Enchanted Spell Soaps®
Dip into a seductive bath and engulf your body with magic.
Part of our Magical Treasures® Line, our Enchanted Spell Soaps® are beautifully
hand created, all-natural, artisan soaps that could dress you in charm and induce
your dreams to reality.  Magically lacing your energy with just one bath, these
all-natural, handmade-to-order soaps are spiritually blessed and magically
charged.  Spell casting by luxury may be what you need to obtain your desire and
achieve your goal.  Use it over and over as each bath builds enchanting magic,
charm and elegance.

This is not regular soap.  It is an entire spell in a bar!

All Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, & Made In The USA
(by ingredients, packaging & handmade production).

Choose Between The Enchanted Bar Only Or The Kit.

Spell Soap Includes ~

Beautiful Spell Soap (approximately 5 oz.)
Magical Tie Bag
Instruction Card

Spell Soap Kit Includes ~

Beautiful Spell Soap (approximately 5 oz.)
Magical Tie Bag
Fine-Quality, Reusable Magical Box
Shimmering Gold, Silver or Snow White Floating Spell Candle
Pixie Bag of Blessed Rose or Flower Blend OR Blessed Herbs (for Men)
Instructions on Parchment or Card Scroll Tied With Enchanted Lace

Works Like Magic!

We also accept custom orders.  If you need something that is not listed, please
email us.

Please Click On The Names For Full Descriptions & To Order!

Our Enchanted Spell Soaps ~

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Shimmering Gold Spell Soap®
Gothic Rose Spell Soap®
See Green Money Spell Soap®
Body Magic Spell Soap®
Tie-Dyed Peace Spell Soap®
Romeo Romance Spell Soap®
Magic Man Spell SoapTM
Diamond Dust Spell Soap®
Love Sorceress Spell Soap®
Vampire Seduction Spell Soap®
Natural Wytch Facial Spell Soap®
Dreamy Divination Spell Soap®
Lavender Dream Luxury Soap®

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