And that's exactly what this is . . . Natural Weight Loss by
Body Magic.  And this is more than just a reading.
I designed a program after having a huge
weight gain myself following the birth of my child.  
Although it's been a struggle at times, I have successfully
shed over 70 lbs. and kept it off for several years.  

With some hints from my mother who has a degree in
natural medicine, I combine sensible habits, realistic
approaches, light exercise, psychology and Prayer EnchantmentsTM to
achieve your ultimate goal of weight loss.  And it doesn't end there,
because this is a lifelong commitment which will
seem more like natural living than a commitment in no time
flat.  I have helped hundreds of clients achieve their end
and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

We will work in-depth to attack the core problem - whether it be
physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.  We will implement Baby
Steps to make small changes on a daily basis.  We will also
practice meditation and visualization.  I will teach you to
write a Food Journal with great tasting, healthy
recipes and short cuts.   And this is personally designed
with your own needs and likes.  I will show you the
no-exercise exercise program that will help shrink dress
sizes in no time at all.  Also we could bewitch you . . . We offer
Magic Spells as well directed upon your will power.  I could bewitch you
to gain power for health and to bind the bad habits you've formed.  And
I will show you how to stay firm, fit and healthy for a lifetime.  

The first reading will find your core problem and advise you toward
your best course of action.  That may be all you need for success.  If you
decide to have further readings, we will continue to grow, expand and
address the things described in the above.  

Body Magic is a Trademarked Name!

Book Forthcoming!
Dust Literary Magazine is devoting an issue to Body Magic!
Coming 2018.  Details To Follow.

Live Specialty Readings Are Performed By Online Chat Session (Instant
Messenger/Text) Through AIM or Skype.  We Use Instant Messenger So
You May Keep A Copy Of The Transcript.  Each Session is 30 or 60

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