Before you have a reading . . .

Let’s talk about black and white.

During every reading, I receive both positive and negative sights, energies and
thoughts.  This is not a contradiction but pieces to a puzzle.  The puzzle is
called life and the pieces, different aspects of this life.  

Each and every matter in life has positive and negative factors.  Even the death
of a
terminally ill person relieves the constant earthly pain and suffering of that
Hence, the positive side.  

So please understand, in terms of your reading, that everything works in
balance.  And the constant positive would become a bit boring without a little
bit of negative every now and then.  Also bear in mind that chaos and confusion
are not necessarily dark energies.  They can be helpful and useful in finding a

Let's talk about . . .

Honesty and openness.

First rule of thumb is to never go into a reading with an angry attitude towards
your advisor, a bitterness pertaining to psychics or a skeptical mind.  It's OK to
be curious, of course.  But if you disbelieve in the process at hand or you do not
trust your psychic, your energy will be tensed and blocked.  You will not have an
accurate reading.  In the past (even fairly recently), I've read clients with this
attitude.  The results were average, not outstanding.  And I refuse to read in
that position again.  Unless the client is fully open to the experience, it's a waste
of time and money.

How many times have I heard, “if she’s so psychic, why do I have to tell her my
name?”  That’s almost as bad as, “why should psychics be paid?”  Well, I'm sure
many seasoned psychics could sit there and connect to determine your name and
come up with it or something similar.  I have done that countless times during
my learning period, before I started earning my living as an Advisor.  But with
so many drastically important client issues that need to be dealt with, what’s
the honest point of expelling energy to tell someone their own first name?  
Testing?  And how many professional psychics have the time to be tested?  I
hardly have time to fit in all my scheduled readings, enchantments and writing.  
Senseless test questions have no place with a full-time, professional psychic and
this is simply due to time restrictions.  

I’ll go a step further.  Not only do I have no time to tell you your own name
(although I will tell you the names of others if necessary during your reading), I
welcome background information if the client is willing to provide it.  I do NOT
require it, and I never ask for it, but I do welcome it for two reasons.  The first
reason is because it saves me time in the reading process.  If a client doesn't
provide background information, I discover it through the reading.  But I must
do that first before addressing their issues or questions, so the entire process
takes more time and more money for the client.  The second reason is because I do
not wish to invade the privacy of a client.  Perhaps he wants me to read on one
issue, but he'd rather I not know of something that happened five years ago that
was very private to him.  When I must open all doors to see through, I may see
some things that the client would prefer I didn't see.  When a client provides
background information on the matter at hand, I concentrate on that alone and
nothing else about the client.  It’s a more focused, concentrated type of reading
and one which is preferred.*

I believe we all have psychic ability to some degree.  Some may be able to
enhance  a low degree of ability to a medium degree of ability.  Some, who are
naturally gifted are able to lift a natural medium degree of ability to a very high
degree of ability by openness and practice.  It’s like intelligence.  Everyone has a
certain degree of intelligence.  But some are naturally smarter than others.  So it’
s there for all of us.  So if you have the same ability, perhaps you could tell me
my name.  Oh I took the time to enhance and concentrate on my gift, starting my
lessons with learning tarot cards, crystal ball imaging and studying dream
interpretation.  And perhaps I had interest enough to develop my clairvoyant
‘powers’ better than some.  However, we all are blessed with the gift of
intuition.  What do you think animal instinct is?  It’s intuition.   How does a
bird know to build a nest?  How do mama bears know to protect their cubs?  
How do animals sense when they’re being quietly stalked in the dark?  Instinct .
. . which in turn is intuition.  Think of our brains for a moment.  We’re
obviously more intelligent than animals, aren’t we?  So we have not only instinct
but sense as well.  And that’s our psychic down fall.  Logic tells us intuition is
non-existent, but it actually is.  God blessed the animals with intuition for
survival purposes.  He gave us so much more.  Why would he leave out
intuition?  We need to survive, too.  God didn't leave us in this cold world
without instinct and intuition.   We all have it.  But by having sense
and logic as well, our intuition sometimes fades.  By logic, it fades.  Only those
open to the gift can receive it well and use it.  But I’m a firm believer that a bit
of it is in all of us.  

Well, back to my original question.  Why do you have to tell me your name?
Well, you would not walk into a doctor's office and because that doctor has
enhanced his
intelligence in the field of medicine expect him to diagnosis just by the expression
on your face . . . or by taking your blood pressure . . . or checking your pulse?  
No, he would need to ask questions, fully examine you and perhaps run medical
tests.  This is how he assesses things.  Trained professionals in any profession
would be inadequate if they didn't fully comply with the necessary measures of
servicing you.  Doctors, lawyers AND psychic advisors.

Clairvoyance is measured in images and some times symbols.  Remote viewing
may show you flashes of a place or a person.  And even empathy (reading the
emotions of another) requires a degree of our own perception as to what the
subject is thinking and feeling.  We interpret what we see and feel.  That’s how
many psychics wouldn’t know your name per se but may know the letter it
begins with or how many letters are in it.  (However, I’m known for dead-on
accuracy with regards to names and full descriptions.) It’s extremely important
to be honest with your Reader.  Symbols found in a reading require
interpretation.  They mean different things depending on your situation.  For
example, seeing you walk out a door could signify ending an unhealthy
relationship if you're having problems in your love life.  It could mean a job
promotion in the area of career.  It could mean moving from your home to
another.  However, if you lie to your Reader, you won't get the most out of your
reading, because the interpretation of the symbols will be misread.  I might see a
correct image.  But if you tell me it’s wrong to ‘test’ me, I’ll have to take your
word for it.  By doing so, you’ll receive the wrong advice as a result.   Honesty
is always the best policy.  

Don't assume because someone is psychic they know or should know everything.  
We are all psychic, and nobody knows everything.  That’s why God has an edge
over us.   Don't lie to your Reader or try to trick her.  Your reading will turn
into a disaster if you do.

*One thing to note – NO MATTER WHAT I learn as a result of a reading, it’s
kept in the very strictest of confidence.  Everything I learn stays strictly
between the client and me.  

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