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Child Defense Hex®
This is a special featured spell package so it's different than our
regular spell packages.  There is only one level available, and this
spell can be cast on an emergency level if necessary.

Defense and Justice are permitted in the Holy Bible and in
every single country and culture that exists or has existed all
through history. So while I do not condone or perform black magick,
I absolutely perform dark defense and justice magick which is
extremely powerful!  

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Is someone harming, threatening or bullying your child?

As parents, we can all relate to and understand the intense desire
to protect our children from all dangers and harm. Sometimes things
are out of our control. Take it back. . . .

Children are the absolute most important thing in the world to
parents and grandparents. When our children hurt, we hurt. When
our children are threatened, we want to strike back. If someone is
causing your child any kind of serious problem, you should consider
this intense spell. This is a hex spell that reflects the treatment your
child is receiving back to the person who is producing it. Upon
casting, the spell will cause so much natural chaos and intense
disruptions in the lives of those attempting to harm your child that
they will no longer have the desire or energy to continue to harm
your child since they must concentrate solely on repairing things in
their own lives.

Some of the things it may cause for the person who is harming your
child is - romantic trouble, sexual trouble, trouble from enemies,
exhaustion, migraine headaches, significant weight gain, loss of
property, loss of money, loss of jobs, loss of social status, exposure
with reputation consequences - depending upon the person and
situation. In other words, things that will disrupt their lives enough
for them to concentrate on their own problems rather than causing
trouble for your precious child.

This is an extremely powerful spell and should be used only if you're
seriously concerned about something bad happening to your child at
the hands of someone else.

Important: This spell will work on "anonymous" people. It will work
if your child is a physical target OR if he or she is targeted by

With Each Package, You Will Receive ~

* A custom professional spell casting towards your goals
* A confirmation email the first business day after you spell
* A Booster or Seal Spell cast 60 days after the first day of your

What I need from you ~

Your full name, the names of all involved if possible, your date of
birth, picture if possible, and details about the situation.

Spell Package ~ $600

Note ~
I must review your situation before agreeing to the casting.  After
the assessment, if I find there is a problem, I will work with you.  
If not, you will receive a full refund.

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