Client Feedback
I worked at Kasamba from 2005 until 2007 and left because the workload at my own
website ( became too demanding for me to handle both
places.  (Kasamba was primarily live readings and professional spell series so it was
time consuming.)  I was one of their top advisors and spell casters with a perfect 5-
Star Rating and 1,062 Reviews. They were viewable until recently but they have since
been taken down since it's been over 10 years since I've been there.  Some are listed
here.  We receive wonderful feedback from our clients, usually in the form of an email
so it's time consuming for Customer Care to sort through.  (We do have a review form
at the bottom of the page so please feel free to submit.)  Over 90 percent of our orders  
are from return or regular clients.  We've been in business since 2005, and this is our
full-time business, not a side-line.  Here are some reviews.  However, Customer Care
couldn't possibly add them all.


Timothy Wolp June 27, 2015 I met the very person you described in my twin flame reading
three years ago (2012).  I met her in April and wanted to get to know her and see how things
went.  I looked up the reading and saw that of all the points, 98 percent matched perfectly.  
I'm shocked and blown away.  I gave up hope but you kept saying that we have chances to
meet all our lives.  You were right.  We're getting married in September.  Why wait?

Agatha T. Jones June 24, 2015 The spell Autumn Mist cast for me manifested today. I'm
shocked. It was 100 percent against all odds. AND AND AND the reading!! She was right
about something nobody else knew until today! I'm shocked beyond belief.

C.P. May 27, 2015 Autumn Mist you are the Gothic Perfume Oil Diva (referring to Midnight
Seduction). I decided to wear it today to have a successful pre-employment meeting. I was
flown in today to meet with my new employer, and the minute I boarded the plane I lost count
of how many people asked what scent I was wearing! Suddenly the 'friendly skies' became
friendlier! Wish I had a hidden camera rolling to show you as I couldn't believe it. The two
men who sat next to me took down the name of Moonlight's website and will be ordering
perfume oil for their wife and girlfriend. I have to admit I had to write down 'Midnight
Seduction', for them as I could not bring myself to say it without getting the giggles!  The
individuals I met with at my meeting all asked what scent I was wearing. Doors were held
open for me, where they were not for others before me. This is not an exaggeration, as I've
never encountered this much attention all in one day! I underestimated its power.
I only used a couple of drops of this exquisite scent.

A.H. May 13, 2015  I have loved everything I've gotten from y'all. Your candles too smell
divine!  You and your whole staff have just been amazing and so kind to me and no judgment
like she said in your readings. Love you guys!

C.P. May 13, 2015 You always go above and beyond in your work Autumn...that's why we love
and appreciate you! You never judge in your readings and you have helped me so much...And....
everyone at Moonlight has been wonderful consistently since 2005 ...when I discovered you!

V.S. May 9, 2015 Autumn is been so right on reading the tea; back in February she saw a
travel and a week a go she mentioned again; well let her know after 26 years I am going back
to my country for the first time.

D. April 28, 2015 Lovely product I feel magical! Customer service is very personal and they
are quick with shipping and any questions I had they respond almost immediately...I lovvve
this little place.

K.L. April 10, 2015  I just purchased the Christian Tarot from Moonlight Enchantments, and
I ADORE!! It's perfect for the Christian Witch.  The card are high quality and laminated for
years of use and the companion book contains tons of information including detailed card info,
spreads, and spells. Do yourself a favor and pick one up!

Jennifer Mitchel April 2, 2015 I've been using Moonlight Enchantments for over 10 years
now.  It's never failed me. From spells to readings to products - it's the best shop around.  

Sharen August 6, 2014 Just wanted to drop you a line this is no joke or game I ordered your
coins & riches oil I have been using it for only two weeks and when I tell you my luck has
changed I bought 2 scrachoff tickets that were 20 bucks each I won 500 bucks on one and the
other was for a 100 bucks ,when I tell you I suck at them I did until I used your oil ,that's the
only thing different I did nothing else but in the two weeks I have used your oil I have won
over 800 bucks in two weeks that's all I can say it really has to be the oil cause for me I
have no luck until now..Things are looking good and I feel lucky .. so I sent you a pic of my
ticket...Thank you, Thank you ,blessed be

Bluu July 25, 2014 Nice.  Helps to make things clear that are not.

