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Fairy Bell Wish Wands®
Fairy Bell Wish Wands® ~

Our Fairy Bell Wish Wands® are seasonable best sellers.  Therefore, we've
decided to offer them year round.  

These enchantingly unique wands adorn elaborate detail along with an
extremely magical appeal.  Each one is different but all have what is
described as "fairy bells" which is a secret element to attract powerful
"fairy" energy.  The wand can be used as a stationary charm or during spell
work, rituals, or novenas.  

Wands are decorated with (some or all) European Crystals, gems, ribbons,
jewels, and fairy dust along with secret properties that absorb energy.  
They're lead-free pewter and/or pure silver.

We also offer two deluxe elemental versions to command and draw power
from Sea & Sky and Earth & Fire.  The two deluxe versions are of even
higher-quality and more intricately created.

These are power wands so they could be used for any goal, cleansed and
reused again.  When not in active use, the wand could absorb sun, moon,
and earth energy so when you're ready to use again, it could radiate what
it's gathered.  Each day, after creation, it becomes more powerful.  Each
day it belongs to you, it aligns with your goals.  

This wand is to be used only by its owner.  It is not to be in anyone else's
possession or borrowed or handled by another person.  Wands may be kept
in families for generations. If you give it to someone else to keep (such as
a child or grandchild), it must be cleansed before they use it.  

These also make interesting, unique gifts!!

After you place your order, please message us with your picture and name
or the picture and name of the person who will own the wand so we could
consecrate it with personal energy.  

This is a must-have magickal item.  It brings core earth, sun, and moon
magick to you so you could distribute it accordingly.

Fairy Bell Wish Wands®
Created & Published by Moonlight Enchantments
© 2005 - 2018 Moonlight Enchantments LLC
ISBN: 9781937156131

$250 Per Wand
$325 Per Deluxe Wand

Works Like Magic!!

This particular item takes two to six weeks to ship, and there are no rush
orders available.  

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Fairy Bell Wish Wands are Do-It Yourself Magickal Items ~

Do-It-Yourself items are sold individually on the site.  They should be used as you see
fit. I create the item with the proper magickally charged ingredients, tools, colors,
timing, etc. so it's conducive with meeting a specific goal. I also consecrate the item for
use, but that's only half of the process. The most important part is in your hands. The
magick projected by the item (and from it) comes directly from you. The goal is set by
you, and the magick is released by you.  Much like a match and fire.  I create the
match.  But an unlit match does nothing.  If you want it to produce fire, you strike it
and direct it according to your will - to warm and comfort or heat and destroy.  You are
the one striking the match (causing the magick).  I am not responsible for the magickal
outcome of this item - whether it produces the desired results or not. It's completely up
to you. However, base your judgment about its effectiveness upon facts, not
assumptions.  For example, if your item is for beauty and you don't receive
compliments, that does not mean the magick is not working.  Verbal reactions depend
upon the personalities of those around you.  If your item is for money, you might
receive it in the form of a job promotion or raise rather than lottery winnings.  Look for
positive, solid, gradual changes and clues to follow that will improve your life or

If you want something more powerful than do-it-yourself magick, please order one of
professional spell packages which are created and cast by me on your behalf.

Although our magickal items have produced desired results for thousands of customers
since 2005, that's no guarantee our items will work for everyone every time.  Individual
results may vary.

Because this is a handmade item, color, shade, or consistency may vary from batch to
batch.  Pictures are examples and may or may not be precisely what you receive by item,
label, or packaging.  Seasonal variations may apply. (Examples: Use of a summer herb
or winter scent instead of what's normally used.)  All items are beautifully created
with the highest quality ingredients, craft detail, and labeled and/or packaged with
care and attention.

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Fairy Bell Wish Wand