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Personal Justice Spell Package

Some may call this a revenge spell, but I affectionately call it a justice spell
because it literally evens the score.  And Justice is permitted and accepted in
every religion and culture in present-day and throughout history. It is, plain
and simply, justice if you've been wronged or hurt by someone else.  
Examples would be ~  If someone stole something from you, they would get
the same stolen from them, never to return.  If your spouse left you for
another, the person they left you for would leave them for someone else.  If
someone cheated you out of a job or promotion, they would lose their job or
promotion.  Included with this spell is an aspect of protection so the
opposing party will not be able to harm you again.  If an attempt would be
made to harm you, they would receive so much chaos in their lives that their
concentration would be on repairing their own problems rather than creating
more for you.  However, this spell is not designed to physically or
permanently harm anyone. And the target is the person themselves, not their
families or pets.  This Spell is extremely powerful for quick, lasting results!

Defense Mirror Spell Package

If someone is causing you upset and pain, you should consider this spell.  
This is a defense spell that reflects the treatment you're receiving back to the
person who is producing it.  You will be shielded and covered by a mirror of
protection from whatever this person projects to you.  Their wish, hope,
spell, malicious tongue, evil plan, etc. will bounce off of you and return
straight to them.  If this person continues to attempt to harm you, this spell
will cause so much natural chaos in their life that they will no longer have
the desire or energy to attempt to harm you since they must concentrate
solely on repairing things for themselves.  This is an extremely strong,
powerful spell and should be used for protection only.  It is not designed to
physically or permanently harm anyone, and it does not target their family
members or pets - only the harasser.

Living Well Is The Best Revenge Spell

This spell brings your hard work and accomplishments to the spotlight for
the entire world to see.  If someone from your past insisted you would fail
OR if someone in the present is constantly putting you down, you may want
to consider this spell.  It causes your harasser regret for how they've treated
you, and it could naturally create respect for you going forward.

Binding an Enemy Hex Spell Package

This spell will bind an enemy from harming you.  It does not perpetrate any
harm in that person.  It merely stops a specific action by your enemy.

Binding Gossip Hex Spell Package

Gossip is aggravating and damaging.  This spell binds any and all gossip
that is said about you, your loved ones or anyone else you care for.  This
spell produces long-term, fast results.

Banishing a Person Hex Spell Package

Do you want someone to move from your neighborhood?  Is someone
annoying you at work?  Do you wish your significant other would find some
new friends?  This spell safely, effectively banishes someone from your
presence.  No harm will come to the person.  They will simply find other
interests, other housing, another job, etc.  The results could be permanent so
please be sure of this spell before purchasing.

Justice/Defense Spell Package: Custom

Please choose this package if what you want is not listed above.  We will
customize a love spell package for you

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Also We Offer Two Featured Specialty Defense Hexes!

Child Defense Hex
Business Defense Hex

For Full Information On Each Level And What Is Included, Please Read
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