EP June 24, 2014 - (Marielle Remedy)  AutumnMist I. luck& life Better. Already !
She. Truly Puts. Her. Heart. In. All. Her Products. She's. My. Fav. Already!

EP July 24, 2014 - (Gothic Perfume Oil) AWESOME!!! Power Packed product s i will Return

Ashley July 23, 2014 - Amazing! I have never had a reading so detailed and on point. I felt
like the reading was very accurate and I will be a returning customer. Autumn Mist definitely
deserves a A+

Dina July 18, 2014 - (Natural Witch Facial Spell Soap) get a nice skin after use

Lena July 8, 2014 - Amazing reading very detailed. Great communication highly

Michelle June 30, 2014 - Very interesting, in depth reading...not what I expected in a twin
flame, but that's a good thing. I'll be very open to giving someone like this a chance, if I am
lucky enough to meet him. Thanks!

Ale June 26, 2014 - (Liquid Magic Beauty Serum) The serum is great bought another one for a

Ale June 26, 2014 - (Dream Cream) Thank you wonderful cream love it

MMM June 23, 2014 - Amazing customer service, my order was promptly processed and
shipped. Beautiful bottle I can't wait for the desired results. I will be a repeat customer.
Thank you.

Ale June 18, 2014 - (Liquid Magic Beauty Serum) If there was 10 stars that what i will give
Autumn is a treasure and her serum is wonderful ,and a great help Thank you

Debbie Delany June 18, 2014 - You gave me direction when nobody else could.  Because of
you, I found my talents and my answer to pull myself out of the gutter.  I never thought of any
of it before speaking to you.  You changed my life.  You saved my life.  Thank you doesn't begin
to cover it.

MMM June 18, 2014 - Very kind lady. Gave a detailed answer to my question. I am looking
forward to the future. Thank you very much.

EB June 14, 2014 - I've been using SHINE spell gloss for the past week and i can honestly say
that it works!, i have also been feeling good about myself too, not sure if that has to do with
the gloss or the attention i have received. It's hard to find honest and genuine sellers but you
wont be disappointed putting your trust in Moonlight Enchantments :) !

Jaylin June 14, 2014 - She got his lover's names, dates he cheated on me and his well-guarded
secret precisely right.  She saved me from heartache.  I was able to verify everything she said.  
Thank you, Autumn. I am a client for life.

EB June 13, 2014 - What an amazing connection; really picked up on the situation and person
well. The whole reading was delivered with care and deserves way more than 5 stars!!! :)

Indigo May 20, 2014 - (Spell Candle is) beautifully crafted, richly scented, and loaded with
witchy goodness, thank you for fantastic communication and my new candle!

Melonie May 19, 2014 - Autumn mist is the best by far for future reading! I have bought
reading before and no one is that accurate as this! OMG! It tells you month by month and just
got my reading last month! What has been said has actually happened! Do not hesitate, this is
the place to purchased! Yes I was the same as everyone else, the price but its worth every
penny x

Melonie  May 19, 2014 - Purchased this twin flame reading and I was very surprised how
detailed and in depth the reading was! Definetly worth every penny if your looking for your
twin flame! Thank you autumn mist. Hope to meet him soon x

Sue Reed August 2013  I've been a client of Autumn Mist since she worked on Kasamba 9 yrs
ago.  She's  extremely accurate and non-judgmental.  I have tried others over the years but she's
the best and the only one I come back to over and over again.

Andy O. August 2013  I ordered a spell package, the third degree level for love.  I got results
in 14 weeks.  This was an impossible situation that has been heaven sent.  Thanks, Autumn.  
I'll be back.

