Love Potion No.9
Part of our Magical Treasures line, we are offering our own version of
Love Potion No. 9.  This is a highly secret family recipe that contains
nine high-quality ingredients mixed to perfection on the ninth hour of
the ninth day of the ninth month.  Since our family works in threes, the
"three nines" involved in the creation process are enough to produce
incredible power.  The number totaling the three nines in the process
equals twenty-seven which also holds a deep magickal significance in
our family.

The potion is created, fully consecrated, magickally charged and then
stored until use.  It will be given a final custom consecration before
reaching you.  However, this is "do-it-yourself" magick so the activation
of this item comes from your will and desire.  In other words, you (not
us) directly cause the magick to happen by using the product at your
desire and discretion.

We make this recipe yearly. As of September 2017, we are increasing the
batches of potion.  There will be 100 .5-oz. bottles and 100 2 oz.
bottles.  We will make half of each the most popular potion and 25 each
of 2 variant potions. Once they're gone for the year, they're gone -
that's why we increased the batch. You may pre-order  if we're out of
stock and your bottle will be shipped upon completion.

This is a modernized powerful love potion and should be used with
caution.  Full instructions for use will be included with your purchase.  

Before ordering, we must know if you or the person you're giving this
to has any type of medical condition, is on prescription medication, has
allergies to certain ingredients, or is pregnant or suspects pregnancy
(pregnant women should not touch certain herbs). The type of potion
you receive depends upon your answers.

All Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, & Made In The USA (by ingredients,
packaging & handmade production).

This is extremely powerful and is not easily reversed.  Only order if
you're 100 percent sure.  

Due to the nature of this particular product, it will be sold at my

Love Potion No. 9®
Created & Published by Moonlight Enchantments
© 2005 - 2017 Moonlight Enchantments LLC
ISBN: 9781937156173

$225 Per .5 oz. Bottle
$275 Per 2 oz. (Power Edge) Bottle
Free Shipping!

Works Like Magic!!

This item is only sold within the U.S.

We will let you know when to expect your shipment.

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Love Potion No. 9 is a Do-It Yourself Magickal Item ~

Do-It-Yourself items are sold individually on the site.  They should be used as you
see fit. I create the item with the proper magickally charged ingredients, tools,
timing, etc. so it's conducive with meeting a specific goal. I also consecrate
the item for use, but that's only half of the process. The most important part is in
your hands. The magick projected by the item (and from it) comes directly from you.
The goal is set by you, and the magick is released by you.  Much like a match and
fire.  I create the match.  But an unlit match does nothing.  If you want it to
produce fire, you strike it and direct it according to your will - to warm and comfort
or heat and destroy.  You are the one striking the match (causing the magick).  I am
not responsible for the magickal outcome of this item - whether it produces the
desired results or not. It's completely up to you. However, base your judgment about
its effectiveness upon facts, not assumptions.  For example, if your item is for
beauty and you don't receive compliments, that does not mean the magick is not
working.  Verbal reactions depend upon the personalities of those around you.  If
your item is for money, you might receive it in the form of a job promotion or raise
rather than lottery winnings.  Look for positive, solid, gradual changes and clues to
follow that will improve your life or situation.

If you want something more powerful than do-it-yourself magick, please order one of
professional spell packages which are created and cast by me on your behalf.

Although our magickal items have produced desired results for thousands of
customers since 2005, that's no guarantee our items will work for everyone every
time.  Individual results may vary.

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Love Potion No. 9