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Answers from our Resident Enchantress ~

Readings ~

Question:  I heard that some sites use scripts with their email readings.  Do you?
No, I've never used a script for any reading.  Every single reading is original and done

Question:  What is your turn around time on email services?
Currently, it's 2 to 5 business days.  Specialty Readings are up to 14 days but it usually
doesn't take that long outside of our busy seasons.  Turn-around times vary depending
upon how many bookings are scheduled before yours and how many emergency readings
come in for that day/week.  We'll let you know when to expect your results.

Question:  What is a Twin Flame Love Reading?
I use a secret, incredibly accurate family technique that reveals every single detail of your
Twin Flame, including a full name and your next three meeting opportunities.  It also
covers background, personality, character, religion, ethnicity, current situation, location,
career, physical description, birth date and much, much more. The reading takes 72 hours
to perform, and it's approximately 4,000 words in length.  Extreme detail!  Please allow
up to two weeks to receive results depending upon my work load.

Question:  How quickly are live sessions scheduled after payment is received?
All are scheduled within 24 hours during the business week.  The appointment usually
takes place two to five business days after receiving payment but it could be longer
depending upon my work load.

Question:  Are you available for random online chat or telephone readings?
Due to demand, I usually do online messenger readings by appointment.  

Question:  Do you offer in-person services?
I'm a full-time mother, a professional writer & artist as well as a full-time magickal
practitioner & business owner.  I have no spare time for face-to-face sessions currently.  
In the future, I plan to open another small magickal boutique - by that won't be for a

Question:  How do you perform your readings?
I call upon the Holy Spirit and Archangels to guide my answers so I interpret correctly.  
Clairvoyance, intuition, tarot, tea leaves, palmisty crystal ball, pendulums and fire
and water scrying.  Tarot is my primary tools for most readings unless otherwise
specified. For each reading (except Twin Flame Readings), I use two or more of these
methods of reading.  Twin Flame Readings, Psychic Spy Readings, and Diamond
Divination Readings are performed by a combination of secret methods that I'm unable
to reveal.  There is more specific information on the
Psychic Salon page.

Question:  Are you a fortune-teller?
Well, I'm not your grandmother's fortune teller.  I'm a logical, intelligent, down-to-earth
person and definitely not the textbook definition of a fortune-teller.  I'm definitely a
modern reader with modern methods. But if you'd like to call me a fortune-teller, I'm
fine with it.

Question:  Are you ever wrong?
Of course.  A psychic who claims 100 percent accuracy with every reading every
time is elevating herself to the level of God.  Only God knows everything. I may see
something that is accurate but interpret it inaccurately, or I may predict something for
the future that may not come to pass because you change your will on the matter.
Every expert in their field is wrong at times.  But most of the time, experts are correct
and it's the same way in the psychic profession.  The majority of the time I am right
(approximately 90 percent accuracy level).  Being wrong doesn't mean I'm a fraud or a
scam artist.  It means I'm human.

For More Guidelines, Please Read Avoiding Psychic Scams

Spiritual Spell Casting ~

Question:  Do you use Black Magick?
No, I don't use black magick.  I primarily use Gray Magick.  Gray Magick is
practical magick.  It's no-nonsense magick.  It's neither white and fuzzy nor black and
evil. It's neutral- it will harm or heal depending upon the situation.  But it never harms
maliciously or for greedy or evil purposes.  The "Dark Magick" used in Gray Magick is for
protection, balancing and justice only.  My extremely powerful love spells, career
spells, and money spells are all safe.  I specifically add an element of protection for all
involved, including the opposing side so harm comes to no one (again, not even the
opposing side - everyone is safe).  Justice, balancing, defense and protection magick are
projected according to situation.  (Note:  Some people argue that magick isn't "colored".  
I actually agree with them.  But I use "colors" to help non-magickal folks understand the
practice a bit better.   A "white witch" is someone who only practices healing magick.  A
"gray witch" practices both healing and hexing.)