Sandy Lane August 2013  She gets exact names, dates, places and it's so clear and accurate.  
Been using psychics for 47 years and I've never known another like her.  

Tee Tony T.  August 2013  Her special was $500.  She was able to make my product at a
discounted rate for her so she refunded the difference back to my Pay Pal acct.  She refunded
me 125.  She didn't even have to me.  I've never known any professional or business to do that.  
I was so impressed by her honesty.  I'll never use another.  Oh and the product worked in
wonder time.

Angela Petersen August 2013 She changed my life.  By doing so, she saved my life.  She's the
most compassionate, accurate pro in the world.  Try her once and you'll see what I mean.  Love
ya, Autumn!

daysleeper Nov 16 2005  All I can say is read Autumn Mist's profile and I can tell you that
from my experience every word is true. She is extremely accurate and her professionalism and
care towards her clients is second to none. You can see I consult her often if you look at these
ratings and that is precisely why. She is just wonderful in every way.

TabbyCat1 Nov 12 I had a soul mate reading in March. I'm back to say the exact person
Autumn Mist saw came to me. I met him the way she told me I could and his physical
description, job, age and history was 100 percent accurate. She told me his name would be
Robert McMillen. When he said his name was Rob Mills, I almost died. His real name is
Robert and Mills was shortened by his grandpa from McMillen.

Liila Nov 8 2005 She shook me in some of the details. She sees "Finn" coming in, of
Scandinavian descent. She didn't know that I'm Finnish, and have always had a strong
yearning for blonde blue eyed men...She described the person I have always seen myself with,
but just have not met yet...She validated that which I strongly suspected. I'm extremely
impressed with Autumn Mist in my email reading, and will be requesting an online reading
from her soon, as well. I would consider it to be a waste of money to go anywhere else. She has
a gift! Thank you, Autumn Mist.

DeloresofSorrows Nov 7 2005 My first reading with her.  I told her nothing but my first name
and question.  She named my husband and son by first names.  She told me my wedding
anniversary, too.  I'm astounded.

doubleblessing2 Oct 30 2005  Oh My Gosh Autumn! What a strong reading!! WOW! Never
knew just how strong he felt for me... just as strong as i feel for him! Autumn you are a
remarkable woman! Thanks you for this strong reading! I will treasure it!! Best to you and
yours! Thanks for giving me the courage to continue on
this path.

siteandsound  Oct 28 2005  She's very very good. This was my first reading with her but she
picked up on someone around me that I did not tell her about. She even came up with names
and details.  

daysleeper Oct 25 2005  I am eternally grateful to Autumn Mist for her readings for me. I have
consulted her several times now and each time she astounds me with her ability to literally
climb inside people's heads and assess situations around me absolutely spot on. As far as I
know she has been completely accurate to date with everything and the best thing of all is that
I know she is honest with what she sees and doesn't just tell you "everything will be fine" but
explains the energies involved and where they appear to be heading. Thanks as ever, dear
Autumn Mist. You are the best!

Debbe Oct 24 2005  WOW, she is the best friend a girl ever had and I mean because she is
outstanding as a human being as well as her gifts!! More than Glad to have met Autumn, just a
big sigh to my worries to know that she can answer the questions! She has not steered me
wrong thus far and has been accurate to the T..... she NEVER sugar coats. Greatest READER

Trish2 Oct 20 2005  Once agin outstanding read. I plan on becoming a regular client because I
have absolute faith and trust in Autumn Mist's abilities. You will definitely agree after trying
her out. Thanks again :-)

Trish2 Oct 15 2005  I cannot explain to you in text, the emotion I felt after this reading. True
to her profile, Autumn Mist detailed in depth what we feel in our hearts. I felt the truth of it
as I was reading it. She was also very prompt, and very professional. This really deserves more
than five stars as it restored my peace of mind (what's left of it LOL). You really must try her
services as she is truly gifted. Blessing to you and yours!!!

