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Our Campanian Candles are exclusive hand-made artisan spell candles
inspired by the Ancient Magick of the Region of Campania, Italy.  Campania
is lovingly referred to as paradise by those who live there.  It's steeped with
great love, history and magick.   It's famous  for the beautiful sea,
vineyards, food, culture, Mount Vesuvius and Benevento, the City of
Witches. Catholicism and the Old Ways survive side-by-side. Love Lore is
apart of daily life.

We offer many different types of spell candles.  However, our Campanian
Power Spell line includes gorgeous, high-quality, high-powered handmade
spell candles with especially selected goals.  These candles are not made at a
factory.  They're made to order at our home-based studio with enchanted
hands, consecrated with strong energy and used to project powerful magick.  

All candles are large size (6x3) and exquisitely adorned.
(We can customize a regular-size (3x3) candle by request.)
Instructions Included! Very easy to use and extremely effective!  

Each candle is custom handmade with the highest quality oils, wicks & wax.
Adorned with magickal drippings, crushed herbs, & silk flowers, diamond
dust, fairy glitter, crystals, ribbons, & jeweled with seven secret ingredients.  
Magickally beautiful!  
100 Percent cotton wick, lead free, naturally
low-scented, dripless & smokeless. Approximately 120 Hours Burn Time.  

Highest Quality Materials & Ingredients!
Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, & Made In The USA
(by ingredients, packaging & handmade production).


Works Like Magic!

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Magickal Treasures or Garden of Flames lines.

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Campanian Spell Candles ~

Twin Flame Love
Gold Dust Power
Destiny Delight
(Candlemas)Valentine's Magick
Midsummer Magick

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