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Konxari Reading
Konxari is especially designed for spirit communication, séances, ghost
hunting and paranormal study.  The Konxari symbolism comes
through 88 distinctive cards that may spell names and places, reveal
secrets, give messages from the other side and assist in understanding
the world around you - both physical and spiritual.  The cards must
be laid out in a particular fashion for effectiveness.  The images set
forth can be frightening and difficult to interpret.  Also while the
cards, themselves, are not evil, of course, as in any form of magick,
it's important to take specific safety steps to respect the process and
to block entry of anything sinister.  For these reasons, this type of
reading should be conducted by advanced professionals only.

The reading will consist of a General Spread which will show an
overview of your situation, detailed answers to Seven Questions and a
Conclusion/Advice Spread.  (That is a total of Nine Spreads.) Your
questions can be unrelated to each other and on any topic.  The
reading, itself, takes 72 hours to perform plus 1 to 2 days typing

Your results will be emailed to you.  In addition to having them
emailed, you may also opt to have them "personally published" on
beautiful, fantasy parchment or linen paper sent to you via postal

Normal Turn Around Time is 3 to 10 Business Days Excluding
Holiday Breaks.  During our busy seasons, it may take longer
depending upon my schedule but that's rare.  We'll let you know when
to expect results.

Emergency Service Available! For this particular reading, Emergency
Service is within 72 Hours, Monday through Friday, excluding
holiday breaks.  Any Emergency orders received after Friday Noon
EST will be sent within 72 hours of the following business day.

No scripts EVER!   

All Konxari Readings are performed from scratch by Autumn Mist
alone or Autumn Mist and her mother.  They are extremely accurate,
but this type of reading is not for the faint of heart.  Results are
up to 1,500 words depending upon how many questions are
asked and what is revealed.  Most readings are about 1,200 words.

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if possible, any pertinent information and up to seven questions.

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