Rannia Oct 15 2005  I am speechless. To say that this person immediately was able to
understand the complex nature of the friend i was asking her about is an understatement. She
was able to give me psychological advice. She was able to give me psychic advice. She was able
to really help guide me on a path that would be the best, most productive, most proactive for
me to take. I am very impressed.

AyeshaHafeez Oct 11 2005  Autumn, is absolutely gifted, i used her during a trial that even
the attorney thought we were going to loose, but she knew in advance he would be found not
guilty. Her ability to for see things is not a fraud or guessful thinking. She has predicted
several things also by medical test have confirmed with me. Please know you are not getting
someone who is just guessing, or playing with you to make money. To me she is a god send and
blessing to confirm the truth of the unseen at the moment and

amberforrest Oct 3 2005  She is an incredibly STRONG psychic, very powerful, keen insight,
amazing ability to genuinely help me see the truth. She's exceptional, excellent, spectacular,
and very real, earthy, honest, kindhearted and firm on what she sees. Super fast too and doesn't
waste ANY time.

kirish Oct 3 2005  This woman is incredible!!! She not only told me what is going on with the
love of my life but she also gave me some ideas as to how to handle what he is going through!!!
She is priceless!! And so great to me!! Thank you so much Autumn, you have helped me like no

ccibabe  Oct 2 2005  She said a lot of things that other people don't know about me. I will let
you know if it comes to pass, but the reading was clear and concise.

Kordalina Sep 23 2005  What words can describe this amazing woman??? I am left speechless
with the details and accuracy she brings to a reading. I gave such little information to her and
what Autumn picked up on was jaw dropping. Caring and wise beyond imagining. She is the
very best I have found and I have seen many. Honest and precise answers are given,, Autumn
Mist does not beat around the bush. This is the 2nd read I have had from Autumn Mist and I
can assure you all, I will be a repeat client. I recommend anyone who is looking for an accurate
read to choose Autumn Mist. Thank you so much for your help... Thankyou ! Love & Light

hiareth Sep 23 2005  Autumn Mist back in March predicted in a 12 month forecast that she
did for me that a man would enter my life who would either be a new person or someone i
hadn't seen for awhile. She gave a VERY SPECIFIC physical description. I came back to say
that yes, indeed friend i hadn't seen since 1997! matching description EXACTLY showed up in
my life. Is she good or what??? I strongly suggest you hire her for the 12 month forecast. She
gives a lot of detailed information in it. I'm impressed with her abilities. I'll be back.

IslandMeg Sep 22 2005  Again this reader just honed right in on what was going on with my
man and how he was feeling and thinking. Very very fast and very accurate in what she is
picking up. Well worth the money. Very good on emotional stuff. Thanks. :-)  

lilloo Sep 21 2005  This woman is AMAZING. Out of everyone that I have used on this site I
would have to say that AUTUMN MIST is the bestest... You will see Ive had afew readings
from her. I keep coming back as I KNOW she is the best in the business and everything she has
said has happened.. TO A TEE!! I will definately be back.. this woman is blessed, give her a
go.. you wont be disapointed... thank you again xxxxxx

Adoringangel25 Sep 13 2005  WOW!!!! Very detailed on my question. Wow… I am speechless
I did not think that I would get all that for what I paid for. I got a very DETAILED answer
to my question. Some of things she said did ring a bell, because I have talked with other
psychics before (not on this site) and they have said some of things she was saying to me. I can
not believe that I got all the insight she gave me with the price I paid. You do get what you
paid for. Wow! She’s amazing!!! I want to thank you also Autumn Mist for your patience
with me. I absolutely would recommend her. Many Blessing, Venetta Yocum  

