Six Levels Available!  Every Spell Package Is Custom Created For You!
For Full Information On Each Level And What Is Included, Please Read
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Twin Flame Love Spell Package

This is the spell to choose if you're searching for the perfect mate.  It
could draw your true love, twin flame or soul mate to you so you may
enjoy a wonderful, fulfilling, perfect relationship.  

Brand New Love Life Spell Package

Totally turn your love life around in a vibrant, positive way.  This spell
could help to end one relationship and draw you towards another.  It
could add spark to a dating dry spell.  It could enhance or change a
current romance.  

From A Friend To A Lover Spell Package

In love with a friend?  Desiring more from a casual relationship?  Take
things to a special level of love with this spell that creates attractiveness
and love energy between two trusting friends or shy acquaintances.  

Eternal Attraction Spell Package

This spell is an amazingly wild attractor that promotes attention from
many people of the opposite sex so you may have your pick.  Leave all the
guessing games behind.  This spell shows you your choices so you could
make an educated decision at romance.  

Secret Lover Spell Package

This is the spell you should choose if there is someone with whom you
wish to have a secret romance.  This is a potent spell and should only be
performed if you are absolutely sure a secret lover is what you desire.  
For something short-term, you may wish to choose a lower level.  For
something lasting, a higher level would be appropriate.

First Date Love Spell Package

Do you have your eye on someone special?  This spell is designed to
encourage a special person to ask you out on a date or to give you the
confidence to approach someone for a first date.  This spell should be
considered if you feel the other person may be interested but there is
something minor preventing an invitation.  If you want a date only (to
test the waters), you may wish to choose a lower level.  If you're sure
already you want the date to lead to more, you may wish to choose a
higher level.

Seduction Love Spell Package

To aid in the confidence and sexual energy and attraction necessary for
the art of seduction.  

Breaking & Entering Love Spell Package

This is the spell to chose if you desire a person who is already involved in
another relationship.  The spell is designed to allow the third party to
find happiness and success so you may begin a new relationship with
your desired partner.

Finding Love Spell Package: Custom

Please choose this package if what you want is not listed above.  We will
customize a love spell package for you.

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For Full Information On Each Level And What Is Included, Please Read
The Enchanting Spell Parlor.

After you place a spell order, please Email Us with the full names of all
involved, your date of birth, pictures if possible, and a brief description
of the situation along with your goals.

Your spell or spell series will begin within 10 days of receiving payment.  
Emergency Service is available which means your spell will begin within
48 hours.  An emergency fee will apply.

"Optional"  and "Upon Request" Services included with your spell package
will NOT be performed automatically.  They must be requested and
booked according to instructions.

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