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Every Spiritual Enchantment Spell is completely customized from scratch for your personal
situation.  We offer many levels and price options.

Spiritual Enchantment Spells ~

    Love Enchantment Spell   Best Seller!
         Romance Enchantment Spell   Best Seller!
        Dark Love Enchantment Spell   Best Seller!
            Lust & Desire Enchantment Spell  Best Seller!
             Twin Flame Enchantment Spell   Best Seller!
Twin Flame Candle Spell
Beauty Enchantment Spell
Weight Loss Enchantment Spell
           Money & Success Enchantment Spell  Best Seller!
Dark Binding Enchantment Spell
           Dark Hex  & Defense Enchantment Spell   Best Seller!
Protection Enchantment Spell
           Cleansing Enchantment Spell Best Seller!
           Telepathy Enchantment Spell Best Seller!
Candle Enchantment Spells
99 Day Candle Vigil Enchantment Spell
           Full Moon Enchantment Spells - Cast Monthly Best Seller!
Normal-Power Enchantment Spell
Booster & Seal Enchantment Spells
Spell Energy Readings/Updates
Spell Reversals
Custom Enchantment Spell
Emergency Enchantment Spell

You didn't find us by chance.  Your intuition led the way.  
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Thousands of people have affirmed that our spells are the most powerful in the world!

From Autumn Mist ~

I've been practicing magick for over 30 years (professionally since 2003), starting at a very
young age. Frustration, failure, trial, error, and success (success and more success) are all
necessary to mastering the art. I've used several different methods of spell casting over the
years. The most effective is the one I am using now.  It takes old European elements from
my family's tradition and combines them with an updated, modern approach. I've built on
this for the last decade. Our Spiritual Enchantment Spells are extremely strong and totally
unique. They're among the most powerful spells available today.  This is not an ordinary
service. Each Spell Package is customized for your personal situation. We specialize in
difficult matters of the heart as well as hex/justice magick, but we have successfully
performed magick for all of the above-offered services and more.

We offer very inexpensive Candle Burning Enchantment Spells, mid-price Full-Moon
Enchantment Spells, and mid-to-higher price on most of the other Enchantment Spells,
depending upon the level.  If we've worked with you before, and you need something more
powerful than what is offered on the website, we may be able to create something on the
Infinity Level for you.  Email us!

Included with your spell package are consumable, artisan, handmade supplies and tools
that we use during the spell casting process. Most Spiritual Enchantment Spells are in a
series, which means more than one night.  We create enough supplies for each night, and we
create what is needed for the booster/seal spells.  We don't use stock spells or a spell book
for the spells themselves.  Every one is personally custom written for each situation, based
upon old European incantations but fully modernized to get the absolute most from each
and every word.  Booster or Seal Enchantment Spells are also included with most packages
as well as Energy Readings/Updates.  Each individual page will provide you with details
so you can see what's included and which option is right for you.  

Spell series and levels??

Those who practice traditional magick are aware of the term, "spell series".  A spell series is
a series of nights that a spell is cast to build power and strength.  One night would give it
power but two nights would give you more - obviously.  Also, the type of tools used to
draw and seal energy make one spell more powerful than other.  During a spell series,
different tools are added each night to further build on the energy.  These series are called
levels, degrees, double, triple (or so on) power.

The acts of spell casting and energy reading are free of charge. The charge is for the supplies
we use to perform your work, writing time, certain email correspondences (such as update
reports, spell confirmations, etc.).  We will send you a complete financial breakdown of
everything you paid within three business days of purchase.  (We cannot give away all of
our trade secrets so one or more items may be marked "secret" with a price next to it.)  The
day your order your spell package or the next business day, we will contact you letting you
know when your enchantment spell or enchantment spell series is scheduled, when a
booster/seal is schedule if applicable, when to expect energy updates if applicable, and if we
need anymore information than what has already been provided.  Note: "Three business
days" or the "next business day" is after our return if you order on a weekend, holiday break
or vacation.

So what do we need from you?

Well, although I'm a skilled spiritual reader, I will not waste your time or money reading
on things that you could simply tell me free of charge.  Further, if I read on the matter, I
may discover information you'd rather keep private.  So before customizing your spell, I'll
need as much information as you're comfortable providing about yourself, the people
involved, and the situation or goal.  I also need names of all involved, your date of birth,
general geographic locations, and we may ask for pictures, depending on if you're a new
client or established client.  (The reason I ask for extended information is because there may
be 1,000 Susan Johnsons or Bill Smiths in New York State.  By having specific
information such as birthdays, city, and pictures, I can make absolute certain the spell is
directed from and to the right people.)  Everything is strictly confidential.

When can you expect results?

By casting a spell, we're manipulating the energy and causing a change to what normally
would occur.  This change could happen in stages or it could happen abruptly without
notice.  If you and "Joe" have similar situations and both order the very same spell, Joe's
spell may manifest in one month, but yours may take six months.  It's quite personal, and
there's no honest way to determine exactly when a spell will fully manifest. Some of the
reasons it may take longer than sooner to see results is choosing a lower level spell for a
more difficult situation.  It's possible that a less-powerful spell will cause the
manifestation of a large goal, but it will take longer.  Another reason is over-anxiety,
negativity, or abundant stress of the person behind the spell work (in this case, the client).  
That's not to blame the client, of course.  But it stands to reason that any time negativity
is thrown into any scenario, it slows progress.  Most spells are fully successful.  Some are
partially successful. But honestly?  Sometimes spells flat-out fail. Spell casting is not a
supernatural process.  Spell casters do not possess supernatural or paranormal powers.
Magick is natural and works within the natural world with earth-based materials for
realistic goals.  Our combined success rate is about 92 percent, which is extremely high but
not perfect.

And the others?

This is a family company. The spiritual counselors and spell crafters at Moonlight
Enchantments have over 100 years combined experience with spell casting, divination, and
creating magickal items.  If you're searching for ethical, reliable, confident experienced
crafters to create and customize magick just for you, you're come to the right place. If you
decide to work with us, you will be treated with undivided attention and the respect you
deserve. We are transparent, non-judgmental, straight-forward and outspoken when it
comes to your best interest.  We also have an excellent Customer Care team.

Emergency Service is Available.  Please check the appropriate pages for details.

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