A story from our Resident Enchantress, Autumn Mist ~

Deep in my family's box of treasures from Old Ireland, the most
magical country in the world, an Eternal Bewitchment BindingTM
book remains.  This handwritten book contains a series of secret
bindings that have been passed down in my family for seven
generations (mine being the sixth).  The book was written by my
great grandmother's grandfather, and passed down to my great
grandmother by her mother, my great great grandmother, who was
one of the most powerful witches of her time.  People travelled
from all ends of Europe to seek her guidance.  Every generation in
my family since has been taught the Secret Eternal Bewitchment
BindingTM to secure a peaceful life filled with love and
prosperity.  My paternal grandfather took things a bit further.  
Not only did he use the Binding on himself and his children and
grandchildren, but he also, very successfully, used it on others.  
This is the same Binding that was taught to me by my paternal
aunt on my 33rd birthday, a few days prior to Samhain

Now I'm offering it to you!

What is the Eternal Bewitchment BindingTM?

It is a permanent spell that could bind magical energy to you so
that you may use the magic at will.  This means that you could
need or want something and by only your wish, it could happen
with eternal and endless effects!  Your wishes are unlimited and
the magic could be bound to you for life.  I will bewitch you with
the eternal magic so you could permanently, by will, change and
improve your life.  

This binding could give you unlimited ability to charge:

Romantic Love
Family Relationships
Strengthen or Find Friendships
Improve Career
Meet Business Goals
Social Positions
Any and All Positive Life Matters!

It could allow you to combat:

Malicious Attacks From Others
Reputation Damage
Revenge (by allowing for personal justice)
Any and All Negative Life Matters!

There are some rules attached with this Magick.  They are:

* You must never wish physical harm upon an innocent person or
any animal. If you do, nothing bad will happen to them, but you
could lose your power.

* The wishes apply to you personally.  The only wishes that you
could apply to others is physical protection of your own direct line
family members (parents/grandparents/children/grandchildren).  
You cannot use power to find a husband for your best friend, but
you could wish to find a husband for yourself.  You cannot use
power so your friend gains $100,000, but you could wish for it
yourself, and so forth.

* You must not use the magic for greed.  You may wish to give
yourself (and, in turn, your family) a very comfortable lifestyle.  
However, blatant greed will cause you to lose power.  

* You must not ask for the impossible.  You can't raise the dead.  
You can't lose 100 lbs. in one month.  You will not receive a
marriage proposal out-of-the-blue from a celebrity.  You can't go
into a fairytale fantasy world with dragons and giants.  You can't
time travel.  This isn't Hollywood.  It's real, solid, fruitful wishes
that deals with real-life matters.   The things I mentioned are
impossible with any form of magic.  Respect the energy and the
process and deal with reality.

* This magic could protect your health if you're already healthy.  
It could prevent certain illnesses or injuries.  It could help chronic
conditions.  However, it cannot cure terminal diseases.  Also, you
cannot test the magic and it be affective.  An example would be
praying to God not to let you have a car accident by running into
a telephone pole, then testing Him by intentionally running into a
telephone pole.  You have to maintain reasonable health habits for
the wishes to work for health purposes.

If you order this Binding, you will never have to use a spell caster
again.  You will never have to cast spells again.  Merely wishing
under the rules could allow things to transpire in a wonderful way
for you.  However, some still use spells for themselves and others
even after receiving the Binding as a power boost for faster,
powerful results.  But the Binding alone is always enough.  I must
impress upon you to always respect the magic and not to misuse
your power or you will lose it.  This is real magic for real life

Beginning September 2017, I am using an enhanced, extraordinary
version!  The Binding takes 180 days to become fully active.  And
I will work with you for 366 days (one year and one day) to make
sure your wishes are correct, you're properly controlling the
magick, and the entire process is totally complete.

I will cast an extremely strong binding in conjunction with the one
you will perform yourself (for permanent energy projection).  The
binding I will do for you will be performed with the highest
quality ingredients and tools and by secret family method.  The
specifics for this spell will not be revealed to anyone outside of my
family.  Every, single ingredient and tool is secret.  This Binding
never be released to anyone outside my family.

This is a Permanent Binding That, If You Follow The Rules,
Should Last A Lifetime.  

If you're interested in having this Binding performed, I'll need the

Your Full Name
Your Date and Place of Birth
Current General Geographic Location
A Recent Picture

Included Is ~

* The 180-Day Professional Binding Process

* Highest Quality Tools & Ingredients For The Entire Process

* 6 Energy Readings/Updates 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 & 180 Days
From The First Day Of The Binding (performed on the closet
business days).

* Two Live Chat-Messenger Sessions 30 Minutes Each
Scheduled at or Directly After 180 Days and at or Directly After
366 Days - To Review Progress, Instruct, and/or Answer Any
Questions You May Have About Using Your Magick And Your
Personal Practices.

* An Email Progress Reading Performed 270 Days (or on the
closest business day) After Your Binding To Check Your Personal
Magick Progress.

* A Secret Item Shipped To You After The 180 Day Binding
Process - Free Shipping Anywhere In The World!

The Binding is usually priced between $7,000 and $10,000
depending upon donations.  That's a large price tag but it's
permanent magick for you and a whole lot of work and supplies
for me.  We accept payments via Lay-A-Way.  Please read our
Terms by clicking below.

Due to the nature of this Binding, along with our regularly
scheduled work, I can only accept two Bindings per year.  I don't
receive many orders on Bindings.  The entire time I've offered
them, I've performed a handful.  So most likely, if you want one,
you'll get in quickly.

We Have Lay-A-Way!
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