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A little about Dust . . .

This truly unique project combines a
casual, rustic zine-style magazine with
professional writing and art.

It's not fancy. It's not *professionally created. It's not
refined. It's not particularly structured. And guess
what?  It's not suppose to be. It's a rustic, hand-created
literary magazine that delves into topics mainstream
magazines wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole.  The
strange and unusual. The weird and macabre.  Magick,
fantasy, and lore.  And even "the normal" with a defined

"Dusting our art on to the pages of a rustic literary
magazine" means just that. You'll find pre-published,
previously-published, and original work here with many
artistic touches such as hand-lettering and hand-drawn
art. But it
is a literary zine so the word is the main

Every issue is different.  

Deep and soul searching, light and fun, dark and
macabre, seriously informative, and - just random.  
Most issues will be a variety of articles, essays, stories,
poetry, art and magick.  Others will focus on one topic
or theme such as a magickal tradition, weight loss,
poetry, or romantic love.  Sometimes an issue will only
include one chunky fiction story and maybe a poem or
two. At the end of each issue, we will tell you what to
expect in the next issue (or you could click the "next
issue" link above).  No matter what, we'll always include
the same subjects.  They are . . .

Modern Magick - Covering divination, spells, potions,
familiars, traditions, high & low magick, symbolism,
dreams, etc.  Everything and anything related to the
magick we practice today.

Spirituality & Religion - Focusing on Christianity,
Christian Spirituality, Christian Magick,  Native
Religions of Europe (Historic), Modern European
Paganism, Pagan Magick, history relating to both
Christianity and European Paganism, and building a
bridge between the two religions.

Folklore - American, Canadian, & European lore, folk
magick, customs, traditions, legends, supernatural
creatures, mystical animals, etc.  

Dark Love & Romance - Articles, essays, and stories
relating to happy love, sad love, dark love, and deep

Fiction - Mostly dark fantasy, with some romance,
steampunk, and a little bit of sci-fi.  

Poetry - Mostly dark narrative poetry.  

In 2018, we're publishing quarterly - March, June,
September, and December (check the "next issue" link
for more info).

Dust is in print only.  Every issue has a sturdy colored
cover printed on a high-performance printer. The
interior is usually black and white (but may contain
color, too), professionally copy-printed with high quality
paper.  The size is A5 (5.83x8.27), and each issue is 8 to
72 pages (but usually between 32 to 48).

*Not "professionally created" means this is a rustic
"zine-type" magazine. It's a folk, artsy, handmade item.
It's not the type of polished, glossy magazine you'd pick
up in line at the grocery-store. :)

Contributors and advertisers welcome!  
Please see the links above.

Thank you for dropping by!

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Dusting our art on to the pages of a rustic literary magazine.