Question:  Are you Wiccan?
No, I'm Christian, specifically Catholic.  However, I studied (not practiced, just studied)
other religions - both major and minor, ancient and modern - since I was old enough to
read.  And I have a degree in world religion so I'm quite familiar with paganism (and it's
NOT evil as some are misled to believe).  Frankly, I've always been more interested in  
Native European Paganism (the religion of my ancient ancestors) rather than Wicca
which is relatively new.  Wicca is a New-Age pagan "denomination" that started to gain
attention in the 1950s.  But not all Wiccans are witches and not all witches are Wiccan.  
Witchcraft has existed thousands of years longer than Wicca.  I practice an eclectic blend
of Irish Traditional Witchcraft and Benedicaria.  I can verify six generations of Irish
Traditional Witches from my paternal line who originated in Galway, Ireland. They were
all skilled in the art of spell casting, divination, remedies and potions - and they were all
Catholic.  Benedicaria, in itself, is also known as "Magickal Catholicism" (not witchcraft)
but almost always overlaps with Stregoneria (Witchcraft) in practice and theory.  My
maternal ancestry is from Lombardy, Abruzzo, and Campania, Italy (the "witch capital"
of Europe).  I've practiced my eclectic blend since my early teens in both hedge (more
frequently) and high magick variations.  Traditional Witchcraft has been around for
centuries even when paganism was nearly lost in Europe.  Irish Traditional Witchcraft
(as ANY tradition of Witchcraft) is an art, not a religion. You could be any religion and
be a witch, and you could be no religion (an atheist) and be a witch.  You could enhance
your magickal practice with your religious or spiritual beliefs.  But a religion and a
magckical tradition should never be used interchangeably because they're two completely
separate things.

Question:  Will the spell backfire on me?  (The karma question.)
No, it will not.  I don't use harmful or damaging magic for love spells, money spells,
career spells, success spells, etc.  Nobody will be harmed in the process, not even the
opposing side.  For example, if you want a man who belongs to another woman, I will
not cause harm to the other woman.  Instead, I will cause her to happily find a more
suitable man. And this is how I handle all my professional castings except protection,
defense, and justice castings.  In those cases, the same harm your opponent has given or
attempts to give to you will be given to him or her.  No more, no less.  It's not revenge.  
It's a learning experience for your enemy and justice and protection for you.  There is no
backfiring related to anything I do.  It's either for the good of all involved or to balance
things to an even level.  Therefore, even if you believe in karma (which I personally
don't), there is no room for it here. I design my products and castings so that everyone
involved is safe throughout and happy in the end.  That is the most powerful magic in
the world.

Question:  Do you use animal parts in your spell process?
No, I don't use any animal parts or animal by-products in any of my practices.  And all
my products are vegan and cruelty-free.  I'm a huge animal activist, and I'm "owned by"
two cats and two dogs.  The only animal magic I participate in is side-by-side "cat
magic", pet readings and animal blessings, all are  beneficial and positive.  There is never
a reason to harm an innocent animal to perform magick.

Question:  How long will it take to see results?
Manifestation time depends upon the initial energy in the matter, the number of obstacles
at the onset of the casting, the state of mind of the client throughout the process, the
amount of faith in the work at hand and the type of spell you choose for a particular
matter.  It could take anywhere from one day to one week to one year, and even longer,
depending upon the circumstances.  Patience and an open mind is very important when
dealing with spiritual issues.  You may not always receive exactly what you request but
something much better for you instead.  Trust, open-mind, open-heart and patience!  For
more, please click

Question:  What if I become angry and impatient while awaiting results?
A bit of doubt, anxiety, anger, or impatience is fine.  That's understandable.  Regular or
excessive doubt, anxiety, anger or impatience could cause a problem.  Under those
circumstances, the spell may not produce the desired results.  And this is not to "blame"
the client.  Not at all!  But it stands to reason that if negativity is brought into a
project, it will naturally delay or even fail.  Positive attitudes are "read" by energy as
your will and desire to succeed.  You should not order a spell unless you understand the
magical process.  This is not Hollywood and results don't happen in an instant.  This is
real energy being moved by real means for serious matters. For spiritual work to manifest
quickly and properly, you must remain positive, believe in the process, and have faith it
will work.  

Question:  Can you increase my breast size?
No, I can't.  And nobody else can either unless they're a plastic surgeon.  I can give you a
beauty illusion spell that is a "glamour" - causing an illusion of bigger breasts to those
who see you.  This wouldn't cause an A-cup to appear to be a Triple D.  But it could
cause the illusion of fullness and an increased size or two.  But magick cannot make your
breast grow.  It cannot increase the size of a man's part either.  It can't turn you into a
vampire or manifest a dragon or unicorn.  One rule to remember when dealing with
magick - If it could happen in the reality, it can happen with magick.  If it is impossible
in reality, it's impossible with magick.  

