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We try to mark "sold" on the pages of sold items in a timely fashion after the sale is
complete.  However, there may be a brief window when an item is sold but we haven't
marked it yet.  If you order a sold item before we can mark it, of course, we will
refund your money.  "Pending" refers to an item in Lay-Away.  We will keep sold
items visible for a short while so the buyer can see the item is exactly the way it was

Everything is priced reasonably for the items itself or its history.  Look at the pages
carefully because with some items you can"make an offer".   The offer you make
be reasonable
to be considered!  There's something for everyone!  

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Also, if you opt to pay cash for any item listed, you will receive a 10 percent
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Due to tracking restrictions, we only ship the items listed below within the
Contiguous United States ("Lower 48 States").

New items will be listed often so please check back!

Please click on the name for pictures and full info!  
Please read the entire description page and our Shoppe Policy before ordering.

Since we began offering charmed objects/jewelry from the main website December
2015 until June 2017, we've sold 41 items to happy buyers!

~ Enchanted Jewelry ~

Justice Druzy Bracelet   
Amazing Druzy Crystal Watch Bracelet Projects Justice, Defense, And Protection
Secret Weapon Disguised In Beauty!

Blue Ice Wish Ring®
Permanent Wish Ring!  As long as your WISH under the magickal guidelines, your
wish could come true!  Rare magickal object.  

Werewolf Inspired Magickal Earrings    
Unique, gold-embraced earrings.  They allegedly belonged to a "real werewolf" who
put her magick, loyalty, and courage into them.  The legend says whoever owns and
wears them will be transformed with extreme power and strength.  

Mysterious Native American Magickal Necklace    
An unusual, mysterious necklace with magickal power and charm from the Medicine
Woman & Healer of the "werewolf clan".

Citrine Luck Ring®
Permanent Luck Magick Extreme Power Charm Ring - Infused w/two decades of
Luck Magick. Unique Enchantment! Use Over and Over! Any LUCK Issue

Red Romance Ring®
Permanent Love Magick Extreme Power Charm Ring - Infused w/two decades of
Love Magick. Unique Enchantment! Use Over and Over! Any LOVE Issue

See Green® Money Ring
Permanent Money/Business Magick Extreme Power Charm Ring - Infused With
Decades of Money, Business, Career & Investment Magick.  Unique Enchantment!
Use Over and Over! Any Serious MONEY Issue

Ultimate Purple Power Ring
Permanent Power Magick - Extreme Energy Charm Ring -
Infused With Decades of Power.  Unique Enchantment!  Use Over and Over!  Any
Issue That Requires Extreme or Additional POWER.

Fairy Dust Ring®
Permanent Magick Extreme Power Charm Ring - Infused w/20 Years of Magick &
"Fairy Dust". Unique Enchantment! Use Over and Over! Any Issue!

Haunted Art Deco Ring From the 1920s
This gorgeous piece belonged to a young woman who met a tragic end but her spirit
and tenderness live on for those who possess her beloved ring.

Fairy Enchanted Leaf Pendant
24K Gold Embraced Lucky Leaf Pendant From Ireland.

Royal Amethyst Power Necklace
Multi-Purpose Permanent Magick in a Beautiful Authentic Necklace

~ Bottles & Boxes ~

Enchanting Romance Wine Box
To delight and seduce the one you want!

Triple Fantasy Mystery Box
Pretty Newer Blue Box Enchanted With Incredible Fantasy Magick!

Antique Canco Box
Mysterious Description By Original Owner Insists This Box Can Protect The Home!

Sun Spin Magic Box
1920s Magick Box That Is Said To Grant Wishes!!

Magickally Enchanted Silver Jewelry Box
Gorgeous Vintage Silverplated Magickally Enchanted Jewelry Box. Deep History.
Extreme Magickal Energy. Ghostly Presence Comes With This Box.

Victorian Perfume Bottle
Beautiful, never or rarely used bottle.  Perfect for potions, perfumes, and blessed
waters.  One available.

Antique Magick Bottles
Two Available - Spirit Capture & Spell Capture.
Unique, one-of-a-kind from the 1800s.

Magick Mirror Box
We found this box in my great grandmother's creepy hallow (her attic).  This is a very
old jewelry box, approximately 130 years old, and it was made in Europe. It was not
only used as a jewelry box but also for divination & magick! The top is a mirror
embraced with roses. Beautiful!

Love Wish Spell Bottle
This exclusive love spell bottle has been successfully drawing love
magick for over a century.

Money Spell Bottle
This exclusive money spell bottle worked successfully for my
grandfather all of his adult life - drawing money and power when he
needed it most.

Vintage Wish Box
Pretty vintage glove box that is also known as the "wish box".

Powerful Enchanted Beauty Box
This box has been in my family for four generations and was a wedding gift to me
from my beloved cousin.  It aids in love, romance, beauty, and illusion!

