I am happy to provide full dream interpretation and readings.  My
dream readings are extremely intricate and detailed
and answer all. I offer two types of email dream consultations and

The first type of reading is for a profound dream you've experienced
only once.  This is the type of dream that was vivid and perhaps woke
you out of a sound sleep with what you believe to be a message.  

The second type of dream reading is for a reoccurring dream that may be a message
or a warning. Both types of readings are very detailed. The symbolism I use is
different from what's commonly used.  It's from my maternal great grandmother who
was a regional dream intuitive. My readings include general and specific symbolism,
personal analysis, any messages from your subconscious or spiritual levels,
conclusions pointing out the true meaning and reasons for the dream and advice on
dealing with things consciously to remedy the dreams.  

A deluxe reading includes all of the above on both types of dreams and can be
customized to suit other issues as well - such as sleep disorders, night anxiety, sleep
paralysis, and other sleep related issues.

Your results will be emailed to you.  In addition to having them emailed, you may also
opt to have them "personally published" on beautiful, fantasy parchment or linen
paper sent to you via postal mail!!

Usual Turn Around Time is 2 to 5 Business Days Excluding Holiday Breaks.  During
our busy seasons, it may take longer depending upon my schedule but that's rare.  
We'll let you know when to expect results. 24-Hour Week-Day Emergency Service Is
Available.  Check
here for details.  

Profound or Reoccurring Dream Readings
Up To 400 Words


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