Question:  Are your spells powerful?
My spells are of the absolute most powerful spells offered in this business and the most
powerful spells known to man.  I have an exceptionally high rate of success.  I put full
force and energy into my work - creating my professional spells, custom castings for you,
candles, kits, products, and packages. I respect it, and I have complete confidence in it.  
Because it's Divinely-based, it holds the absolute highest possible power.

Question:  What do I receive with my spell?
Please visit my Enchanting Spell Parlor for detailed information about all that's
included with your spell.  

Question:  What do you need from me?
Your name and date of birth, the names and dates of birth of all involved parties (if you
know), your full request, pictures if at all possible, and a brief description of the
situation so I can customize your package.  The reason I ask for such detailed
information is because I want to make absolute certain the energy is directed to the right
people.  If Sue Smith from Dallas hires me to perform a spell on her, I want to make sure
the energy is going to the right Sue Smith since there may be 10,000 Sue Smiths in the
country with 1,000 of them living in Dallas.  So the more information you're comfortable
providing, the better.  I will not psychically pry.  You have to voluntarily provide the
necessary information.  All information is strictly confidential.

Question:  Do you offer a guarantee?
There are no money-back guarantees since spell casting involves a great deal of time,
energy, supplies and tools - before, during, and after casting.  Much like lawyers are not
paid for the outcome of a trial and doctors are not paid for the outcome of surgery.
Traditionally, spell casters are not paid for spells to manifest and psychics are not paid
for "predictions" to come to pass.  We're paid for the work (before, during, and after), for
time, energy, supplies, and tools.  Over 90 percent of my spells produce results and that's
why I've been in business for so many years.  

Question:  Do your offer Proof of Casting?
Yes, I do.  Proof of Spell Casting is an option with all professional spell packages at NO
additional charge.  I don't automatically provide this service though because, although
everything is strictly confidential and never shared, some clients do not want their names
and pictures recorded in a spell casting video.  Therefore, you must request this service
after ordering your package for it to be completed for you.   Proof of Spell Casting is by
identifiable and/or time-stamped still pictures, video recording and/or audio
recording.  We are the first (and may be only) to offer this service.  Proof of casting does
not violate any sacred space, cosmic rule or taint the spell process.   To further prove my
honesty, I offer a financial breakdown for each spell package.   And, again, there are
absolutely NO additional charges for these services.  Please read details on the
Enchanting Spell Parlor page.

Question:  Do your spells ever fail?
Not usually but, at times, of course.  And the definition of "fail" means you do not
receive what you ask for.  (That may be a blessing in disguise.) My success rate is over 90
percent on clients receiving EXACTLY what they requested.   That's the highest possible
success rate, but it's not 100 percent. Failure could be because of many reasons - from
bringing something better into your life than what you requested to you changing your
will midway through the process - among other things.  A client should have an
understanding of the very basics of magick before agreeing to work with it. If a spell
fails, it doesn't mean I'm a fraud or a scam artist.  It means that God has the final word
and you will receive precisely what is in your best interest.  And trust me, you will.  
Magick, performed the right way, always works to your benefit.

Question: Have you ever received an award?
I've received awards for my poetry, fiction and non-fiction writing and an award for my
artwork.  (I use many pen names.)  When I had a brick-and-mortar shoppe, it received
awards for quality and excellence (for the shoppe itself).  But there is no group,
association, organization, or guild of lay people that gives professional psychics or spell
casters awards.  So I never received an award for best psychic or best spell caster because
those awards don't exist.  Read more about "fake awards" on my
Avoid Spell Scams page.

Question:  Do you cast all the spells yourself?
I cast the spells myself. I am involved with every, single one of my spells.  But I do have
assistance during our busy seasons.
 Jarle Olsen and Christian Santini assist me.  They're
both highly qualified.  