Forest Road Gypsy Sep 8 2005  i have had the most outstanding reading to date. i am
impressed with the quality of the information sent. Autumn Mist. I know that she has
connected with my situation as many things were verifiable My spirit is lifted and weight
removed from my shoulders. Accuracy and preciseness really gave me confidence that what was
revealed could prepare me for what was ahead. Not everything comes to us easily but what is
important is how we handle things and our attitude. I am so grateful that I met Autumn Mist
when I did and all unfolded in perfect time. you will not need to look further for the
revelations you are looking for as this lady is not only gifted but has a wonderful way of
delivering the news- the obstacles as well as the blessings! Bless You***Love and Light to all

waterlilly Sep 5 2005  Very direct and sensitive. Her assessment of my situation was very
soothing. I could relax about my lives obsticales and carry on. She provided me with much more
information that I expected, and was truely amazed. I would definately vist her in the future.

SpoiledDarlene  Aug 19 2005  Oh my gosh!!! I am so VERY AMAZED with Autumn's was so ACCURATE, it was scary! I am so stunned at her accuracy....its amazing!!
And honestly, I was skeptical at first....NOT ANYMORE...SHE"S SIMPLY AMAZING IN
HER ACCURACY!! I highly recommend her !!! I will definately be back! Thanks so much

UKBoy2005 Aug 10 2005  Once again Autumn Mist connected well and gave brilliant advice,
Autumn Mist is Truly Number 1, It's been a while since last talked and was still insightful
and honest about my situation, Autumn has helped me through a few difficult situations and
has helped empower me to make better dicisions for myself, I reckomend her highly, Thank You
Autumn Mist I'l let you know how things turn out, x

Emereld2 Jul 8 2005  Autumn Mist is phenomenal. She makes certain she has a connection
before she allows her clients to hire, then cuts to the chase; doesn't waste time, but doesn't rush
through the reading, either. I highly recommend Autumn Mist!

Faith70 Jul 5 2005  Autumn is an unbelievable advisor! I have been talking with her for
several months now. She has picked up on several things that others have missed and made
many predictions that have already come to pass. She recently told me that someone had a crush
on my man and she described the woman. Later I found out a woman exactly matching her
description indeed does have a crush on him...she also predicted the death of a friend of my
man's and that came to pass just this week. Her accuracy is uncanny. Also her spellcasting is
extremely effective. At the end of May I asked her to cast a spell for me to help correct a
situation in my love life (very ethically). Within two weeks my situation, which had been at a
stalemate for months began to do a complete 360 turnaround! Her spells are VERY powerful! I
highly recommend her both as an advisor and as a spell caster. She is an awesome and caring
advisor. Read her feedback. The 99% 5 star feedback speaks for itself. Thanks Autumn!

AbleMike Jul 5 2005 Autumn Mist is not only gorgeous on the outside but amazingly brilliant
on the inside too. She told me the name of the woman who walked out of my life before I was
able to give her the name.  She told me so many personal things that nobody else could know
and she was 100 percent accurate.  My mouth is still hanging open.  She was able to go into
the woman's mind and tell me what she was feeling and thinking and I was able to get
perspective that way.  She told me the best way to go and I'm going to take her advice. I love
you Misty.  Thanks again. Mike

Resiliette Jul 1 2005  Always just SPECTACULAR. She is so excellent and profesional and
dead-on accurate..will not back down from what she sees! A million stars!!

Seeking Answers Jun 30 2005  Autumn Mist is absolutely amazing!!!! Well worth every single
$, I would defiantly recommend her to all my friends, and would use her services again at any
time. She is very very very nice, so extremely caring and only on here to help you with
whatever is troubling you. Don’t waste any more time and give her a try!!! You won’t ever go

tprose Jun 18 2005  OMGosh, Autumm Mist's atune psychic and intuitive abilities have really
confirmed a major obstacle I have been struggling with for some time! She also helped by
explaining what the additional obstacles are today before me, also noting what the many
positives are, regarding my current and possible future position is with a specific person. She is
very honest and straight forward. If I choose to follow through with her intuitive and mature
advise, I KNOW will quite likely result in the outcome I had been impatiently waiting for.
This has also given me the extra boost of confidence that I needed. She's a doll! I do VERY
HIGHLY RECOMMEND, and I will certainly seek her expert advise again in the future.
Thank you Autumm Mist!  

