Fairytale Love ~ Personal
Matchmaking Service
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Background ~

When I first started Moonlight, many moons ago, I
unintentionally offered a matchmaking service, and here's how
it started.  Since I'm a magickal love expert, most of my clients
visit me for matters of the heart.  Some of my clients asked me
if I could match them with other clients looking for love.  
Well, I very carefully and quietly did for quite a few.  By
word of mouth, it kind of evolved into a service with several
success stories.  After a couple of years, my spell casting and
psychic reading services became too demanding for me to
continue on with the matchmaking so I discontinued it.  Ever
since, clients have asked me to bring it back.

Now that Moonlight has grown, and I have a lot of help from
family members who make up our staff and management, I can
offer personal matchmaking once again!!

How it Works ~

This is not a dating site.  There won't be profiles available for
you to pick and choose from.  This is a personal matchmaking
service that is offered through our multi-dimensional
company.  That means everything is strictly confidential and
private.  After joining, we will email you within 24 hours (or
within 24 hours of the following business day on weekends
and holiday breaks) asking for the information we need to
place you in our database.  Please follow the directions in the
email.  You will be asked about yourself and what you're
searching for in a mate. The information you provide to us is
completely confidential, private, and only visible to us. Yet,
we need certain information to verify you and to match you
properly.   We will never reveal your surname, location, or any
other personal information to potential mates.  When we find
a match for you, we will send him or her your picture, your
first name, and your email address - and we will send you his
or hers as well.  Upon joining, we will provide you with some
safeguards to insure the person cannot track you through a
picture or email address.

You will be able to choose regional, country-wide, or
worldwide as your match options.  After receiving matches,
the progression or lack thereof is completely up to you and
your match.  Most people are searching for a secure, long-term
relationship.  Trust is important as well as honesty.  It's fine
not to reveal personal information right away, but we
encourage you to be completely honest with the information
you do reveal.  You could be drawn to the love of your life
through this service.  This may be the ONLY way to find him
or her.  And that's why it's so important to be straight
forward and sincere with everyone you meet here!  Several of
my word-of-mouth clients from the past got married and are
still married today.  And I've actually matched twin flames to
each other, too!  Very exciting!

Making The Most Our Of The Service ~

To get the most out of the service, try not to restrict your
criteria too much.  Stick to the things that are important to
you.  If you want a Christian man who doesn't smoke and who
has never been married - and those things are super important
to you - add them.  But try to be flexible with other areas.  In
other words, keep your restrictions to the important things,
not the petty things.  Also, choosing regional is fine.  
However, it may take longer for us to find matches in your
area.  We are open worldwide.  Our overall clientele (who use
the entire site) is from the U.S., Canada, Europe, New
Zealand and Australia. We do have clients from Asia and
Africa as well.  While we will have FairyTale Love Matches
from all of these places, too, we cannot guarantee that we will
have someone meeting your criteria in your region.  Remember,
you have to meet their criteria, too. We may very quickly find
matches.  Upon joining, you may have 10 matches meeting all
your criteria and you meeting theirs.  However, upon joining
there may be none whatsoever and none available for a month,
two or more.  So while this may be the only place in the world
for you to connect with your twin flame or love of your life,
patience is important!  We could only keep you in the database
if you're a member.  If you're not a member, please don't ask us
to "keep you in mind" if a potential mate comes forward
because it's not time or financially feasible for us to do so.  

Our Verification Process ~

Many of the clients who have requested we bring back this
service are well established with us and have been clients for
five to twelve years.  They've already been verified by their
names, addresses, credit card information, and even social
media as we've interacted with them through our Facebook
page.  However, if we don't know you, we will verify your
name, location, age, and occupation via internet search.  We
will not dig into any further information but we must verify
you AS you.  We do this to safeguard everyone joining.  

Pricing ~

There is a one-time, non-refundable, set-up fee of $100.  

Membership is in four options and a Magickal Add-On
Package option is available at a flat-rate.  

Level One ~ One Month - $300

Level Two - Three Months (Discount) - $825

Level Three - Six Months (Discount) - $1,500

Level Four - Twelve Months (Discount) - $2,700

FairyTale Love Package ~

Package includes -
Professional Telepathy Love Spell to draw the perfect mate.  
(This person could come through our match service or through
other dealings.)   
Professional Cleansing Spell to clear your energy of any
obstacles standing in your way for love.
A FairyTale Love Luxury Spell Kit for you to do on your own
- any time.  The Kit includes handmade artisan spell candles,
spell soap, love stones, a secret item, magickally packaged in a
reusable white or sandstone box.
A 60-minute live Sacred Love Reading & Counseling session
to examine your energy, your personality traits, and reasons for
not attracting or keeping love, resolving those issues and
coaching you in your quest to find love.  Since this is also a
psychic reading session, you may ask any questions relating to
love and romance.


Refunds ~

There is no refund on the one-time set-up fee.  If you
completely discontinue your membership and then decide to
rejoin, there will be another non-refundable set-up fee.  If you
renew your membership before your current membership expires,
there will be no further set-up fee.

There is no refund on Level One.

We offer refunds on Levels 2, 3, and 4 of our membership
packages.  If you find the perfect mate or decide our service is
not for you, we will refund the unused portion of your
membership fee on those levels after payment for one month.  
Here's an example.  You pay for a six-month membership.  
After two weeks, you find the love of your life.  You want to
cancel your membership.  You will be charged for the first full
month as well as the set-up fee.  But you will receive a refund
on the remaining five months.  In other words, your refund is
prorated, minus the one-time set-up fee and payment for one
month.  To receive a refund, the request must be made in
writing, and your refund will be processed within three
business days (not including our holiday breaks) minus PayPal
fees and taxes.  

The Magickal Add-On Package is refundable in full within 24
hours of ordering.  There are absolutely no refunds on this
package after 24 hours of ordering since we will begin
preparing your services and items.

Due to the time it takes for us to sort through information
and personally match people, there are absolutely no exceptions
to these refund terms.

 Email Us!!

Success Stories ~

If you're open to sharing your success story with other clients,
please email us!  

Legal ~

We cannot guarantee that you will meet a love match through
our service.  We cannot guarantee that those you will
communicate with, meet, or speak to are authentic and sincere
in their pursuit of romance.  We cannot guarantee the number
of matching emailed to you each month because we can only
send you matches in our database that are to your criteria.  
Therefore, patience is required with this service.  Moonlight
Enchantments LLC, www.MoonlightEnchantments.com,
MoonChants, our DBAs, subsidiaries, owner, staff and
management are not responsible for the actions of any person
or persons we match you with through our personal
matchmaking service.  By joining our service, you agree to hold
Moonlight Enchantments LLC,
www.MoonlightEnchantments.com, MoonChants, our DBAs,
subsidiaries, owner, staff and management harmless.  Your
contract is binding by payment.   Use reasonable caution when
meeting strangers and revealing personal information.

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