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Oracle Readings
Benedicaria is Magickal Catholicism of Southern Italy and Sicily. It
has been entwined with Stregoneria (Italian folk magick) and practiced
since the onset of Christianity.  My maternal family is from two
regions in Italy - beautiful Campania and Lombardy in Northern Italy
-  where tarot and magick go hand-in-hand with religion and

Holy Card Readings are a divination method in Benedicaria.  These
readings are differ from many other types of readings because the
answers come directly from the saints.  They're extremely accurate and
can be chilling at times.  Definitely not for the faint of heart. You
would consider this type of reading if you want to know why someone
is treating you a certain way, to clarify a past issue, if you're unsure of
what action is needed in a matter, and if you need solid divine advice
on which direction to take.  These readings do not predict the future.  
It doesn't tell time frames. We offer many other readings that deal
with the possible future and time frames.  This reading, however,
answers why something has happened, what's happening now and why,
and it gives you advice on dealing with such things.  To get the most
out of your Holy Card Reading, don't ask when something will happen,
if it will happen, or what you will do.  Rather ask about your best
course of action or if something is in your best interest.  

The reading is performed with 22 Holy Cards of Christ, the Blessed
Mother and the Saints.  The full spread (Deluxe Reading) is nine cards
in the design of a cross.  Both straights and reversals are read so the
answers can be intricate and involved.

Your results will be emailed to you.  In addition to having them
emailed, you may also opt to have them "personally published" on
beautiful, fantasy parchment or linen paper sent to you via postal mail!

Emergency Service Available!

Turn around time on the shorter readings is approximately 2 to 5
business days and up to 24 hours on emergency service.  On a deluxe
reading, 3 to 7 business days and up to 48 hours on emergency service.

1-Question/1-Card Pull - Holy Card
Approximately 100 Words

3-Question/3-Card Spread - Holy Three
Approximately 300 Words

9-Question/9-Card Spread -14 Holy Helpers
Approximately 1,200 Words
Plus Advice From The 14 Holy Helpers

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