? Jun 16 2005  Prediction from the last reading came pass. She gave me one date and happend
on that exact date. Prediction she gave me this time already revealed and she was right again
for the location. this is the person I come for prediction and time frame, particuraly short time
frame. She seems expensive but she is fast and do not waste any of my time and money.
Outstanding psychic.

lovinsoul Jun 14 2005  Never felt more comfortable than I felt with her. She is truly genuine
as well as very open and honest. I felt she connected with my current situation and really gave
some great insight to the matters at hand. She was like a breath of fresh air. There is no one
like her that I have ever met here on this site.. She really has a gift and knows how to use it. I
can only pray that the predictions that she made for the future will come to pass as I feel deep
inside they will. I am ever so glad that I met her if only by chance while cruising through this
site. . Autumn Mist you are truly one of the best that this site has to offer and I mean that
from the bottom of my heart. I have been taken for a ride by several psychics on this site and
have really been heartbroken and disappointed. You have shown me what truth really is. God
Bless You in all that you do. I will definitely be back.

Resiliette Jun 11 2005  Uncanny! Ran out of time, but WOW she is really spectacular..she has
already demonstrated dead-on accuracy with me..PROVEN--she said the exact name (and it is
not a common one) of a very significant piece of information. This, my friends, is what a REAL
psychic looks like. STUNNING !!!

media_psych Apr 2 2005  Autumn Mist is outstanding. She tuned in right away and helped me
and my petsthrough a big crisis. She's an angel!

Tech Surfer 12/12/05  I've had many readings done via live chat and email from many
different experts through, and none of them come close to Autumn Mist. I requested an email
reading from her, and within 24 hours, she provided me with the most incredibly in depth and
amazing reading I've ever received. She answered all my questions with an amazing amount of
detail, and provided me with predictions I have no doubt will come to pass. Her reading gave
me an incredible amount of confidence and hope with my situation. After you speak to her, you
will never speak to another psychic, for she is the best. Her prices may seem a bit high, but you
get what you pay for. Would you rather go to one psychic, pay a bit more, and get all your
questions answered accurately and completely. Or would you rather go to a bunch of lower cost
psychics and end up paying more in the long run? I truly feel she is the most gifted and
incredible psychic. If you've tried the rest, its now time to try the best. Once you speak to her,
you will feel the same way I do, and wonder why you didn't come to her from the start. If I
could rate her 5+ stars I would. She is the only psychic I will be
speaking to now, and once you talk to her, you will likely feel the same way. Highly

TakeItEasy 12/21/05 This is the best, most ethical, most honest, most caring, most accurate
reader. She is professionally tested and certified and her readings are extremely in-depth,
thoughtful, and extremely insightful.  Please consider a reading from her. Her ethics, honesty,
ability and superior service will amaze you. This is the real psychic that I can depend on for
along time.

JaniceMarie Nov 30 2005 I'm a regular cyber client of Autumn Mist and have been for
almost one year.  About 6 mos ago she told me she was going to add Body Magick Weight
Loss to her online services.  I gain 58 lbs because of depression over a divorce. Autumn
Mist had always been accurate with her readings so I decided to try Body Magick. She
customed designed the program just for me. I couldn't believe all the things I learned and
all the stuff I never ever realized until starting her counseling program. The weight came
off amazingly. I lost over 10 lbs per mo until it was all gone and I've kept it off for the last 2
mos so far with the maintenance. My weight didn't even out from losing. I went from 188 lbs
to 130 and I've been 130 since beginning the maintenance.  This girl has something
others don't have. She had such a gift of helping people and making you feel special and
comfortable every time you talk to her.  Thank you Autumn Mist.  JM
UPDATE: May 2008 - The weight is still off!  She didn't gain a bit of it back!