Question:  Do you have supernatural powers?
No.  Spell caster, psychics, and witches do NOT possess supernatural or paranormal
powers.  We manipulate energy to bring about a change.  The energy is available to
everyone on the planet to use and manipulate.  However, psychic readers and spell casters
have actually attuned themselves to the natural forces around us and we've learned how
to work with these forces.  Everyone has some intuitive ability but not everyone can be a
professional in the field.  (Much like everyone can do math but not everyone can be a
mathematician.)  The more open you are, the more you understand.  The more you
understand, the more you perform.  The more you perform, the more powerful you become
- with ANY skill or talent.   Having decades of magick under my belt would naturally
make me more powerful than someone who performs a simple candle spell now and then.  
That's why I find it irritating when people say you have to cast magick yourself for it to
work.  That's completely untrue.  The entire HISTORY of magick is professional wisemen
and women casting on the behalf of the community.  Yet none of us have supernatural
powers.  That's not at all what real magick is all about.

Question:  What are your qualifications?
I'm extremely qualified to work for you.  Please see my Professional Profile for my full

For More Guidelines, Please Read
Avoiding Spell Scams

About Our Products ~

Question:  Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship to many countries but not all countries due to tracking restrictions and
custom regulations.  However, we can still service the needs of people in every country of
the world through our extraordinary psychic readings and extremely powerful spell
casting services.  Psychic Readings and Spells do not require shipments! Those magickal
options are available to everyone worldwide.

Question:  Are the products really made by you?
Yes, the are.  Products published by Moonlight Enchantment are created by the
proprietors (myself or my family members).  They are made according to order.  So there
is no mass production of products sitting in a storeroom.  Each candle, soap, kit, dusting
powder, oil, potion etc. ordered by a client or customer is personally created and/or
spiritually charged for the client or customer.  Some products are available to select
bookstores and retailers, and those products don't have the same customization as
ordering directly from the site.  

About Moonlight Enchantments ~

Question: Is Moonlight Enchantments a legitimate business?
Yes, it is.  Moonlight Enchantments is an incorporated, registered, legitimate business
with an excellent reputation.  We've been serving clients worldwide since 2005.  All of
our Products & Services are trademarked, copyrighted and registered as our own.  All
have either ISBNs or RTNs.   We follow and adhere to very strict legal guidelines with
regards to products and services.  Further, we own a small press and publish original
fiction & non-fiction books, poetry, tarot decks, & magazines.  We have trademarked
names and copyrighted content.  We also have an excellent reputation in the Spiritual
Industry, and we are in excellent standing and verified through Pay Pal as a legitimate
business.  For more company information, please read out
About section.

Question:  Why don't you provide a business address?
We do!  Our address will be provided to established clients by request (if the client needs
to mail something). Incidentally, we do not accept mail at our studio because it would be
too great of a distraction.  Customer Care sorts mail at a different location. We use to
have our address posted on the website, but to avoid piles upon piles of junk mail, we
decided to no longer list it.  If you're an established client who needs to send something
to us, please email Customer Care for our mailing address.

Question:  Where are you located?
We're located in Pennsylvania Dutch Country (although we're not Amish, of course).  
Most of us are in South-Central Pennsylvania and some of us are in other parts of the
state.  However, we are active and known worldwide!  We have clients and customers in
all four corners of the globe!!!

Question:  Since you're Christian, do you only service Christians?
Oh my, no!  I have many Christian clients who find comfort in the fact that I'm
Christian, myself (and I love that), but I also have clients and customers of all religions
from all over the world.  I'm very welcoming to everyone, and I respect everyone's beliefs
and lifestyle choices.  As mentioned above, I studied world religion since I was old
enough to read, and I have a degree in that field.  I'm extremely spiritual and
open-minded.  I'm not a regimented, traditional Catholic but rather a spiritually one, and
I can interpret and think for myself.  Although I never doubted Christianity was right
for me, I realize it's not right for everyone.  So regardless of your religion, beliefs, or
lifestyle choices, I welcome you, and it will be a pleasure to work with you!

Question:  How long does it take for you to respond to email?
Customer Care usually responds within 24 hours during the work week.  I try to respond
to email within 72 hours.  However, with my schedule becoming more and more
demanding, that doesn't always happen.  There are times when there are not enough
hours in the day.  A personal response is important to me, and if it's necessary that I do
respond and I can't quickly, I usually have a staff member contact you to let you know
when I will email you.  For Customer Care hours and contact information, please click

If you have a business-related question that was not answered here, please feel free to
email us.

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