling Love Spell Package

For married couples or couples in a long-term relationship who may have
fallen into a rut, this spell is a pure romance enhancer.  It's like falling in
love all over again.

Sacred Sex Love Spell Package

This is a fiery lust spell designed especially for married or committed
couples.  It ignites passionate sex and intense emotional intimacy which
builds on the bonds of marriage.  Problem marriages or long-term
relationships could benefit from this spell as well as happy marriages.

True Confession Love Spell Package

This is a truth spell.  It reveals the truth through direct confession or
obvious evidence.  It's made for feelings of love or hate to surface, or for the
truth regarding a secret incident to be known.

Diminish Trouble Love Spell Package

This is to banish all problems from your relationship so you may start fresh.  
These may be serious problems or little annoyances.  Outside influences may
be affected by this spell as well.

Forgiveness Love Spell Package

This is to help someone forgive you for a past mistake or to soften your
resentment towards your lover who make a horrible mistake.  This spell may
be the first step towards healing.

Family Acceptance Love Spell Package

There is nothing more frustrating than having your loved ones not accept
your romantic choices.  This spell deals with helping to be accepted by your
lover's family or having your family accept your lover.

Communication Love Spell Package

Communication is the key to all relationships.  Without it, the relationship
dies.  This spell promotes or open, peaceful, and productive lines of
communication with your significant other.  It's great for new relationships
or long-term.  The spell can also assist you with a long-distance relationship.  
It helps both participants to keep a focus on the relationship and each other
and aids in true devotion and gradual, positive changes which will result in
moving forward rather than ending things.

Maintaining Love Spell Package: Custom

Please choose this package if what you want is not listed above.  We will
customize a love spell package for you.

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For Full Information On Each Level And What Is Included, Please Read
The Enchanting Spell Parlor.

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involved, your date of birth, pictures if possible, and a brief description of
the situation along with your goals.

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Emergency Service is available which means your spell will begin within 48
hours.  An emergency fee will apply.

"Optional"  and "Upon Request" Services included with your spell package
will NOT be performed automatically.  They must be requested and booked
according to instructions.

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