IrishSeanMaloythe3rd Nov 28 2005  I'm here to say the Sacred Love Sexuality counseling I
did with Priestess Autumn Mist saved my marriage.  She got to the root of the problem and
created an individual program for my wife and I to follow.  She counselled us together and
separately and had it not been for her, I would be divorced today.
UPDATE: May 2008 - They're still together using the tips they learned in my program.

MiniMouse19 Nov 18 2005 I just completed Autumn Mist's weight loss counseling segment
and I can't believe I'm the same person I was six weeks ago.  The weight is melting off and I
learned all kinds of ways to relax and improve my life. She gives you the tools necessary to go
forward with confidence and this is something I NEVER had in my life. She is a blessing, a
savior, an angel on earth.
UPDATE:  May 2008 - She lost a total of 75 lbs. following my program, and she hasn't gained
anything back!

JessicaJeeJay Nov 3 2005 I'm back after keeping the weight off for one solid year to tell
you that you saved my life.  I tried every diet in the world and they all failed before trying
your magic plan.  I was on the brink of death due to fat related health issues.  I lost a total of
105 pounds in the last year and its a direct result of your program.  Thank you for saving my
life, Autumn Mist.  I wish I could give you a million bucks!
UPDATE:  May 2008 - She's kept the weight off for 3.5 years following my program.  Not one
pound returned.

tictactoe Oct 27 2005 I did Autumn Mist's Sacred Love Counseling to help me find the man of
my dreams.  I found him and her tips helped me knock out the competition, land him and we're
getting married on Valentines Day.  I would have never had the confidence to find my dream
man if she didn't give it to me.
UPDATE:  May 2008 - Happily married with a baby on the way!

PSYCHICDONNA Oct 8 2005 I took Autumn Mist's course in psychic development and I
have been able to tap into my natural psychic ability as a result.  I am now working as a
professional psychic earning $100 per hour from my home.  I cannot believe my dreams
have come true.  Thank you.
UPDATE:  May 2008 - Donna now charges $500 per hour and has her own radio talk show.

SkinnyWinny August 31 2005 When I came to Autumn Mist in person two years ago, I
weighed 239 lbs. I did everything from Weight Watchers to shakes and nothing worked.  I
had no willpower and that was the problem.  Autumn had counseled me on natural weight
loss and psychologically and magically combating my problem for 10 months.  She was
there every step of the way and then I lost the remaining weight on her program.  Her
maintenance program is awsome because there's nothing restricted and the weight
remains off.  I got on the scale this morning and it weighed me 113 lbs. I have never felt or
looked better in my life.
UPDATE:  May 2008 - Winny gained a total of four pounds since ending the program. Her
current weight is 117 lbs. from her original weight of 239 lbs.

Springtime Summer July 19 2005 I called on Autumn Mist after listening to her lecture at a
local college.  I was in search of the perfect man for me and I could never get passed a 6
month relationship.  This from a 34 year old woman.  She customized a plan for me and
counseled me on handling my major efforts to tiny minor things.  Reflecting with her made
me see myself as I never had before but how others did all the time.  I was able to change
things and focus on the type of man I wanted.  Well I found him 3 months after I completed
the cluster counseling on Sacred Love.  We've been going strong now for over a year and
we're planning to get engaged on October 9, my birthday.  Words cannot describe how
intelligent, compassionate and amazing Autumn Mist truly is.
UPDATE:  May 2008 - Jill did get engaged and married the following spring.  She has a
brand new baby.

kittykatkonny July10 2005 Autumn Mist I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for
creating Body Magic.  It's a no-diet diet that actually worked for me.  So far, I've lost 16
pounds and I have another 10 to go.  You're incredible, beautiful and you give me
strength every day.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
UPDATE:  May 2008 - Constance got pregnant shortly after this review.  After the birth
of her baby, she went back to Body MagicTM and lost 52 pounds.  It's been off ever since.


UPDATE: Judy is doing wonderfully well and has kept 75 lbs. off for the last three years.

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