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Energy Readings/Updates®
Energy Readings & Updates are completely optional and not
required for us to cast a spell on your behalf!!

What Is An Energy Reading?

Energy Readings are my own creation.  I created them in my teens  
and have been using them personally and professional ever since.
However, in recent years, I've developed an enhanced, extra-sensitive
method of reading energy.  Energy Readings read on the energy of
the spell as time moves forward. (It is not a psychic reading, as it
only reads spell energy.)  It can tell whether the spell is manifesting,
progressing, at a stand-still, or failed.

What Is An Energy Update?

An Energy Update is a report emailed to you after the Energy
Reading.  The Energy Update is only one to three sentences in length
telling you the course of the spell at that time.


Most of our Spell Packages include Energy Readings & Updates to
be performed at specific times.  If your Spell Package doesn't include
them OR if you've exhausted the included Energy Readings/Updates
and want more, you may order here.  


When I first started the business, I provided free, unlimited Energy
Readings & Updates to all spell clients.  Soon, I started included a
certain number with each spell package.  However, clients still
requested free Energy Readings and Updates.  It was my absolute
pleasure to provide them at no charge.  In recent years, business has
been back-to-back and sometimes we work 12 to 16 hours straight.  
Jarle and I were receiving about 100 requests for free Energy
Readings/Updates per month.  Each reading takes 30 to 45 minutes
to properly perform.  So we're in a position now where we can no
longer provide free Energy Readings/Updates because if we do, it
will actually take away from paid client services.  So to be fair to
each and every one of our beloved clients, there will be a charge for
all Energy Readings/Updates that are not included with your Spell

Again - Most Spell Packages Include Energy Readings/Updates
Energy Readings/Updates are completely OPTIONAL and NOT
required for us to perform spells on your behalf.

What I need from you ~

Your full name, the original spell date and type, your goal for the
original spell, and a brief summary of progress.

$35 Per Reading/Update

Please note that we only do Energy Readings for spells performed by
us.  Thank you!

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