Our Professional Ethics

We are not speaking for other professionals in the industry as this is not a
universal code.  The following are our personal ethics with regards to our
professional conduct.

1.  The owner of Moonlight Enchantments also manages and
operates the company with the help of family members. She descends from
generations of professional practitioners who practiced Gray
Magick & Irish Traditional Witchcraft. They, as well as we, are very
open-minded, spiritual Catholics.  We fully and honestly believe in using
Prayer and Magick to assist us with goals.  

2.  To prove our authenticity, we offer our spell clients proof that their
spell has been cast through digital pictures, video and/or audio at no
additional charge.  We were the first (and may be only) to offer this
option, and we've offered it for many years.  Also, we can provide the
client with a financial breakdown of costs relating to the spell package.  
Again, no other professionals (that we know of) offers this service.

3.  Everything said between a client or customer and Moonlight
Enchantments stays 100 percent confidential.  We do not share
transcripts, verbal information, personal information, or email with

4.  The future is not predestined, and we remind clients of this
again and again so they are aware of their decision-making
power and can avoid dependency.  Predictions should be used as a guide
ONLY and never, ever restrict you in your free will judgment.  Only God
knows the future for certain - which path you will definitely follow - and
interpreters only know as much as we're permitted to see.  

5.  Everything told to you is honestly and truly the way we see it.  We
will compassionately present you with bad news if need be, and we will
always protect you from tragedy if we're aware that it's coming. If your
questions deal with facts, please check the answers against actual sources.
Not all readings are 100 percent accurate every time. There is definitely a
chance for error as "psychics" are human beings with NO supernatural

6.  If a client misses an appointment, it can be rescheduled without issue.  
Any service or product can be cancelled within 24 hours of payment with
a full refund minus PayPal fees.

7.  We never charge more money than what is shown on the site.  There
are no additional or hidden fees with any product or service.

8.  We are non-judgmental.  We won't condemn you for anything
you've done or anything you're planning to do.  You could come to us with
anything, and you will receive a warm, supportive response.  We will
attempt to lead you in the right direction in a loving, secure way, without
harshness or blame.

9.  We never, ever push our services or products on anyone under any
circumstances.  We will guide you to the proper service or product if you
are interested.  You are free to browse the website to see what is offered.  
We will happily answer any questions and advise you on what may help
you and your situation.  However, the ultimate decision to make a
purchase or order is yours and yours alone, and we respect that.  We step
back and allow you the freedom to decide without hassle or harassment.

10.  Autumn Mist practices Gray Magick, like her ancestors before her.
While some may argue magick "does not have a color", we actually agree.  
And that's exactly what Gray Magick is - colorless.  The reason we use
color terms to make it easier for non-magickal folk to understand it.  Gray
Magick heals or hurts according to the need.  Our practice of Gray Magick
will heal or harm others depending on what it calls for.  However, we do
not harm maliciously, only in defense and justice.

11.  Spell casting is molding natural energy to change a situation or meet
a goal.  Spell casters work with the natural world and natural energy.  
However, we do not claim to have supernatural powers as NO human
being on the planet has or will ever possess supernatural power.  This
includes psychics, witches, spell casters and everyone you know.

12.  We will not answer serious health questions, questions relating to a
serious criminal investigation (murder) or a missing person.  And we will
not predict when someone will die.  Although we have been correct about
many of these matters privately, we won't read on them professionally for
the simple reason that a psychic isn't 100 percent accurate with every
reading every time and we  could be wrong.  And because there's a chance
of error, we believe that psychics should stay out of life or death matters
unless something is shown in a reading that's preventable.  In that case,
we would tell you.  However, most readings only answer the questions

13.  God has blessed all of us with intuitive ability.  To be alive denotes
such ability.  Some have more than others.  The readings on Moonlight
Enchantments are led and guided by the Holy Spirit through
Clairvoyance, Tarot or other means.  The readings we give are strong and
illuminating, and as mentioned, we're serious and honest with each and
every one.  However, you must as well remember your own intuition as
gifted by God and take what we say and use it to your advantage, to
create your goals and meet your end.  Readings should entertain you while
gaining insight into the past, present and future.  Insight is the key word
. . . As your future path is always your own.  And no matter how good
the world's best psychics are, nobody is Divine.  Only God truly knows
the ending to every story.  

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