Evil Nine Box
This box was created in 1899 and is said to have 9 evil spirits inside.  There is
something else inside, too, but no one has dared to opened the box in over 50 years.

Haunted Victorian Candy Tin
From Victorian England, a then-popular candy tin with sweet energy!

~ Haunted Dolls ~

Ever-Changing Haunted Doll
Her original owner lived 103 years, and kept her by her bedside until her passing.
Now this doll seems to change form, move from place to place, and speak
from the energy of her beloved.

Haunted Anastasia
Beautiful Victorian-style Porcelain vintage doll that's chillingly intriguing and highly

Love Charm Dynasty Doll
Pretty Fleurette has a love enchantment over her to assist you with your love life!

~ Pictures, Paintings & Books ~

Twilight Series - Magickal Excitement
All Four Twilight Series Books Beguiled With Deep Magick!  

Haunted Victorian Picture- Extremely Active
Picture of Siblings Noble and Hilda taken in late Victorian England!
Several People Have Seen, Heard & Felt Them By Possessing This Photo.

Haunted Victorian Baby Picture- Extremely Active
Picture of Baby Noble Taken in Victorian England.  Spiritually Active!

Haunted & Beautiful - Antique Picture  - Extremely Active
Picture of Hilda in her 20s taken around 1914.  She turned into a beauty with a lot
of magickal power!  This picture has brought visions, warnings, fortune, romance,
luck, and more to the owner!

Mysterious Picture Set
Buried In The Sand Before A Disappearance . . .

Hauntingly Handsome Albert
From 1800s. Antique Tintype Picture. Incredibly Handsome Man
Brings Extreme Luck & Haunting Magick To Anyone Who
Possesses It!

Super Lucky Chain Drawing
This drawing, much like a chain letter, has gone to 103 people in 16
countries.  It's brought luck, good fortune, and has even stopped
several suicides.  Created by our psychic artist after his angelic
encounter, it needs a permanent owner.

~ Child Items ~

Haunted Toy Train
Incredibly active with a playful child-like spirit.  Apparitions, voices,
warnings, and fun!

Antique Victorian Leather Baby Gloves
Incredible luck and love will embrace the person who owns these gorgeous antique
leather baby gloves - a Victorian original!

Antique Child's Hand Muff
Rare! Supposedly belonged to Mary Martha Donner of the Donner Party.

Haunted Vintage Baby Shoes
These vintage baby shoes belonged to Marcy Mae Wilcox.

Antique Native American Baby Moccasins
At least 80 years old and a great addition for collectors!

~ Objects Of Beauty ~

Victoria's Secret Vintage Looks, Love & Lust Bag
Prize possession of a famous showgirl named, Desiree, who "didn't age a day" in 40
years . . . So the legend says.

Money Magnet Dior Bag
This little bag is said to bring big winnings!

Princess Beauty Enchantment Comb
This adorned hair comb is said to transform any woman into a fairytale beauty!  
Powerful beauty illusion element.

1930s Eljin Compact
Compacts are a desired treasures for antique collectors.  This one is a very good
condition, and it has a magickal history for beauty and love.

Antique Mirror & Brush - Permanent Beauty Magick
Antique Hand-Mirror & Brush. Intense Magickal History. Beauty
Illusion/Glamour Magick. High Energy. Hauntingly Beautiful.
Permanent Magick.

Vintage Vanity Mirror
An old enchanted beauty mirror with a streak of evil energy attached to it. It's said
to "devote itself" to the lady who owns it.

Victorian Beauty Gloves
Besides being a magickal treasure, these beautiful gloves are a fantastic part of
Victorian History.

~ Extraordinarily Intense Charmed Objects ~

Handmade Antique Hand Mirror - Bride Magick - SOLD!!
To see your future husband, future lovers, or those of another.  Said to be chillingly

Black Mystery Mirror
Vintage Table Mirror From The 1040s That Shows You Betrayal, Lies,
& Dark Events - So You Know Who & What To Avoid.  
Amazing Perception!

Enchanting Magick-Infused Antique Tea Cup Set
Antique Enchanted Tea Cup Set Owned/Used By My Great
Grandmother For Almost 40 Years For Tea Leaf Readings and Tea
Spells. Over 80 years old. Permanent Magick.

Haunted (Hexed) Antique Tea Cup Set
Haunted Hexed Tea Cup Set- Strange Events, Songs, Scents, &
Secrets From This Enchanted Cup Set. It's Been In My Family For
Four Generations.

Fehu Charm Stone
Only One In The world!  Hand-crafted & Magickally Charged.

Black Mirror Charm Stone
Mirror The World With A Stone!  Hand-crafted & Magickally

Fairy Tale Tarot Deck & Book Set
A tarot treasure for collectors!

Haunted Warning Bell
This beautiful antique European Christmas bell warns of impending danger!

Vintage Warning Light Lamp
Vintage Lamp - Warns Of Danger And Betrayal By Flickering!

More Items Will Be Added Regularly!!
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