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As many of you know, my magick comes down from my paternal
grandfather's family from Galway, Ireland, and from my mother's
family & ancestral origins of Campania/Abruzzo/Lombardy, Italy. My
father's mother, however, was ethnically Germanic/Dutch from North
Lorraine and Nord-Pas-de-Calais (historic Southern Netherlands) of far
Northern France.  She was terrified of witchcraft. She was raised in
Pennsylvania Dutch country and inadvertently practiced a loose form of
Germanic Christian Magick. Although she was not Amish herself, her
close friends and neighbors were.  

Germanic Christian Magick is still widely practiced in many Amish
communities today.  It's called Braucherei. I wasn't close to my father's
mother so I didn't magickally connect to Braucherei. (I practice an
eclectic blend of Benedicaria and Irish Traditional Witchcraft.) About 20
years ago, my aunt gave me a book of letter charms and seals (called
himmelsbrief) that my paternal grandmother used. There are 375 letters
in the book with instructions. I tossed the book aside at the time and
continued on my magickal way. About five years ago, I came across the
book while looking for something else. Since it's Christian Magick, I
decided to work with it. Before performing any reading, spell, or
creating a magick product professionally for client distribution, I test
things on myself, family, and personal friends for a long time. That's
what I did with the himmelsbrief. It was successful 95 percent of the

Himmelsbrief is in letter form. The way I learned from my paternal
grandmother's book is the spell charm is written in three parts on a piece
of spell paper. Two parts are in English and one part is in German.
There are different spells and prayers for different matters. Whatever
you're trying to accomplish, there is a himmelsbrief for it. However, it is
primarily used as a powerful charm against evil - both in human and
supernatural form.  A special magickal shimmering dust is sprinkled
upon the paper. The letter should be folded and kept with you at all
times. With the letter is a seal. It's a black pentagram printed on
cardstock with an Old Testament symbol and a prayer written through
it. My grandmother encased herbs and magickal shimmering dust on the
back of her seals. I layer my seals with an herbal blend and encase them
through lamination. The seal isn't mobile. It should be kept in your
home, office, or car - wherever you need it the most. There is an
activation process to the letter and seal. I do an intricate initial part of
it on my end. To keep the letter and seal active, you will have a small,
easy ritual to perform weekly. If you do this, always keeping the letter
with you and the seal hanging or hidden in your home, office, or car, it
should continue to work.

This is Christian Magick. Contrary to popular, modern belief Braucherei
is always Christian.  You could verify that by reading a book prior to
1950 or asking any true practitioner of Braucherei who was taught by
an older family member rather than a modern pop book.  Here, in Amish
Country, there are many. If you order a letter and seal from me, it will
be Christian in nature.  

NOTE:  You need not be Christian to hold this charm.

Absolutely any matter can be address but protection, in any form, is the
charm's strongest point. Each letter will customized for you personally.
I am also offering a custom version for combined matters.  Three related
issues can be combined in a custom charm.  Each will be created from

As long as you keep the letter and the seal and follow the weekly
reactivation instructions, it should continue to work.  However, after I
release the letter and seal to you, it is out of my hands and I am not
responsible for the results; you are, as the holder. This is permanent
do-it-yourself magick.  The letter may not be transferred to another.  If
someone steals it or you lose it, the magick will diminish.  You could
obtain another though!  These letters and seals are not as powerful as a
professional spell, but carry the most power for the nature of the item.

Included with your order is a himmelsbrief on a sheet of 8x11 spell
paper; a laminated, layered seal backed with an herbal blend to match
your intentions (white is shown below so you could clearly see a layer of
herbs, and the black is the final finish); and a hand-created shimmering
white votive or four-inch pillar candle and
with the custom package, all
is enclosed in a reusable black velvet magickal bag. The himmelsbrief will
be folded in two and tied with thin magickal rope, but you can fold it as
small as you'd like.  Note:  You could reorder candles from us, or you
could buy your own white candle for the reactivation ritual.

Your order will come with ONE candle - either one votive or one skinny

The discount for two or three Himmelsbriefs only applies at the time of
your purchase.  In other words, you can't order one today at $200 and
then ask if you could order another for a separate goal 3 weeks from
now for $50.  If you'd like to take advantage of the discount, the orders
must be placed at the same time, not weeks apart.

After placing your order, please
email us with your intention or
problem.  A custom letter charm can be designed for three related matters.

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use, but that's only half of the process. The most important part is in your hands. The
magick projected by the item (and from it) comes directly from you. The goal is set by
you, and the magick is released by you.  Much like a match and fire.  I create the
match.  But an unlit match does nothing.  If you want it to produce fire, you strike it
and direct it according to your will - to warm and comfort or heat and destroy.  You are
the one striking the match (causing the magick).  I am not responsible for the magickal
outcome of this item - whether it produces the desired results or not. It's completely up
to you. However, base your judgment about its effectiveness upon facts, not
assumptions.  For example, if your item is for beauty and you don't receive compliments,
that does not mean the magick is not working.  Verbal reactions depend upon the
personalities of those around you.  If your item is for money, you might receive it in the
form of a job promotion or raise rather than lottery winnings.  Look for positive, solid,
gradual changes and clues to follow that will improve your life or situation.

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