Divine Enchantments®

The Divine Enchantments line includes more involved specialty psychic
readings, high-powered spells, all-inclusive spell packages, world's most potent
spells, unique enchantments, magical art, enchanted jewelry, and handmade
super charms that are $151 and over. They are priced higher than the other
items because they are more powerful, intricate, and involved - on every level -
than our Magical Treasures line.

If you would like something less expensive, please visit our
Magical Treasures page.

This a complete list of our Divine Enchantments:

Tarot, Psychic & Specialty Readings ~

Deluxe Starlight Tarot Email Reading
Celtic Cross Extended Tarot Reading
20 Minute Live Online Tarot Chat Reading
40 Minute Live Online Chat Reading
60 Minute Live Online Tarot Chat Reading
Twin Flame Love Reading
Twin Flame Drawing
Fantastic Future Reading
Tea Leaf Reading
Lenormand Oracle Card Readings - Full Deck
Angel Board Reading
Ouija Board Reading
Konxari Reading
Haunted Specialty Reading
Dream Reading - Live
Angel Reading - Live
Body Magic Reading - Live
Sacred Love Reading - Live
Emotional Storm Therapy - Live
Video Tarot Reading
Intuitive Psychological Counseling
Holy Card Deluxe Readings
Psychic-Spirit Message Painting
Diamond Divination Multiple Question Readings

Powerful Professional Spell Packages ~

Love Spells Including ~
Finding Love
Twin Flame Love
Brand New Love Life
From A Friend To A Lover
Eternal Attraction
Secret Lover
First Date
Seduction Love
Breaking & Entering
Restoring Love
Hopelessly In Love
Reunite Lovers
Stop A Divorce
Knock Out The Competition
Banishing Love
Mend A Broken Heart
Love Banishment
Love Binding
Love Justice
Fantasy Love
Dream Love
Bewitching Love
Fantasy Love
Lust & Sex Spells
Sexual Seduction
Sacred Sex
Unbridled Lust
Pleasurable Desire
Banish Lust
Telepathy Love
Money Spells
See Green
Good Fortune
Weight Loss Spells
Body Magic
Light Weight
Weigh Gain
Beauty Spells
Beauty Enchantment
Beauty Illusion
Beauty Attraction
Friendship & Family Spells
Resolve Family Conflict
Friendship Attraction
Restore Friendship
Binding/Banishing Spells
Binding A Destructive Lifestyle
Personal Improvement Spells
Court/Legal Spell
Justice/Defense Spells
Personal Justice
Defense Mirror
Binding An Enemy
Binding Gossip
Banishing A Person
Cleansing Spell
Three-Wish Spell
Telepathy Spell
Spiritual/Psychic Spells
Psychic Development
Spirit Communication
Booster & Seal Spells
Hedge Magick Power Booster
Hedge Magick Power Seal
High Magick Super Surge Booster
High Magick Super Surge Seal
Spell Enhancers
99-Day Candle Vigil
Secret Eternal Bewitchment Binding
Love Letter Charm Spell
Business Defense Specialty Spell
Child Defense Specialty Spell
Twin Flame Calling Specialty Spell
Full Moon Spell
Spell Reversals

Exclusive Enchantment Kits & Powerful Charms ~

Enchanted Treasures Deluxe Spell Kits Including ~
Fantasy Beauty
Diamond Love
Rose & Lace Love
Dark Love
Body Magic
Sacred Sex
See Green Money
Ultimate Custom Dream
Divine Magic Dolls
Liquid Magic Perfume Potion Including ~
Liquid Love
Liquid Passion
Liquid Beauty
Celtic Power
Magic Man
Enchanted Beauty Mirror
Campanian Power Spell Candles Including ~
Twin Flame Love
Gold Dust Power
Destiny Delight
Valentine's Love
Beltane/May Day
Midsummer Magick
Samhain (Halloween)
Moon Glow Booster Candles Including ~
Night Light Super-Power Booster Candle
Enchantingly Embraced Earrings Including ~
Simple Hoops
Claddagh Hoops
Christian Cross
Genuine Pearl Studs
Amethyst Heart Studs
Champagne & White Diamonds
Diamond Solitaires
Himmelsbrief Charm Packages
Rosaries- Custom Handmade
Magical Diamonds
Bewitching Heart Stones (Full Set) Including ~     
Beauty Glamour
Magical Moon Stone (Full Set)
Enchanted Book Of Words & Wishes
Fairy Bell Wish Wands
Love Potion No. 9
Serenity Spell Art

And More ~

Divine Word Tarot Prints (Full Set) - To Be Updated Jan. 2018
Celtic Reiki
Six Pack
Mega Pack
Seasonal Specials - Check Main Page!
Bloo Moon Antiques - Amazing Items!!

If we missed something, please let us know!  
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We are in complete harmony with Native European Spirituality and Historical
European Christendom.  We embrace and adhere to the Christian Holy Trinity
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beyond what we claim to be!

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